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Forgetting about a one-night stand- specially the best one you have ever had is hard. It becomes only harder when the man walks into your house... ❝ So, am I supposed to call you daddy from now on?❞ A mischievous smirk made it's way to my face as soon as the words unknowingly escaped my lips directed towards the half-naked handsome man standing in front of me, looking absolutely edible. ❝ Believe me my little Arya, soon you'll be on your knees again, begging me to fuck you.❞ * Arya Michelakis could not give a care in the world for her mother's seventh marriage since every year, her mother had a brand new man home anyway. She didn't blame her mother for being such a sucker for love but at the same time, hated the ability of hers to get bored of her husbands so easily. Divorce after divorce, she was used to the whole charade and this year, she hand no intention of involving herself in any of her mother's business. The only unfortunate and upsetting element of her mother's new marriage is her husband who Arya is just way too familiar with.

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Chapter 1 : O Sweet Jesus!

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been well, a while-four years since my last confession.” I quickly muttered out, shifting on the kneeler, still not sure why I thought coming to a confessional to pour out all of my dirty little sins to a priest would change anything but it sure was worth a try.

“Yes, my child.”

“I don’t know where to start, my Father.”

“Have you been taking the name of Jesus Christ in vain?”

“Yes Father...and I have committed quite a few sins. In the past few years, I have indulged in...impure sexual relationships with many men, many older men but this time I was intoxicated and slept with a married man.” I let it all out, remembering the ring on his finger that hadn’t stopped me from falling on my knees in front of him.

“Don’t consume alcohol. Don’t be in the company of those who cause you trouble and try to keep your clothes on.” Well, that was totally helpful.

“That’s going to be a little hard to-” I caught myself for saying my thoughts out loud, “I’m sorry.” I quickly apologized, slightly embarrassed.

He cleared his throat, “Five Hail Mary’s.”

“Thank you, Father.” Taking that as my cue to leave, I got up and left the church as soon as possible. I had desperately come to the church to get some weight off my chest. Hell, I wasn’t even a practising catholic, far from it. My mother’s fifth husband Julio used to take his son and I to Mass every week for three years when we both were in college until their divorce. I had developed the habit of going to the church from him and had found some peace for sometime before I lost my virginity to Julio’s bestfriend Markus and since then, I hadn’t stepped onto any religious ground since I felt like a complete sinner.

I walked down the street, crossing the road on my way to my mother’s mansion that was about five blocks away. I recalled the night exactly three months ago when I slept with that handsome dark-haired married stranger whose name I didn’t even bother to ask before I lay spread-eagled on his bed under his scrutinizing gaze for hours, reaching more orgasms than I could count for with my fingers on one hand.

I shivered in delight when I remembered his sweaty skin against mine, his hard member fitting my silky cunt perfectly and his intoxicating and demanding lips that had roughly kissed every inch of my body. I groaned when I realised that I was wet, again! Oh, for God’s sakes I had just left the church less than a minute ago.

Pushing the thought away that I desperately needed to drown myself in holy water, I soon entered the empty three storeyed mansion, glad that I had given all the staff a day off and since my mother and my half brother Dominic, my mother’s first born were both away for some business for the past two and a half months and I had the house all to myself.

Freshening up, I put on a white baggy shirt and found myself lying on my bed, the book I was reading thrown to the side, moving Mr. Johnny Deep in and out of me, imagining it to be a rather somebody else’s thick veiny cock.

“Oh fuck.” I muttered out when I realised that this was not doing anything for me and I needed more stimulation to reach an orgasm. For the past ninety days I hadn’t been able to reach my climax and I was beyond frustrated, it was as if that man had ruined me for everyone else. I had even let myself be fucked by a douche bag my best friend Portia had set me up with but I had only ended up being just a tight hole for him and I hadn’t even received a tiny bit of pleasure since the sex had only lasted for a dreadful minute and four seconds before he had collapsed on me and I had pushed his sleazy body off me and got out of his place before he could even catch his breath.

I discarded Johnny on my side just as I heard my mother calling out my name from downstairs. I frowned when I realized that she had come two days earlier than I had anticipated. I pushed down my tshirt, not even bothering to wear any pants or underwear for that matter since I knew it was only her since my brother was gone for two weeks atleast but as I quickly skipped down the stairs case, I regretted my decision and wished that I had worn a bra to cover my juggling bosom that was almost exposed through the almost sheer white material from a set of certain grey eyes that were forever engraved in my memory. I gasped in shock and before I could process anything I was slipping on the last few steps, ready to fall flat on my face and break the front row of my teeth but a set of arms rushed to grab me and my legs somehow conveniently wrapped around his torso, taking me back to that night.

“Oh my god, Arya. Are you okay, sweetie?” My mother’s voice laced in concern reached my ears and as soon as she finished her sentence I was gently placed down on my feet, standing a foot short from the man who starred in all my wet dreams and right now who stood frowning, matching my expression. My eyes fell to his left hand, searching for the plain ring that still sat on his finger. Oh sweet Jesus!

“Yeah...Uh...I’m alright mom.” I cleared my throat, “Never been better...You know, that marble floor is very slippery, I have lost my balance on it more than a few times.” I gave her a tight smile, giving her a side hug to clear away all her doubts. My mouth was all of a sudden very dry and I couldn’t keep from shifting my eyes towards the brute standing next to my mother. Never in my life did I think I would be able to see him again but here he was, standing in my house next to my mother who wrapped her hand around his arm and ran it up and down. Please let him be just a business partner or like her new bodyguard or her new garden- I stopped myself from thinking of any other strange possibilities since it was obvious that he was her new boy toy from the way she was caressing him. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Ah yes, you can be a little clumsy sometimes sweetie, try to be a bit more careful.” She let out a little laugh,“Honey, this is my fiance Dante Rossi.” Her smile widened more if that was even possible, making her look like her face was just about to split in two while the brute next to her now was looking at me with slightly widened eyes indicating that he had finally been able to place where he had seen me before or rather all of my body he had seen before.

Fuckety fuck!

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