Forbidden, a Story of True Love

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When a young girl falls in love with an older man the struggle of whether and why they should be together turns their world upside down. The Forbidden Series is A Story of True Love. Forbidden is Book 1 of the five part series. This sweet romance follows Em.J and Dean throughout their lives as they struggle to be together. What is the proper age to fall in love; 20, 30, 40, 16? True love doesn't have an age and that is what Em.J soon finds out after she meets Dean. From the moment they look into each other's eyes they feel it, love. But everyone around them is pulling them apart, telling them it isn't true. Em.J is told she's too young and doesn't know what love is. Why do you have to be older and be crushed by love multiple times to know what the real thing feels like? Can't you meet your soulmate when your heart is still pure? Something this strong can't be broken and no matter how many times they are pulled apart they always come back to each other. But is all the hurt and pain it's caused able to be healed and will their love last a lifetime?

Romance / Drama
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“Em.J, please, you can do this, you can get better. A lot of people will themselves into good health. Why can’t you?” He’s whispering, he thinks I’m asleep, although I hear every word of his pleading. He thinks he’s pep-talking my brain because he wouldn’t want me to hear him being this desperate. Normally he is positive, but we are nearing the end so he is doing anything he can.
I slowly crack my eyes open just enough to see him holding my hand beside me. He’s sitting at my bedside, I could hear in his voice that he was trying not to cry. He won’t, he never does. He has to be tough, for me, for us, just because he is the man. That’s how he thinks, that’s how he cares, that’s how strong and not strong he is.
I close my eyes. I really can’t go on any longer, it hurts too much, though I can’t tell him that. I don’t want him to have to take on any more extra pain for me, he’s done that enough already.
I clear my throat and open my eyes at the same time, even that is hard. He tries to wipe his eyes in a way that I won’t notice, “You’re awake, I missed you.” He always misses me, it’s what we do and have done for decades. He’d been sitting next to me for hours, holding my hand and he still missed me because I was gone, someplace far away.
I look at his eyes, they are different, sad, wrinkled, puffy, not young anymore. The first time I looked into his eyes they were free, full of life, not weighed down with the burden of what life has brought us over the past many years. I remember those eyes, I fell in love with them, even though I shouldn’t have. Is it really time, am I really going to leave now that I can so deeply feel that first time we met? It’s coming, full circle.
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