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" I don't want to eat cake" He looked down at Nyx as he stepped behind her and gracefully undid her ponytail, " I'd settle for a taste of you" Nyx stone is a 21-year-old girl who lives in California, she owns a cute little bakery and everything is going superbly until he enters and mixes things up. Hunter Blue, the 22-year old model, has an odd infatuation with Nyx he can't seem to stay away from her. Hunter awakens Nyx's innermost deepest desires and sexual arousal that has been hidden far too long for his liking. Unfortunately, Nyx can't help but feel like something is off, it's too good to be true. After All, it is always quiet before the storm. Hunter growled as he pinned Nyx up against the wall, Nyx shuddered against him as his mouth devoured hers. Nyx parted her lips for him and he slipped his tongue into her mouth exploring her. Hunter groaned as Nyx began to rub against him, he wanted to take her right here right now but thought better if it."Oh Nyx" he whispered softly as he slid his hand up her dress and squeezed her inner thigh. Nyx arched her back craving something t release the pooling arousal in between her legs. "Hunter" she called his name breathily, "Yes my sweet Nyx" He now began to lightly rub her entrance through her panties. "I'm at work" she panted softly "Better make this quick then" he growled.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Nyx smiled as she entered the cafe, Its warm and cozy environment lifted her mood, Nyx gracefully made her way behind the counter greeting her employees. She washed her hands and put on her hair net and apron on. Nyx went into the room labeled “Staff only” imprinted in bold black ink. She began to take out the ingredients she would need to make her cake, she had just enough time to make the cake before she had to meet her client. Nyx turned on some music as she prepared to make the cake, Christan, one of her employees came into the room. ” I’m leaving,” Christan told Nyx, Nyx turned to face him flour sprinkled over her nose she looked cute. “Okay, Chris keep the door unlocked I have a client coming soon” Christan chuckled looking at her with a gleam in his eye’s. “Sure thing boss”. Christen left leaving the door unlocked as she told him to, Nyx was the only one left in the bakery. Nyx finished making the cake an hour and thirty minutes later, she started to clean the kitchen and put away all the things she had taken out to bake with. Once she was done cleaning she headed towards the back stairs where she lived directly above the Bakery.

Sighing she went upstairs to her cozy cabin like apartment and stripped off her clothes, she took a nice warm shower and then dried off and put on her clothes. She decided to wear a navy blue sweater and some black leggings matched with her black and blue Vans. Her Almost white hair lay down to her waist she decided to put it into a neat high ponytail. Grabbing her phone and purse she checked the time and saw that it was already 9:30 at night. Nyx found that it was a bit odd time to host a meeting with a client but nevertheless this must be done. When she left her apartment she made sure to lock the door. As she reached downstairs she saw a figure sitting not too far in the corner to her left. It was a man, Nyx concluded as she approached him. Nyx reached out her hand and placed it gently on his shoulder so that her presence was acknowledged. The man didn’t even startle as he slowly turned to face Nyx.

Nyx gasped softly as she took in his handsome features the man was devilishly handsome and it took her all her might to look away from him and his bold green and hazel eyes. Nyx composed herself s she cleared her throat and sat down in front of him, “Hello you must be my client Mr. uh Hunter I presume?” she asked him keeping her voice light and friendly. Hunter nodded his head as his eyes raked over her face, Nyx wasn’t sore on the eyes in the least. Nyx swallowed visibly as she watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he too swallowed. “I uh I uh how may I help you ” Nyx blushed lightly wondering why she was suddenly nervous around him. “I need a cake” Hunters deep voice made Nyx shiver. Nyx nodded and pulled out the small mini notebook in which she used to take down clients requests. She pulled out her black pen and Labeled it “Hunters cake” and the date. “So what favors would you like?” Hunter licked his lips as he watched her plump pink lips move and form each word “Vanilla” he found himself saying as he looked down at her pale neck “And Ice-cream”. Nyx nodded as she felt his gaze roaming on her facial features, she was suddenly growing hot in anticipation. “Colors or theme” Hunter watched the rise and fall of her chest then watched the small slivers of hair that curled around the nape of her neck. “Beautiful,” He said subconsciously, “pardon?” Nyx asked trying to hear if she heard correctly, ” The little mermaid” he corrected himself smoothly and fixed his posture. Nyx nodded again and jotted that down too. Hunter, however, was focused on other things, like the way her small petite hand wrote and controlled the pen with ease, she looked at peace

“Alright, Mr.Hunter” Hunter found himself smiling as she called him that, it sounded like a dirty word that she shouldn’t be saying to him. “Would how many tiers do you want?” she continued her eyes focused on her notebook scared of these distracting emotions she felt every time she looked at him. Hunter noticed that she kept her eyes glued to her notebook and admired her shamelessly, the navy blue sweater she wore looked good contrast to her pale skin and delicate features. ” Make them three” He spoke and it was like shock waves being sent straight to Nyx core, his voice seemed to have that effect on her and she barely knew the man. She looked up as Hunter was licking his lips, she bit down on her own lip as she wrote that down as well. Hunters predator like eyes caught every movement as she bit down on her lip, “Fuck” he murmured under his breath, he wanted to reach over the table and pull her over his lap for teasing him so mercilessly. “Alright I can get some samples for you to taste?” she looked up licking her lips as she did so, Hunters eyes darkened, “I would love a taste” Nyx shivered as she got the feeling that they were no longer talking about cake. Nyx got up feeling his eyes watching her every move until she was out of his perpetual vision. Nyx walked to the back room and splashed her face with water, “Get your shit together X” she scolded herself. Hunter was fantasizing about pulling her fair hair and biting those plump lips of hers, she had curves even though she had a small physique. His hormones were raging as if he was an angsty teenager again, he felt a bit unsettled at how easily she was able to unravel him.

Nyx returned with the cake samples and watched him as he neatly picked one up and put it into his perfect mouth. “This tastes delicious” he praised her, “I want this one” he told her. Nyx eyes flicked to his and he was mesmerized in the grey and hazel mixture of her eyes, he had never seen something so beautiful. “You sure? there are plenty more for you to sample” Hunter shook his head no, Nyx looked down trying to mask the disappointment she felt as this was coming to end. “Alright the cost will be 75$” she told him quietly, Hunter stood up and fished out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to her, “keep the change” he told her looking down at her. Nyx wa 5′6 and he was 6 even,“Thank you Mr.Hunter but this is too big of a tip” she told him trying to fish out change. Hunter chuckled softly and shook his head again. “Keep it for me please” Nyx looked up at him,“Do you work here?” he asked her Nyx nodded her head yes,“Will you be working tommorow?” he asked as he shoved his hands into his pocket. “Yeah ..why?” she asked ,Hunter fought back his smile”no reason” he said cooly. He stepped clser to Nyx then leaned down his breath fanning across the nape of her neck “See you soon Nyx” and then he was gone leaving her standing there alone wondering what he hell just happened

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