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Chapter 11


Waking up with a hangover is probably the worst feeling in the world and not something I, or any sane person, would look forward to.

I nuzzled my head into the the shoulder of the person sleeping next to me and sighed at the warmth that I received in their tight grasp as an arm was tightly wrapped around my waist.

Oh wait, a person.

In my bed.

I gasped and quickly turned my face to get a look at the face of the culprit and found Reid shifting in his sleep as I struggled in his hold.

No, it couldn't be. I couldn't have.

I looked down at myself to see myself securely in my night clothes and sighed in relief but other memories of last night clouded my mind as I admired Reid's bare warm chest.


I shook away the thoughts of him and my face flushed in embarrassment as I remembered standing just in my underwear in front of Reid last night and his arm possessively wrapped around my waist didn't help either.

"You awake?" Reid's husky voice suddenly broke me out of my reverie.

I hummed in response as I pushed my head back under the covers to ease out the consistent pounding in my head.

I felt his arm unwrap from around me and felt the other side of the bed lift.
I curiously sat up to see what he was doing and saw him approach me with a glass of water.

He handed it over to me along with some Advil. "Take this. You'll feel better."

I nodded and quickly quenched off my thirst to see his unwavering gaze still set on me.

"Reid...I wanted to thank you for last night. I didn't even- I really wasn't planning on getting drunk but-"

"Just tell me that you are not talking to that scum bag again."

"I won't." He nodded and pushed his hands in his pockets. I awkwardly looked between his naked chest, my eyes taking in the smooth planes of his skin and the white floor.

"Elizabeth, you must realize that you should be careful around such guys. Since I have met you, I always find you in such situations. I fail to understand how you always seem to be in trouble."

"I am no damsel in distress, Reid." I gritted my teeth. "I can very well protect myself," I mumbled out, despite I knew that he was right. It seemed like all of a sudden all the creeps were attracted to me. Never in my life had I had any guy before try to hit on me or have his way with me.

A cold look passed over his face. "Last night, you really weren't able to protect yourself and the first time too, it didn't seem like you were able to fight back..."

"Why do you care?" I was fuming with anger, my head still spinning from last night's mistakes. I did not want to look pathetic as I stood up to stand in front of him to my full length.

Because he is a decent human being who doesn't want any one to face sexual harrasment! My inner voice told me but I hid her back in my head, blocking out her nagging tone.

The only response to my question was silence. A very long and uncomfortable silence as his gaze did not leave mine even for a second, holding some powerful emotion. I stood grounded, my core suddenly tightening and my heart beginning to pound unnecessarily faster.

Taking a few steps towards him to come nose to nose with him, I narrowed my eyes. "Why are you pretending to care when you clearly don't? Silence is equivalent to-"

I could not finish my sentence as Reid grabbed the back of my head, pulling me towards him and crashing his mouth hard against mine.

His lips moved fast against mine and I tried to match up with his pace, to melt into the feel of his mouth against mine, to drown into the kiss and to ravish him completely.

I craved for him from every part of my body, every fiber of my tissues. My hands moved against his broad back, digging into his skin as he deepened the kiss.

His tongue swept against my lower lip, asking for entrance that I was more than happy to grant as I let out a humming sound from the back of my throat. I knew my mouth wasn't the cleanest at the moment but that didn't seem to stop him as he continued ravishing me, his tongue meeting mine.

His hands slowly glided up from my waist to my cheeks. Slowing down the kiss, he slightly pulled back, resting his forehead against mine.

"Don't you ever ask me why I care, " He hummed out, making me catch my breath. I felt myself drown as I peered into his ocean blue eyes, trying not to freak out about how close I was to him, how close I was to my fucking stepbrother.

"Reid..." I trailed on, trying to calm my raging hormones that wanted to jump his bones right this second. I bit my lip, looking at his lips, wanting to lean forward and touch him. Making up my mind, I stood on my tippy toes, grabbing onto his skin to reach over and let my soft lips meet his in a light touch, teasing him slowly.

He reciprocated immediately, his hands landing on my hips and pulling me close towards him as to tightly wrap my legs around his waist as my hands came to drape around his neck, over his shoulders. I kept our lips locked, moaning into his mouth when I met his hardness brush against my heat, my cheeks flushing in excitement.

I moaned in satisfaction as he carried me, walking with me latched onto him and my back hit the surface of the bed.

His lips found themselves on my neck, his lips trailing over the skin their temptingly. He peppered kisses along its length, his mouth sucking and nipping on the skin. His tongue darted out to lick me and my eyes instantly flew into his soft black hair, holding him close to me. I wrapped my legs around him, keeping him close to my body as his hands started exploring me ever so slightly.

"Reid..." I hummed out when I felt my hips arch off the bed as he left my neck, moving down only for his face to come in view with my chest. He kissed the between my breasts through the flimsy material of my tshirt.

I kept my hands in his hair, clutching onto it tightly as he started raising the shirt from my sides, exposing some of my skin to him. H e moved further down, kissing up from just above my panties to my navel.

He growled out in satisfaction when I hurriedly lifted my back, allowing him to take off the material blocking my heaving body from his intense gaze. Pushing it over my head, he discarded it to my side.

"Fuck, you are beautiful," He whispered out in a husky voice, making all my blood rush southwards. My panties were drenching as he looked up at me, his blue eyes suddenly seeming very, very dark as they held me in a sinful and intoxicating stare.

Not breaking the eye contact, his mouth lowered down on my right nipple, taking the aroused bud into his mouth. His free hands trailed up my body, grabbing my other breast in his hold as he cupped it.

He let the pad of his thumb roll over the maroon tip while simultaneously he rolled my other nipple in his mouth, letting his teeth tease it. I hissed out at the sensation, my back arching off the bed ever so slightly as I let my eyes flutter shut, finally breaking our stare-off.

He suddenly squeezed the aroused pub between his fingers and a gasp left me at the slight tinge but the wave of pleasure that rolled off his little action. His hand trailed down my waist, resting just above my abdomen to tease the skin there. He let go off my nipple, his lips landing on line one again.

"Reid...." I slowly hummed out, conflicted as I tried to figure out whether I wanted to push him closer to me or create some distance between the two of us.

"Yes Elizabeth?" He asked as he let a gentle kiss on my cheek as he held my face in his hands, cradling it. He looked between my eyes and my lips, letting his teeth grab my lower lip, slowly biting it teasingly.

"Hmm... We shouldn't be doing this... This is wrong." I said, confused whether I wanted to convince him or myself. My body was telling me something else as it begged to be taken by him right now, ravish him while a tiny little sensible part in me told me to push him off me and get away from him.

He slid down on top of me, making me cold suddenly at the lack of warmth but a sigh of relief escaped my lips as he found his head between my legs as his hands trailed down my body, down my thighs, spreading them apart for his comfort.

"Tell me do you want me or not?" He asked me as his two of his fingers wrapped around the top of my panties. He teased the elastic over it as his index fingers on either side of me teased the thin material, the only material separating the two of us. He continued tracing my skin with his fingers, as though waiting for something for me to say.

"I do..." I let the words slip my mouth, truthfully answering him. A gasp escaped me as he kissed me over the panties, slowly beginning to slip them off my body. He hastily pushed them down my ass, making me raise my hips for him as the soft material trailed down my legs, leaving me completely exposed and bare under his gaze as he spread my legs apart. His eyes found what he was dealing with and his breath right on my pussy sent tingles through my entire body as his fingers met my skin, slowly, trailing along my slit. He spread apart my folds, his two fingers tracing my arousal.

"We really shouldn't be doing this.... You are my step brother, " I let out as his tongue teased me against my folds all of a sudden. I was thankful for the Brazilian wax Becca had tricked me into getting last week as his tongue discovered every part of me.

I moaned in satisfaction as he pushed my legs further. I struggled under him at the sensation of his tongue on my clitoris and he tightly pushed back my legs to keep me in place.

"I know." He agreed as his finger plunged inside me, discovering my tight little hole as his tongue continue to suck at my clit, flickering it in fast strokes. I let out a moan and seeing I was getting comfortable, he let another finger inside me.

His fingers drilled in and out of me, stretching me out slightly as his tongue continued to work its magic, making liquid heat seep to my core. My bundle of nerves throbbed under his wet, hot tongue and my pussy clenched around his digits, covering them in my wetness.

"Oh my, shit! Right there!" I mewled out as his fingers twisted inside me and made a come hither motion deep within me, teasing my g-spot, the uneven spongy surface inside me till all I could see was black. My hips moved against him, arching off the bed but his free hand pushed down on my pelvis, holding me to the bed. He kept his arms between my legs, holding them apart as I started shaking, the build up inside me finally paving way to a mind blowing orgasm, the first orgasm I had ever had.

I blushed under him, my cheeks suddenly very red as he drank away all of my juices, licking me clean. His fingers escaped my opening, making me miss their presence already.

"Reid...." My eyes opened in satisfaction to see him taste me on his fingers as he licked them clean, not letting a drop of my release go to waste.

"You taste so sweet." His hand came in front of my mouth to give me a taste of my sweetness and my mouth automatically wrapped around his fingers, making him groan out.

I felt completely ecstatic and in bliss and hoped for no interruption but all my hopes came crashing down as my stomach growled loudly.

I blushed in embarrassment, slowly realizing that the moment was over as he chuckled in front of me.

"We should probably get you something to eat before you die of starvation."

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