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Chapter 12


I waved my hand at her again as the image of my mother disappeared slowly.

Reid was needed for some conference back in Seattle so he decided to leave early and since I had nothing better to do on this ship I was leaving with him as well.

I shut my eyes closed and let the wind lightly breeze through my already messy hair, making it fly everywhere as I stood on the deck of the yacht.

I listened to Reid’s voice in the background, arguing and barking orders at someone on the phone and recalled all that had happened.

After having that intimate moment with him and eating our breakfast, we hadn’t talked about what had happened but it was very much fresh in my mind.

I was embarrassed and angry at myself for even letting anything like this happen between us. What was I even thinking? Oh wait, that’s it. I wasn’t thinking at all.

This weird thing that we had started could sabotage a perfectly good marriage or at least make my mother question all the values she had given me and I was not going to let any two of those thing happen.

“Elizabeth.” I heard Reid’s voice whisper near my back that faced him and I could feel the heat radiating off his body.

“Yes?” I asked turning around to come to face him standing close to my body.

“We will reach within an hour. You should probably get some rest and freshen up as we will straight away go to Seattle.”

I nodded my head and moved past him to enter the spacious room with a long comfortable white couch along with a few tables here and there. A flat screen television was situated on the wall facing the couch.

Reid sat down on it and instantly started typing something on his laptop as I drained down a glass of orange juice. I laid down on a chair to gaze up at the sky and see a change in its color as the sun overhead was beginning to set down a bit.

Without realizing, I fell into a deep slumber and was only woken up when I felt slight movement against my head.

I stared up to find Reid’s sharp jawline staring back at me.

I was in his arms and he was just about to set me down on a car’s seat.

“Hey...” I cleared my throat as my voice came out raspy.

“Where are we?” I got up sleepily and looked around in a state of panic.

“Tacoma. We will be reaching home soon enough.” He whispered slightly as he sat down next to me in the car. I shivered at how good ‘home’ sounded.

The rest of the journey was a blur. All I remember was resting my head in his lap and his fingers lightly brushing through my hair.

“Oh my god! You kissed Reid Parker! You are such a lucky girl...” Becca rambled on and on and I was thankful to not have given any other details of our intimate moments than just a small kiss.

“Calm down Becca. It was nothing special and it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.” A deep voice inside me was mocking me for saying that. My blushing face gave away my lie.

“You can’t just kiss Reid Parker and not think about it.” Becca stated.

I rolled my eyes at her.

“We should really talk about something else. It really was nothing. I only wanted to ask you what I should do make things less awkward.” I said slightly uncomfortably.

She nodded but gave me a look that stated that she knew what I really was thinking about.

“Anyway, tell me something new. What all have I missed in the past couple of days?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Not much honestly.” And then her eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Oh wait actually Lizzie, there is something you must know.”

I raised my eyebrows in question as I sipped on my latte.

“Uh... I bumped into Ian last night. He is back from London.” She looked up at me, unsure.

I felt the walls of the decently sized coffee shop close around me as I slightly choked on my drink.

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