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Chapter 13


“Hey Elizabeth, can you clear all this mess before you leave? Lock the door to my office and give the key to Matthew.” Karen smiled at me and left out of the door before I had time to react.

My eyes wandered over the mess she had made in her office and I let out a sigh.

This internship was nothing but a pain in the ass. I was doing nothing more than fetching Karen coffee from Starbucks and cleaning the mess that she created in the office after every two minutes. It was a complete havoc and I was actually getting no work experience at all.

I took my time arranging her files as I looked at the time. It was late and I was planning to spend as much time I could at the office after Linda told me that Reid was going to be at the mansion today with some of his friends. I was stalling as to avoid him at any costs.

Reid has friends. So hard to believe, right?

With his arrogance, I couldn’t picture him sitting with someone watching some football match and laughing.

It just sounded unrealistic and too good to be true.

Almost everyone had left and this floor seemed almost empty so when my phone started ringing loudly, I couldn’t help but jump and be startled by it as it broke the eerie silence.

It was my mother and I smiled a little after hearing her cheerful voice. “Hello baby girl, how are you?”

“I am fine mom. What about you?”

“Never been happier. We just checked in to our hotel in Paris. It’s so beautiful.”

“I am glad you are happy mom.”

“You sound sad. Is everything okay with Reid?” I stiffened as I heard his name.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be? I was just at office and I am really tired.”

“Oh nothing! It just seemed that you guys don’t really get along with each other that well.”

“I don’t think he gets along with anyone.” I said with a shaky laugh.

She let out a chuckle in response, “I would have to agree with that. So, Lizzie darling, I had to tell you that your cousin Jenny will be coming to visit you tomorrow. She heard that you were back and couldn’t wait to see you so I gave her the address to the Parker Estate.”

I froze as I heard the news. No, this can’t be happening right now. First Ian comes back and now Jenny is coming back too. This can’t be a coincidence

“Mom... I can’t. I have to come to the office tomorrow-”

“It’s a Saturday. I am very well aware of the fact that you don’t have work tomorrow.”

I sighed in agitation. “Okay fine. I’ll entertain Jenny but if she runs crying out of the house, don’t blame me, she has always been the drama queen.”

I entered the mansion on my tip toes as to not make a sound and face Reid. After what happened at the cruise, I couldn’t bear the thought of running into him.

I sighed in relief as I saw no one in the living room.

The coast is clear.

Deciding to quench my thirst, I first decided to grab myself a glass of water from the kitchen.

As I was sipping on my water, I heard someone whistle from behind me. I turned around to face a gorgeous man standing behind me, looking smug and conceited.

“What are you doing here beautiful?” He asked with his arms crossed as he leaned on the fridge.

“I-” I cleared my throat.

“She lives here.” Reid’s voice came from behind the man as he entered the kitchen. “She’s my step sister.”

“Oh so you are the one.” The man smirked at me.

I looked at him in confusion and chose to ignore his last statement. “And who are you exactly?” Despite asking that question, I had a feeling that I had seen him somewhere before but couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Oh, where are my manners? I completely forgot to introduce myself.”

He moved a step closer to me and raised his hand up to shake mine.

“Ryan Steele.” The name rung no bells in my head. I reluctantly shook his hand. “I am Reid’s best friend.”


I rolled my eyes as Ryan draped his arm over Elizabeth’s shoulder and led her outside. I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful behind tightly bound by the grey pencil skirt that accentuated her curves to an extent that made it hard for me to maintain my composure. I was a man after all and she was,without any doubt, stunning.

Ryan had always been charming with the ladies, trying and succeeding into seducing them without any hesitation.

I followed them outside to the living room where they both sat on the sofa and Elizabeth looked a tad bit uncomfortable as Ryan whispered something into her ear.

I sat down across from them and cleared my throat when she blushed at whatever he told her. He immediately moved back.

“So Ryan, when did you come back from London?”

“Just yesterday. Giorgio Armani apparently wants to start shooting from tomorrow and I thought I owed Julie a visit.”

I nodded my head but before I could speak further, Elizabeth spoke up. “Armani? You work for Armani?” She asked with her eyes wide open and her cheeks extremely flushed.

“Yes baby, I model for him.” He replied smugly and I groaned internally at the scene in front of me. Even though I had come to know that Elizabeth was not one of those gold digger’s, a woman can so easily fall for Ryan’s good looks.

One would have thought that a man with a five year old daughter would keep the flirting to a minimum but here Ryan was, flirting his ass off.

“Who wants a drink?” I asked but seeing Ryan kiss Elizabeth on the cheek and whispering words into her ear made me realize that I was the only one who would be needing a drink tonight.

Maybe a few drinks actually, I thought as my phone started ringing and showed my assistant’s number. Work was stressing me out more than ever, not that I will ever admit that out aloud to someone.

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