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Chapter 14


"Oh Lizzie! You have no idea how much I have missed you.” Jenny’s chest collided into my face as she hugged me as soon as I opened the door.

I awkwardly turned my face to the other side as to avoid making contact with her boobs that were larger than I last remembered.

A little too large for me to forget.

I hesitantly patted one hand on her back, rubbing it once and letting go.

“Me too.” I mumbled and avoided making eye contact. I didn’t miss her at all.

The memory of her going behind my back to have an affair with my first ‘love’ or well that’s what I thought was then was still fresh in my mind and I wanted nothing more that to just smack her in the face and bang her head against the wall.

My rage wasn’t exactly gone as I thought of Ian and her but I faked a smile.

“So are you going to invite me in or not?” She chuckled as I stood there gazing blankly at her face.

Not really. “Uh-yeah, sure. Come in.” You back-stabbing slut.

I wanted to add the last part but I didn’t.

She automatically sat down in the living room and I followed close behind.

“Wow! You got so lucky. Living in a house like that? It must be like heaven.” She said in awe as her hawk like eyes analyzed every little expensive thing in the room.

I wanted to roll my eyes. Everything to her was about money.

“It wasn’t about my luck. Well, my mother found a man she truly loves and I am happy for her like any other family member should be when one of them finds their love.” Being subtle about what happened wasn’t easy and I mentally facepalmed myself as the words rolled off my tongue.

And now I have succeeded in making this situation more awkward than it already is. Great. It seems like this is something I am good at.

She looked down, her facial expression full of guilt. She almost had me falling into her trap for a second before I remembered all the drama she had created in my life the last time I was with her.

“Look Liz, I am so sorry for what happened. I shouldn’t have done it What was I even thinking? I was intoxicated that night. One thing led to-”

“You know, that wasn’t the first time I saw you two. It was later that week that I remembered all those little touches and looks you both exchanged. It was stupid of me to think that even one of you had changed for good. You will always be the same Jenny so there is no need to apologize for anything that you don’t mean.”

The guilt-ridden look didn’t escape her face.

“You are here to see Ian, aren’t you? You both suddenly come back to town at the same time. It can’t be a coincidence.”

Her eyes widened and she started fumbling with her hands.

“Are you two seeing each other?” I asked her.

“It’s not like-”

“I will take that as a yes.” I gulped back and sighed as I stood up.

She also got up. “I am sorry but I was hoping we could reconnect. We both used to be so close. You were my best friend E.”

“The keyword is ‘were’.” I started walking towards the door to indicate that it was time for her to leave.

I came to the door and turned around to face her. “Why are you really here?” It seemed stupid of her to come visit me after all that happened. Clearly, our friendship wasn’t that valuable to her then and I couldn’t imagine if it would have any value after four years of separation when she didn’t even try to call me once.

Her eyes swept across the interior of the Reid’s mansion once and it was enough to confirm my doubts. “Well, I heard your mother got married to-”

“You’ve got to be kidding me J. First you stole my boyfriend, now you are here to steal from my family." There was nothing more that money that she could love.

“No, I was just here to see you, it been a long-” I cut her short.

“Please leave. It was nice seeing you but I swear if you ever come back here, I will not refrain from losing my patience.”

“Hm... It smells good in here. What are you making?” Reid’s voice came from behind me as I stood behind the stove.

I instantly stiffened. I had been avoiding him since we got back, always finding an excuse to be in bed or outside the house but I finally had to face him now.

“Just some spaghetti.” I replied nonchalantly, shrugging my shoulders.

He didn’t say anything but I could feel his presence there. He hadn’t left the kitchen just yet.

I served myself some pasta on a plate and took a deep breath as I came to face him leaning against the kitchen island.

“Why have you been avoiding me?”

“What? No, I haven’t.” I moved past him but he grabbed my arm.

“Yes, you have.” He put his arm around my waist and pushed me back against him.

“Tell me what’s on your mind Elizabeth.” His voice calm and his breath brushed against my ear.

“Nothing, just work.”

“I, for a fact know that you have been thinking about what happened on that cruise.” He whispered.

I sucked in a long drawn breath as a shiver ran down my spine at what he said.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I have constantly been thinking about it myself.” He admitted.

The pit in my stomach seemed to disappear as I registered what he said and turned in his grip to look at him.
Within no time, he had the plate out of my hands and placed on the counter along with me next to it as he ravished my mouth with his own and I let him without hesitation.

My hands ran through his hair as my legs tightly wrapped around his torso. He tugged on my lip for entrance as his hands ran over my body in desperation.

Our tongues fought for dominance and within no time Reid’s shirt went missing as did mine and he was leaving a trail of kisses down my neck.

“If it isn’t my favourite pair of step siblings making out. How very intriguing...and inappropriate.”

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