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Chapter 16


I downed down my drink as soon as it came and looked up to see Reid looking at me.

As I reached for another drink, his hand came forward and pushed it away.

“You might want to refrain from drinking Elizabeth. You have already had enough.”

I rolled my eyes at him and pouted my lip. “You are such a party pooper.”

After we both managed to leave the party, Reid had decided to take me to the ‘after’ party which happened to be simultaneously going on with the original party. Here, all the young rich elites could be spotted, partying hard.

“Come on, let’s dance!” I grabbed his hand that was sitting on the table.

“I don’t think-” Before he could finished, I stood up and dragged him behind me.

Maybe I was a little drunk.

A few couples started dancing smoothly and elegantly as the song switched to something more sensual.

With a smile on my face, I placed my hands around his neck in excitement and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I smiled at him and he smiled a million dollar smile back at me and I felt at peace. I was starting to feel a little sober after a minute or two and realized how awkward the situation was.

Shifting my eyes away from his perfectly proportionate face, I looked anywhere but at him.

My eyes fell on a certain blonde goddess who was fuming in anger and strangely enough her anger was pointed at me. Weird, she was totally unrecognizable in my mind and I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen her before.

“Uh... Reid?” My eyes fell on his face again in question.

“Hm... ” He hummed in response as we slowly moved and his hands around my waist guided us.

“Do you happen to know some...Paris Hilton lookalike?” She really did look like her.

“Uh...Maybe. Why?”

“Because she is coming towards us and from here, she really doesn’t look happy.”

Reid turned his head to follow my eyes to her direction and muttered a profanity under his breath.

“That is my ex girlfriend Bea.” He sucked in a breath and his grip around my waist tightened. “We didn’t really end things well and she is a little obnoxious-” Just as he finished his sentence, she stood between us, automatically drawing us apart.

With a sore look on her face, her glare was pointed at me. “So you are his new toy.” She said with her voice full of poison.

“Actually she is my-” Reid started but I cut him off.

“Girlfriend. And who exactly are you?”

“Bea Anderson.” She scoffed. I gave her a confused look and raised my eyebrows at her in questions and she frowned at me like I had deeply offended her. The venomous gaze pointed at me told me that she thought I was supposed to know her.

“Well, it was nice meeting you and all but Reid and I really have to go back to our place now.” I quickly said as I felt a little adventurous tonight.

“You both live together?” I mean, technically we did.

“Yes, I don’t see how that is any of your business but I moved in with him three months ago.” I randomly said, hoping that three months ago they had not been seeing each other. Looking at the grin on Reid’s face, I decided that I had been right and could continue my act.

Her anger seemed to be at it’s peak as she moved past me saying nothing more.

I smiled in victory at him. “Thank me later.”

“Oh, I will.” He replied smugly and pecked my lips. I shuddered at his statement.

I looked at him, confused as to why he did that.

He looked behind my head and I understood that it was only for reassuring Bea of his new relationship as she might have been looking.

A wave of disappointment surged through me but it quickly vanished as his hand grabbed mine.

He pushed through the crowd to lead me to the exit as his hand now shifted over to my back.

He wrapped his arm around my waist almost possessively and his touch burned me through the thin fabric of the dress, igniting a fire in the pit of my stomach.

A lustful look from him and a beyond aroused look from me was enough for us to know what was to come next as his mouth came crashing against mine.

After running out of breath, we both separated and he guided me to his audi, his touch still making my heart pump faster that usual.

No words were exchanged in the car. His hand found itself make it’s way around the slit of my dress and gently landed on my knee.

It’s presence kept me distracted through out the ride and I tried to pay as much attention to the darkness outside.

“Where are we going?” I asked after a minute of realizing that we weren’t actually heading towards the mansion as he drove in the opposite direction of our destination.

“To my place.”

I frowned, confused. I thought he lived at the mansion. He stole a glance of my expression and decided to enlighten me.

“I rarely come to the mansion, only to visit Linda or my father if something comes up.” He cleared up and I nodded my head, trying not to over think that I was about to go to my step-I-would-prefer-not-to-call-him-a-brother’s personal place to... be with him.

I shuddered slightly at the thought, thinking what my mother or God would even be thinking about me, but then again, I was never really all that religious, I thought as he pulled into the parking of an enormous apartment complex.

Before I knew it, we were both walking towards the lobby where the security and the receptionist greeted Reid. I could feel the judging eyes on me as they assessed Reid’s hand wrapped around my waist tightly.

The elevator pinged and opened in front of us. As soon as we stepped in, Reid had his lips against mine as he absentmindedly pressed the button to his floor.

I kissed him back with equal pressure, my mouth opening up to him to meet his tongue that discovered me without hesitation.

I gripped his shirt collar to bring him closer to me as he pressed me against the wall of the elevator, devouring me. I had enough alcohol in my system to bring myself to kiss him but not enough to regret it later.

The elevators doors opened when we arrived on the... 60th floor and we both separated.

“Wow, I didn’t realise this building was that high.”

He smiled at me and gave me a chasté kiss on my lips, as he typed in a code to open the doors across the small hallway.

“Wait till you see the view from inside. It’s breathtaking but for now...”

Within a few seconds, we both were locked in a passionate embrace as he tugged on my lower lip. Granting him entrance, I felt his hot tongue against mine, fighting for dominance.

His hands came around to cup my ass and I moaned at the feel of the heat crawling between my thighs as we both continued to tongue fück each other.

“Reid... ” I moaned as his hands lifted me up and my legs wrapped around his waist. A guttural groan escaped him as I wrapped my hands tightly around his shoulders.

I could feel his hard erection press against my heat and blushed as my arousal heightened, the need between my legs increasing.

He seemed to hesitate as he pulled back to look into my eyes.

“...Are you sure?”

“I want you, Reid. Fuck me, please....” The dirty words escaped my mouth without hesitation and seemed to reassure him of my need for him.

“You have no idea how fücking badly I wanted you to say those words.”

In a rush of desire and haste, I found myself on the king sized bed within no time. My dress had pooled around my waist as we continued to ravish each other’s mouths, his hands moving up my sides and my hands moving across his chest, willing for his suit to be yanked off him as soon as possible.

He took off my dress in ease, my hands got rid off his suit jacket right after that.

In an attempt to expose more of him to myself, I tried opening his buttons but those little things won’t budge!

My patience wore out as I tore open his shirt rest off the way down, not caring if his buttons survived or not and looked up to see him look at me with an amused look on his face.

“What?” I snapped at him in anger, well, as much anger I could muster when I oh-so-desperately wanted him inside me.

“Nothing.” His eyes darkened as they raked over my bra covered breasts. Reaching in front of me, he unclasped it, leaving my globes exposed to his eyes and the slightly chilly air.

I realized that they were fully erect and hardened and blushed, all my confidence suddenly jumping out off the sky high window.

“So beautiful.” Was all he said as he pinched one of my nipples and sucked on it, repeating the action to elongate both of my globes that were in need of attention.

My eyes closed in pleasure as he removed my black lace panties that Elijah had insisted on me wearing. His fingers reached my folds as he spread them apart and his tongue met my opening.

I moaned at the pleasure that seemed to be increasing at the base of my gut with every stroke of his tongue lapping against me or with every thrust of his two fingers in me.

“Oh...Reid ..I am gonna come.” I came within no time, all over his face as he still continued to lick me clean of my juices. This man gave the best head in the world. That was for sure.

“So fucking delicious, Elizabeth.” He said as he finished licking me off his fingers.

Calming down slightly from my high, I reached forward to sit up and unbuttoned his pants to expose him to me.

His hands followed the rest of my actions as his boxers came off and so did my heels as I deposited them on the floor.

My jaw was slightly agape as I saw what stood hard and proudly in front of me.

Little Reid wasn’t little at all. He was the biggest I had ever seen or even imagined in even the wildest of my dreams.

I gulped at the sight of his huge throbbing cock and wondered how exactly it was going to fit me but there was no time for wondering as he tore a packet and put a condom on his enormous member and placed himself, at the front of my opening, teasing my wet folds.

“Reid!” I cried out as he plunged inside me without warning. The sharp pain of him entering me subsided as he stayed inside me for getting accustomed to his size.

I was not a virgin but I hadn’t had sex in exactly three years, which was considerably a long time. I had only slept with one guy in my life, only to find out he was cheating on me.

I had no time to think about anything else as he moved completely out of me and plunged back in, this time slowly. I moaned when his full length was inside me.

“You are so tight.” He commented as he started moving slowly inside me.

“You are so big.” I heard a husky chuckle above me. He increased his pace slowly, still allowing me to be comfortable with him.

Our breathing became rapid as he moved in me, faster than before, bringing me immense pleasure.

I moaned into his mouth as he kissed me. His mouth attached itself to my neck, biting and nipping at my collarbone and travelling all the way down to my erect breasts to caress them.

“So” Thrust. “Fucking” Thrust. “Tight” He emphasized as he drove inside me, invading me.

In response, my hands roamed his back with a need stronger than before as I could feel my walls tighten around him. My nails scraped against his back. His hand moved between us, touching my sensitive bud and bringing me closer to my release.

Sensing my incoming orgasm, he moved faster inside me until my walls completely tightened around his huge cock and I came in spasms, my body shaking from my release. It was mind blowing, I had never come so soon. I had never had such an orgasm in my life and calming down from it seemed impossible.

His orgasm came right after me. I felt his cock jerk inside me as he unloaded himself inside the condom, grunting out my name in the process.

As we both calmed down, I felt him pull out of me and he dropped down onto the bed beside me.

I turned around to face him and smiled at him, blushing slightly as he moved my hair out of my face.

“That was amazing.” He said, his voice laced with lust as he kissed me passionately.

When we both ran out of breath, he stood up and discarded the used condom, only to put on a new one.

He wanted more as he was again rock hard and standing without any sign of exhaustion in front of me.

I was lying down, admiring him and watching him when he sat on his knees in front of me.

“Turn around.” And I did, sitting on my fours as he entered me again.

This time he wasn’t slow or gentle, he moved quickly inside me.

His hands were planted on my ass but occasionally came forward to squeeze my breasts and kiss my neck.

I was on the brink of coming again, so soon, when his pace slowed and he moved painfully slowly inside me.

“Reid please!” I wanted him to fill me up completely and that he did when he plunged inside me till the hilt. He repeated the action several times and it became difficult for me to stay uptight as I suddenly began to collapse due to the shattering pleasure passing through me.

I felt him grow even bigger inside me if possible and found my walls again tightening around his manhood.

I came, at the same time he did, exhaustion soon overtaking me as I calmed down from my high and plunged into a deep sleep, falling onto the bed with him inside me as he wrapped his arms around me.

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