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Chapter 17


I woke up with an arm tightly wrapped around my waist, holding me against a hard chest. My eyes slowly registered my surroundings.

Black and white, the two dominant colors stood out and made me aware of the fact that this was Reid's room.

I was in Reid's room, sleeping next to him.

I suddenly loosened his grip from around me, and he let go but I had stirred him awake. His... lower parts were clearly visible to me as he laid on his back and I gulped at the sight of seeing him hard.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Good morning." I said with a smile as he opened one eye to look at me, his long lashes casting a shadow against his cheek due to the slight sunlight peeking from the hell closed curtains. "I wanted to take a shower."

He nodded his head and rolled onto his side, leaving his grip on me to expose his well defined back.

I sucked in a breath and immediately rushed to the washroom, with a sheet still wrapped around my body.

I stood under the shower and let the water trail down my body, cleansing away my thoughts about Reid.

I slept with my stepbrother. This was so completely wrong.

What if someone found out?

My mother will be so disappointed in me and I could hardly picture the loss Reid will face since he was such an influential person in the business world.

I was disgusted with myself and no amount of body soap could make me feel pure and clean in the slightest as I remembered how much I liked him kissing me, touching me, being inside me, devouring me and all I could focus was on the increasing wetness between my legs when suddenly I felt a body brush against my back.

"Elizabeth." One word, that's all it took for me to grind my hips against his, feeling his hardness as it dug into my back.

I was still sore but feeling his lips kiss my neck, his fingers teasing my wet folds made me forget the very fact.

He turned me around to face him as he kissed my lips greedily. His hands gathered both my breasts in his hands as he sucked on both of them, moving up only to kiss me again.

My eyes followed the warm water droplets that traced their paths down his torso. Trailing my hand from his chest, over his abs and finally finding his throbbing member that was begging for my attention.

I gripped him in my hand and moved my hand along his length, satisfied to hear him groan in satisfaction.

I didn't know where this confidence had suddenly sprouted from but I was glad for it as I sat on my knees in front of him, gazing up at him.

"You don't have to-"

"I want to." I didn't give him a chance to reply as I licked the tip of his cöck with uncertainty. I had never given a blow job to anyone before.

My mouth wrapped itself completely around him as I took as much of him I could in my mouth, which really wasn't enough.

I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft and hearing him groan out my name in pleasure was a sign that I was doing it right, I hoped so.

He cradled my face in his hands as I continued to suck him, increasing my pace. His hips matched my thrusts as I could sense the epitome of his release as his hands gripped my head, guiding me and his cock hit the back of my throat and I resisted the urge to gag and suddenly, I could feel his hot release inside my mouth. I swallowed it, tasting him and stood up tall.

He smiled down at me, his head touching my forehead as he kissed me, pushing my back against the wall.

"Your turn now."

"Wait a second." He frowned at me.

I reached around him to turn the shower off.

I could probably still save the water bill at least since my self-dignity couldn't be saved now since I was already fucking my step-Reid.

He smiled down at me as he saw what I did and shook his head at me, grabbing my face in both of his hands.

"That was cute but I really don't care about the fucking water bill right now. All I care about is fucking you so hard that you will not be able to even look at any guy, not before remembering my cock buried deep inside your little pussy, with you screaming and chanting my name as I pleasure you until you can't stay awake anymore."

That's what it took for me to forget about any self doubt I was having earlier and moan to agree with him, knowing that he was very much capable of doing so.

I didn't even have it in me to argue with him about saving water and thinking about all the people in the world who couldn't even get water to drink for days when he threw me onto his shoulder and carried me to his room, throwing me on the bed.

Completely protected within an instant with a rubber on, he plunged his entire length into me and I gasped at feeling so full.

He moved inside me, hard and fast at first as he made me reach a toe-curling orgasm. I felt my walls tighten around him, and soon came undone when he entered me from another different angle, his fingers rubbing my sweet spot, making me scream his name again and again.

His cock became my prayer as I chanted for it over and over again until I was too exhausted to even move a limb.

With my throat now raspy, I once again screamed his name as he moved inside me slowly but stretching me out entirely as he hit my G-spot over and over again.

His lips moving against mine, moved over to my forehead as he reached his own climax once again, his cock shifting inside me as he pulled out soon and laid down next to me.

My eyes shut down almost instantly as I felt his fingers rub smooth circles on my arms.

He did fuck me to sleep, was my last thought as I drifted off into a dreamless slumber to overcome my exhaustion.

Thank God it was a Sunday morning or I was going to be really, really late for work.

"Holy fuck Liz!" I visibly cringed as I heard Becca's voice boom through the phone as she screamed at me.

I pushed my hand through my tangled mess of hair. It was definitely 'sex hair' but unlike the trendy look that models seemed to wear, my hair actually resembled a bird's nest, full of tangles.

"What happened B?" My voice sounded off to even my ears. I had woken up alone in the bed with Reid nowhere to be seen and now I was looking around in the kitchen to find anything to eat since I was starving.

"You did not tell me that you were going to that party! Imagine how I felt when I found out that you, my best friend went without even telling me about it and I had to find it through the motherfucking media."

The news? You had to be fucking kidding me. This can't be happening right now. I should have known of the risk of going out with him. If they found out who I was...and about Reid and her sneaking around, it would end badly.

"The media?"

"Yeah, I saw a picture of you with Reid in a newspaper. You accompanied him?! You guys were the highlight of the party since you were apparently, Reid's 'mystery woman'..." Her tone was teasing at the end.

"Hey! It's nothing like that..." We had just had mind-blowing sex for the last few hours but well, I didn't think adding that part was going to be the best idea.

She sighed. "You are supposed to tell me everything, I am your best friend."

She was right. I should tell her about what happened. She had stood by me through everything that happened in my life, supporting me always.

I bit my lip in contemplation.

"I know you aren't at the mansion. I went there to visit you as soon as I read the news but the house maid told me you hadn't come home last night. So would you like to enlighten me about where you are at 4 in the evening and where did you spend the night?"

I sighed im guilt. "I-slept-with-him." I muttered hastily, making sure she couldn't catch what I was saying.


"Becca...I kind of slept with him."

"I knew it! You lucky bitch!" She laughed.

I was relieved that she didn't question my actions, but then again, Becca always had a wild side and looked at things in a different manner. That's what I really loved about her. She was free-spirited.

"So...are you going to give me the details or what?" I looked at the locked door. I could only leave the penthouse if I knew the password or if my fingerprints magically matched Reid's, so I might as well start talking, I thought as I grinned widely. I recalled my sweet but painful bliss as I walked around the kitchen in an uncomfortable manner due to my soreness, reminding me of him.
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