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Chapter 18


The wind scattered my hair across my face and I groaned. A few strands stuck to my face because of the rain that had poured down on me when I had decided to walk home from work and it had suddenly decided to shower.
I really hated the weather here. It was always raining.

Shivering as I looked up at the sky and realized that the rain wasn't gonna stop anytime soon, I stood balancing on my toes under the shed of the newspaper stall.

Letting my eyes drop to the stall, I saw a few magazines. Hello! stared back at me with Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and a few other celebrities' faces.

I resisted the urge not to roll my eyes at the gossip filled dramatic magazines but my eyes narrowed to see Reid's picture in the corner of one magazine and I blinked twice to double check if I was seeing correctly. I snatched the magazine into my hold and huffed.

Our hottest bachelor is still single
and hopefully, ready to mingle.

Snorting at the absurdity of the rhyme on OK!, I quickly opened to the page of the article to see a picture of us at the party, his hand wrapped around my waist.

Shifting my gaze, I saw a ridiculous picture of just me and a few pictures from my mom and Henry's wedding.
I skipped a few paragraphs to read further as my hands slightly shook.

Turns out, billionaire Reid Parker's secret and mysterious companion to the Steele's anniversary party is none other than his new step sister, Elizabeth Baker.

The article further went on about Henry and my mom's private marriage and I sucked in a deep breath as I read the next line.

A source reported that the Elizabeth is originally from Seattle only, she attended the St. Xavier school during high school and went to study further in the Arizona State university after her father's death...

I quickly shut the magazine, unable to read further.

All my life was laid down in front of me and the world to see. I certainly wanted to know who this source was because it seemed to be quite reliable, for the media of course.

This article could ruin a lot of things. If someone found out about my relationship with Reid, my life would be screwed and so would be Reid's reputation.

My life suddenly seemed like an episode of Gossip Girl and we all know that nothing good happens after
xoxo, gossip girl.

"Thank you Linda!" I smiled at her and hugged her. She laughed in surprise and I started giggling at my own silliness.

"You are more than welcome miss, call me if you need anything else sweetheart and both of you, please don't drink more."

I nodded at her and she left me alone in the living room with an almost asleep Becca.

"Hey, Becky you have to go home." I laid down next to her in front of the theatre room in the mansion that I had discovered a few days ago.

She hummed in response and sat up.

I had called Becca over as soon as I had discovered about my life being exposed to people and for some reason, she had thought that drinking would be the solution out of this problem and I had agreed with her stupidly, might I add.

And now we were both lying lazily downing glass after glass of wine while on a marathon of Grey's Anatomy. Looking at Patrick Dempsey's face never gets tiring.

"I can't drive now." She groaned in realization as she started looking for her lost sandal while she attempted wearing the other on her foot and slightly stumbled.

I got up with her and slipped into my slippers.

"I'll ask Linda for someone to drive you home."

We both headed out and soon stood waiting for the car to arrive on the doorstep.

"So who do you think provided information about you?" She suddenly asked, breaking me out of my reverie.

"Uh... I don't know. Only you and my mom know that I am here. I didn't tell anyone else-" I stopped speaking as I realized who else knew that I was living with here and back from Arizona.

"Jenny." My eyes widened in realization and Becca nodded.

"It does sound like something she would do." She agreed, recalling their high school days.

I sighed, exhausted. "I don't understand what she even wants from me? She has caused enough trouble in my life already."

"You know how she is. She always wants what you have. She has always been jealous of you." For what?

I did not ask her that and instead nodded in agreement as a car came to a stop in front of us.

The driver stepped out of his seat and came in front of us to open the door for Becca.

Becca quickly hugged me. "Doesn't he look yummy?"

She asked me as she left me, saying it in a low tone but loud enough for the guy to hear.

He was definitely handsome, with his jet black hair, green eyes and a muscular physique. I recognized him as one of Reid's close bodyguards and suddenly I was reminded of Reid's piercing blue eyes.

I shook out of it as I felt a shiver run down my spine. I laughed lightly at what Becca said and shook my head slightly.

She turned around to face the waiting bodyguard, who now had a slight tinge of pink on his cheeks and it only made me want to laugh louder.

She once again raised her hand to wave and winked at me before smiling seductively at the driver.

I rolled my eyes and laughed again as I saw the car drive past me.

Same old Becca.

I felt something move beside me and I peeled my eyes open to see Reid's figure in the darkness.

"Hi." I croaked sleepily and cleared my throat.

"Sorry for waking you up." He said and jumped into bed beside me. "But I really wanted to see you."

"It's okay." I turned around to face him and take a good look at him, switching on the bedside lamp.

He wasted no time as his lips met mine in an intense liplock and I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was just in my panties and a tank top as he removed the covers off me.

His hand guided mine to his crotch's bulge and I could feel his erection press into my hand.

"Look at what you do to me Elizabeth. I am always so hard around you."

I sucked in a breath and stared at him for a few seconds before kissing him hard on his mouth, my tongue slipping into his mouth as I pushed him back on the bed and sat on his waist.

My hips automatically started moving against him, trying to bring my aching core closer to him.

"I missed you too." I said between a kiss as I leaned back. Reid's hands pushed my tank top down, bunching it around my waist as he flipped us both over, smiling at me with a lopsided grin that brought out his dimples.

Ah, dimples.

He gripped my breasts, latching onto my nipple with his mouth and I cried out loud as I felt him pinch my other nipple.

I was growing impatient and I reached up to unbutton his plain white shirt as he got rid of my panties, kissing me as he gripped my loose hair in his hand.

I quickly unbuttoned his pants, pushing them down along with his boxers to allow his cock to be sprung free.

I immediately gripped him in my hands, running my hands up and down his shaft as I shifted closer to him, wanting to take him in my mouth.

"No. I want to be inside you." Reid said with visible constraint as he slightly pushed me back only to pound inside me roughly. He tightly gripped the tank top still bunched up around my waist to hold me up closer to him.

"Oh God." I moaned as he suddenly plunged inside me, inserting his full length inside while he kissed my neck, making me grip his shoulders tightly.

He put my earlobe in his mouth as he bit on it and whispered in my ear. "All through those meetings I was just imagining what it would be like to have you in my office and pound into you on that fucking desk all day long."

"You'll probably-" His cock hit a sweet spot within me. "Oh fuck!"

"I'll probably?" He questioned, urging me to finish my statement as he nipped on my collar bone roughly, giving me a hickey for the world to show.

"Reid...You'll- You will probably go bankrupt if you do that-" And the rest of my speech was even incoherent to my own ears as he pounded into me mercilessly, helping me reach my orgasm as he whispered dirty things to me.

One kiss involving him biting hard on my lip and I knew I was close, almost there.

He plunged into me one last time slowly as I felt my walls tighten around him and clench him painfully inside me, bringing him to his release along with me.

I felt his hot semen inside me, trailing down my inner thighs onto the sheets, mixed in my very own essence.

Reid removed himself from top of me and laid down next to me.

"That was... amazing." I stated, staring up at the ceiling.

"I agree." His hand moved my hair back from my face as I faced him.

"I am going to take a bath." I stated after a minute of silence of him just rubbing circles on my back while he had his arm wrapped around my waist and held me against his broad chest. I trailed my fingers up and down his defined abdominal muscles lazily.

"I am joining you." He stated and my eyes lowered down to see his huge length hard again.

I smiled, unable to contain my joy at seeing him so hard for me again like he had said earlier.

He didn't wait for an answer and his hands came around to be wrapped under my back and under my thighs, carrying me bridal-style to the bathroom, smiling down at me when I squealed in surprise and kissing me squarely on the mouth.
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