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Chapter 19


"Oh my God! Lizzie, my baby! I missed you so so much." My mother's arms wrapped around me and she screamed excitedly in my ear, causing me to flinch as she greeted me on the door.
"I missed you too mom." I kissed her cheek as I moved slightly back.

After spending the night and majority of the morning with Reid, I was late for work and for finishing my project since tomorrow was the deadline for it, I came home two hours later than usual, feeling more tired than ever.

My mother stood in front of me, taking a good look at me.

"You look different." She observed.

I blushed and tried to hide it as she looked at my tighter than usual skirt and my push-up bra encased breasts. I chose to be daring today morning just to tease Reid and I recalled the way Reid looked at me when I stepped out of the room, his mouth wide open and his eyes lingering
on my ass when I smugly passed by him.

I felt different too, knowing what kind of an effect I had on him when he argued with me to change just so other men could not see me like that. I felt cherished and powerful.

It was a great feeling.

"Its nothing like that mom. I am just really tired..." I trailed off, hoping that she would move aside so that I could go inside.

"Alright sweetheart." Her frown vanished and she smiled at me, turning around and going inside and I followed close behind her, already wanting to run to my bedroom to sleep.

I was just climbing the stairs when she called out my name again.

"Oh, honey?"

"Yeah mom." I turned slightly to look at her.

"Get dressed. We all are going out for dinner." I groaned.

"You just got back here after a month. Don't you think staying in would be better?"

"Just for tonight. I won't bother you after that. We all should catch up."

I nodded dismissively as I rushed to my room to just indulge myself in a hot shower before leaving.

I sat awkwardly across my mother as we waited for both Henry and Reid to come inside Canlis.

"So... How was Paris?"

"Amazing. " She replied with a smile, wiping on her champagne, looking distant. "We hardly even left the room-"

"-Ew mom. I really didn't want to know that." I interrupted her to spare myself from listening about my mother's sexual life.

"Yeah, sorry." She blushed and crossed her hands in front of her on the table.

"Are you seeing anyone?" She asked me with a wide smile, her eyes dancing. I swallowed my own saliva and shook my head.


"Then, explain to me why exactly do you have a hickey on your neck."

My hand instantly reached to cover the side of my neck on which my mother's gaze was fixed.

"I...I had a little accident." I tried to sound nonchalant, my face as red as a tomato. "I fell."

On my neck, of course.

She gave me a knowing smile. "Honey, you have nothing to hide. If you are seeing anyone, I am okay with it. You can tell me anything-"

If only you knew who I was sleeping with. I really doubt you would be okay with it.

"I'm not seeing anyon-" I tried to explain to her but she continued to ramble.

"I know you got your heart broken once but that doesn't mean that all your relationships would end like that."

I nodded my head in agreement, trying to shift my face away from her because I was scared she would see right through the lies I was feeding her.

Luckily, Reid and Henry came to our table right that second, being led by the host who smiled politely and left.

Henry bent down and gave my mother a small kiss and sat down beside her. Reid moved to my side, his hand meeting my thigh under the table as soon as he settled in the chair next to me, making me slightly squirm when his hands skimmed the edges of my above the knee dress.

"It's great to see you again Elizabeth. How have you been?" Henry politely asked me and I managed to smile back at him.

"Pretty good actually." My head automatically turned to sneak a glance at Reid who was looking smug.

We all indulged in boring conversation about my work for a while before Henry and Reid started talking about some deal with an Italian company and we all ordered.

My attention was focused on the plate sitting in front of me, full with overly expensive food items that I soon devoured in.

The hand on my thigh suddenly moved a little closer to my core and I stilled, glaring up at Reid who was engaged in a light conversation with his father.

My eyes scanned my mother's face for any sign of suspicion but all I received was a dismissive smile as Henry and she started whispering something to one another that I was pretty sure I didn't want to know.

My hand wrapped around Reid's hand, trying to stop him but instead, he took that as an opportunity to touch my sensitive bud through my panties.

I was pretty sure that my mother would be able to see his arm move under the table but all my concern slowly started vanishing when Reid pushed his hand inside my panties, spreading apart my folds.

I moaned and instantly covered my mouth, awkwardly coughing when I realized that all the three pairs of eyes were on me - two full of concern, while the third one was only full of amusement.

Reid's fingers increased their pace as soon as I took a sip of my wine and our parents were once again distracted.

One of his fingers slowly plunged inside me, and I hissed, dropping the fork and gripping the edge of the table.

"Elizabeth...are you okay?" My mother asked.

"Hmm...Yeah." I cleared my throat. "Yes mom-" Another one of his digits entered my burning heat and I gasped. "Good. Everything is good." I muttered out.

She frowned at me and I ignored her gaze as I blushed and swatted away Reid's hand who pushed it out of my now wet panties and slowly trailed his fingers down my exposed leg.

I stood up as soon as his hand was back on my thigh, causing it to fall back down. "Excuse me."

I sucked in a deep breath as soon as I stood in front of the door around the corner and away from my mother's prying eyes and was just about to push it open when a hand came over my side, placing itself on mine on the door handle.

I turned around to see Reid giving me a mischievous smirk.

"Reid-What are you doing?" I hissed. "They are right outside..."

"Shhh... Calm down. It's okay." He trailed off, making me relax and I slowly moved out of his grip but his arms suavely wrapped themselves around me.

"Where do you think are you going?"

"The Ladies' ro-" But before I could finish, his lips were on mine, gripping my loose hair in one hand as he moved my head closer to his, his hot tongue meeting mine.

I made a sound in the back of my throat to stop him that was instantly swallowed my his mouth and forgotten by me when his hands cupped my ass and lifted me up to wrap my legs around his torso.

"Reid, not here. We could get caught." I mumbled but kissed him again, biting his lip as I moved back.

"I don't care honestly." He sighed and pushed the door to the washroom open. I silently hoped that no one was inside. "They could say whatever they want but that's not going to stop me from fucking you."

I had no time to react when he placed me on the counter, my bottom meeting the cool tiles and lifted the dress up to my lower abdomen and spreading my legs apart.

He leaned me backwards, my head slightly hitting the mirror behind us and he kissed me through my black lace parties that he and I, we both knew I was only wearing for him. He got rid off them in one swift tug and placed them in his coat pocket.

I sucked in a deep breath as I looked at him do so, my heart beating rapidly.

He wasted no time and pushed his pants and his boxers off his hips in one smooth motion, allowing his erection to spring free and he placed himself at my entrance.

He slowly rubbed his tip up and down, teasing me.

"Reid... Please..." That's all it took for him to enter me fully and for my eyes to widen.

I pushed my hips towards his, meeting his fast thrusts with mine. His lips met mine again, engaging them in a furious kiss.

"You are so beautiful Elizabeth..." He trailed off against my lips and kissed my neck, biting it to leave another hickey. I let out a moan as he did so, and he lightly sucked on my skin, leaving behind another mark.

Our breaths were fast and rapid, skins glistening with sweat. His balls repeatedly slammed against my skin as he filled me up completely and I muttered out a bunch of profanities under his hand that was wrapped around my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure.

I soon screamed his name out aloud and felt my walls clench around his cock.

He intensified his thrusts, making me reach my high and he groaned when I creamed around his length. I could feel him reach his release as he came inside me, filling my insides with his juices that slowly trailed down my thigh, suddenly making me aware of something and bringing me back to my senses.

"We-we haven't been using a condom." The realization hit me like a brick to the face as I again scanned his hot release slowly escaping from my opening drop by drop.

And that's when the door to the empty washroom was pushed wide open and a person greeted us with a loud and utterly deafening scream.
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