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Chapter 20


I let out a small screech along with her, with my eyes wide open and my hands flying to lower down my dress.

Reid instinctively covers his body with mine, blocking me from the view of the poor old lady who had a hand wrapped around the door handle for support and the other hand covering her mouth in shock.

“Oh my goodness!” She exclaimed after a few seconds, turning away from us and covering her eyes.

“I am sorry. What is wrong with this generation...” She trailed off and exited the door, leaving us both stunned.

I slightly shook with embarrassment when I realized that I had engraved an unforgettable picture in an aged British lady who seemed more than mortified at catching us having sex.

I dragged my eyes away from the door and pushed at Reid’s arms to move him away from me. He still stood between my legs, his head buried in my neck as he slightly bit on it, seeming unaffected by the incident.

After I had successfully created some decent distance between us, I saw him look at me with a frown on his face.

“We were just caught...Anyone, even my mother could have walked through that door...Oh God, what if it was her... ” I trailed off, trying to reason with his still hard member that was poking my inner thigh.

He sighed and nodded, pushing his boxers up, soon followed by his pants. I sat mesmerized for some strange reason and quickly tore my eyes away from him, my hands reaching out to grab a few paper towels and instantly cleaning off his still dripping semen off my thighs, remembering our conversation before we were interrupted. My hand stilled and my eyes widened when I realized that... I could still become pregnant or even get some STD and my mind searched to remember since when did we start having unprotected sex.

Realizing my slowed pace, Reid took the towel from my hand and instead started wiping off his remaining juices off me. I wanted to shout at him for forgetting to use protection but I was lost for words.

“I...” He huffed, “I will make sure to use a condom next time.” He moved away from me to discard the dirty towel in the dustbin.

That’s not an apology.

I raised am eyebrow at him and he sighed.

“I am clean. I got myself tested before I fucked you.”

I glared at him slightly, opening my mouth to ask him to apologize even though I knew that it takes two to tango and it was partly, just partly my fault too but before I could do that my phone started ringing loudly, breaking me out of my angry rave pointed at Reid and capturing our attention. Reid quickly closed the door to the restroom by shifting the couch in the corner in front of it.

I fumbled to find my phone in my purse and when I finally did, I gulped back a bucket of my own saliva.

“Hello mo-” I started as soon as I picked up my phone. Reid stared at me all the while, his hands moving up and down my sides to calm me down but they were having an opposite effect as far as I was concerned.

“Lizzie! Where are you?” She all but screeched.

“I... I am just in the ladies’ room.”

“Are you okay?”

“Uh... Yeah, I’m fine.”

“I was worried about you. You have been gone for a good ten minutes... I thought you were having a little trouble in there.”

“I’m okay mom, I am just going to come back now... I had a little girl problem.” I lied, trying to make her believe anything other than the fact that I had been banging his step-son in the washroom just now.

“Alright sweetie, take your time. Henry and I were both left alone for quite some time and-”

“Where is Reid?” I said, trying to divert her attention from the fact that both of us were missing and hopefully making her believe that we weren’t together.

As soon as Reid heard his name, his lips raised into a smirk and he let out a laugh that I instantly covered up with a loud cough that caused me to choke on air and lightly slap his chest.

“Oh my god, liz! Are you okay?”

“Yeah... I just think I caught the flu... So, you were saying?”

“He left right after you...something about making an important call.”

“Oh, okay. Bye for now mom, I’ll just be right back with you both.”

I quickly ended the call and pushed past Reid to stand in front of the mirror. I quickly washed my hands and pushed my fingers through my hair to get rid of any knots.

He walked towards me, his front brushing up against mine and my body tensed as soon as I inhaled his musky scent.

His hand automatically came to my front, lifting my dress up again while I did a quick touch up to my lips to get rid of any smudges.

“Don’t...” I muttered but his single digit had already invaded my cunt. That’s when I realized that he still had my panties and I wasn’t wearing any.

I leaned back against his body, my head resting in his neck as soon as I felt the intrusion.

Another one of his digits entered me and I let out a curse and my hands grabbed onto the sink. “Fuck.”

“I don’t like it when you say that.” His thumb started rubbing my swollen bud, “A sweet innocent mouth like yours shouldn’t be saying bad words like this.”

I moved my hips against his hand, desperate for more of his sweet torture. He has turned me into a sex craving maniac and I don’t think that I could ever come back from this.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moaned, obviously not listening to him when his fingers started moving inside me.

“You have been turning really naughty, haven’t you my sweet Elizabeth?” His fingers left me and he bent me over the sink, my face touching the cool tiles.

Ew, you are in a public washroom! All those germs...

A small practical voice said in my head but was easily overpowered by the sex crazy maniac who was just purring to be taken right against the sink and who made it her duty to make sure that the wetness between my legs did not vanish any time soon.

“You deserve to be punished.” His hand came up and hit me from behind and I gasped.

Did he just spank me? The logical part in me all be it shouted at Reid but the sex driven temptress smirked and walked over it with her high heels, smiling in triumph.

Sex Maniac : 2 Dead Ass Logic : 0

His hand rubbed the spot that it had just hit and I moaned at the sensation, forgetting about the war going inside my head when he again slapped my other cheek. I moaned out his name and his hand came to spank me twice again, instantly rubbing the region his hand had landed on.

“I think that’s enough for today.”

I felt my own wetness slowly begin to trail down my inner thigh and suddenly he moved back, away from me.

Reid innocently smiled at when I turned around to glare at him at the lack of his warmth.

“I am going to go back inside before they get suspicious, come after a few minutes.” I stood tall in front of him, trying to ignore the aching between my legs.

He quickly pecked my lips and I pushed him away, “I’ll see you at my place tomorrow.”

I again glared up at him, folding my arms in front of myself. He gave me a lopsided grin and left me alone in the washroom, hanging on the edge of my lost orgasm with a pool of untamable wetness between my legs.

Bloody Bastard.

I quickly analyzed the shelf of the pharmacy for what I was looking for and my eyes landed on Plan B. Seems good enough.

I reached for it and grabbed it, reading behind it for the expiration date before I bumped into someone.

“Sorr-” I opened my mouth to apologize before I looked up and my words got stuck in my throat.

“Jenny.” I muttered and she smirked at me when she saw the contraceptive pill in my hands.

“Shacking up with someone, are you sweet Elizabeth?” She asked with an evil grin, which I was pretty sure to other people looked like the most innocent smile.

I gritted my teeth together, “None of your business.” I tried to move past her but her hand wrapped around my arm, stopping me.

“Actually, I would love to know who this guy is since you are now the step sister of such an influential person. As a reliable source for the media-” I was right, she was the one who spilled out every story about my life “-I would love to heard about your exciting sexual ventures. Who knew that you could earn so much by just talking about a worthless girl-”

My hands folded into fists, itching to destroy her perfect nose, that I was sure she achieved with the help of a nose job because as far as I remember, it did not look like that.

“Hey babe, which one do you think is better?” A vaguely familiar voice said, cutting off Jenny mid-sentence.

With a box of Trojan condoms in one hand and a box of Durex in the other, Ian turned around the aisle and stood in front of us.

As soon as his eyes landed on me, his mouth fell wide open and one of the boxes that he was reading the details from fell out of his hand, the box of Trojan landed near my foot. Well, it’s not like he needed that one anyway.

“E-Elizabeth?” He muttered.

Oh bloody fucking fantastic.

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