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Chapter 21


Run Lizzie Run!

That’s the only thought that registered in my mind when I saw Ian slowly walking to us but my feet stood rooted to the ground.

“Oh fuck.” I muttered under my breath.

“Liz?” It was the third time he muttered my name.

“Ian.” I swallowed.

“I-I...Uh... You look good.” Classic-running-into-your-ex-line.

His eyes scanned my face and I awkwardly looked away, nodding.

Jenny’s hand protectively wrapped around his arm and she pushed him back to her, smirking at me.

Calm. Down. Elizabeth. Don’t do anything that you will regret.

I agreed with my inner thoughts, realizing that anything to do with Jenny and Ian was now pointless.

“I have to go.” I turned around to leave but Ian grabbed my hand, stopping me.

“What?” I glared at him, looking from his arm at his frowning face.

“I am sorry Elizabeth... I truly am...I-”

I shrugged out of his hold and his eyes fell on the box of contraceptive pills in my hand.

Well, this just got more awkward.

“You are...with someone?” He asked, his eyes widening.

“Aren’t you too? Oh wait, you are still with that whore you cheated on me with.” I looked over his shoulder at Jenny to emphasize my point and she passed me a murderous look.

“You are different now...” He muttered again, his hand coming to rest on my face that I immediately swatted away.

My mind immediately brought back some old memories that I had kept locked away for quite some time.

“Come on Lizzie! I am tired of waiting.” Ian complained, his arms dropping from my sides.

“Ian... I don’t know. I was saving my virginity till I got married.” I said, trying for him to understand.

He sighed and immediately grabbed both of my hands in his. “Lizzie, I love you and I know you love me too... Don’t you trust me?”

“I do.” I replied without hesitation. “But I wanted our first time to be special.”

“This, what we have is special. I promise it won’t ever end and we have been going out for so long now.”

I nodded my head, contemplating what he said and hesitantly agreed with him soon enough when my lips landed on his.

I was happy despite my soreness. Who knew losing your virginity could hurt that much but it was worth it.

I had spent the whole day in school remembering last night with a smile throughout all my classes and I couldn’t wait to see Ian tonight. He had been busy because of his football practices but finally I would see him.

I parked in front of his house and walked up to the door to see it slightly open.

Ian’s parents always came home late. He must have left the door open when he came back probably.

I stepped into the house without ringing the bell and looked around for any sign of him.

With a bright smile on my face as I looked down at the box of cupcakes I made for him in my hands, I entered his room to surprise him but what I saw instead surprised every cell of my body.

My forgotten cupcakes dropped out of my hands and fell onto the floor when I saw Jenny and Ian naked and in a passionate embrace, or rather I should say, fucking each other like rabbits on sugar.

Both of them looked up at me in shock, obviously not expecting to see me and all I could do as I stood witnessing the horrifying scene was feeling more than heartbroken and running out of the house hazily...

And that’s when I suddenly broke out of my reverie and my hand automatically raised up and harshly landed on his face, pushing it to the other side.

I had slapped him and I couldn’t feel more happier.

“And you are still a dick, asshole. Don’t you ever fucking try to even touch me again. I am fucking done with your shit,you cheating prick.” I snapped, my inner self proudly smiling at the huge ass red mark appearing on his cheek.

Saying this, I turned around to walk towards the cashier not before turning around once again to look at Jenny, “And Jenny, try harder. I went to Mendoza for two years before going to Arizona actually.”

As soon as I stepped outside of my office building into the evening wind, my eyes slightly widened when I saw the car waiting for me, with a man in a suit at the side of the passenger seat, opening the door open for me.

I recognized the bodyguard as Nathan, the same guy Becca shamelessly flirted with the other day and I thanked him when he closed the door when I stepped inside.

“What-why are you here?” I asked him after a minute. I usually walked home as it was just three blocks away and I didn’t have my own car yet and even after my mother’s continuous requests, I didn’t find it amusing enough to ask one of the drivers to drop me off.

“Mr.Parker wanted to see you at his office.”

“Okay.” I nodded and rest my head against the window in exhaustion.

After good fifteen minutes, Nathan finally stopped the car and stepped outside but before he could open the door for me, I was already outside.

He quickly started walking towards the huge building of Parker Industries and led me inside.

After having a quick conversation with the receptionist, he nodded at me to follow him again and we both reached the elevator.

Leaning against the wall of the empty elevator, I scanned the back of the buff bodyguard’s head, wondering how the hell exactly did he appear to be this serious and composed all the time.

We reached the 50th floor which happened to be the top most one and I straightened up, again following him to the front of a door at the end of the corridor.

He nodded at me, “Ma’am, I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby.”

“Alright, thanks Nathan.” I smiled at his retreating back and gulped back my saliva when my eyes scanned Reid’s office door. The word CEO in big block letters along with his name were written on the door and I hesitantly raised up my hand to knock twice on the door.

“Come in.” I pushed the door open and was just about to barge inside when I realized that he had company.

“You can leave now Ms. Greene.”

“Thank you, Mr.Parker.” She collected a few files from his desk and left the office, not before giving me a sly grin. My eyes followed the gorgeous redhead until the door was finally closed.

I started walking until I reached his desk, his eyes following me all the while and then I finally plopped down in a chair.

“Hm... So who was she?” Oh Lizzie! Why can’t you keep your fucking mouth shut for two minutes?!

The jealousy in my tone was more than obvious. I mentally facepalmed myself at how possessive I must have sounded. He must think I am one of those crazy clingy girlfrie- hell, I can’t even call myself that. I am his freaking stepsister!

A knowing smile appeared on his cheeks and he gave me a lopsided grin, showing off his dimples.

“Come here Elizabeth.”

I found myself standing on both my feet and making my way towards him, only for his arm to wrap around my waist and push me down onto his lap.

I automatically wrapped my legs around his thighs, resting on my knees with the arm rests slightly digging into my skin.

Reid buried his face in the crook of my neck, his nose brushing against my collar bone, my hands grabbed onto his arms and I shivered.

“I missed you so much.” He whispered, kissing my neck and pushing his forehead against mine, making a small grin appear on my lips that I tried to hide by biting on them.

“And to answer your question, that was my secretary.” He muttered and kissed me softly, his lips moving leisurely against mine.

Aggravated with his soft pace, I bit his lip, demanding entrance to his mouth and my tongue instantly met his in a passionate battle.

He leaned me against the wooden table, his mouth finding it’s way to my neck when we were both out of breath. He harshly nipped on my earlobe, causing me to hiss and trailed down bruising open mouth kisses from my neck to my collar bone, making me moan.

Tired of his teasing, my hands grabbed onto the back of head and I crashed my lips against his, demanding his attention elsewhere.

His arms grabbed onto my waist, picking me up as he stood to his full length, his lips leaving mine.

He pushed aside the file he was reading and his laptop to one side and placed me onto the wooden desk.

“Since the day I have been inside you, I have wanted to fuck you on this table senseless for hours.” He admitted, his hands pushing open the buttons of my blouse, leaving my bra clad chest open for his view.

“What if someone walks inside?” I asked breathlessly.

“No one can come inside my office without my consent.”

He pushed my shirt out of his tucked state in my dress pants and pushed it downwards, unwrapping it from my body and throwing it onto the floor.

He wrapped his mouth around my erect nipple through my red bra and sucked on it. I moaned in pleasure and ran my hands through his dark hair.

He moved aside the straps of my bra and pulled it downwards, pushing my erect globes out open for his ravishing eyes and I instantly felt my pussy clench at his lust filled gaze.

He kneaded my breasts and sucked both of my erect nipples, elongating them. He then bit on my right nipple and I cried out in pleasure and his mouth came against mine, muffling my cry.

Desperate for having him inside me, I sat up straighter, my hands moving to quickly get rid of his suit coat and unbuttoning his pants and pulling his zipper down, I pushed down his boxer briefs and quickly grabbing on to his erection.

My hands started pumping his erect shaft in my hand, moving from the base to the tip. His mouth moved away from mine when my thumb started making circles onto his tip and his head leaned back.

“Don’t. I want to be inside you-”

His sentence was cut off when I quickly jumped off the table and onto my knees in front of him, suddenly over powered by the little sex demon inside me.

Without a second thought, my lips automatically wrapped around his beautiful tip.

“Oh my God, Elizabeth.” There was something different in the way he always said my whole name and it always turned me on and today was no exception, I thought when I felt the pool of heat between my thighs increase.

He leaned his head back when I took him in my mouth, filling it completely and he muttered out a few curses along with my name a couple of times when my head started bobbing up and down, taking as much of him as I could.

“Wow... That feels amazing, Elizabeth...fuck.” He said and his hand wrapped around my head, pushing all of my loose hair into his hand at the back of my head when he started guiding my mouth around his cock and his hips started moving with my rhythm, each thrust allowing his tip to hit the back of my throat.

His pace increased and I gagged on his cock when suddenly a knock sounded on the door.

“Reid? Are you in there?” A recognizable voice asked on the other side of the door.

I instantly stopped, my eyes wide open and my mouth still wrapped around his cock as he looked down at me in panic before quickly sitting down in his chair.

“I really had to talk to you...” The voice trailed off and the door started opening when Reid instantly pushed the chair closer to the desk, making me crawl under the table. He instantly picked up my shirt from the ground and pushed it towards me so that it was not in view.

He cleared his throat and leaned back in his chair, relaxing, well as relaxed as a man could be when he just had been receiving a blow job and had been interrupted from reaching his release.

“Yes...father, what can I do for you?”

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