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Chapter 22


“Yes...father, what can I do for you?” Reid asked, shifting in his seat slightly. I silently sat on my knees, my head bent between his knees to keep out of sight.

His still erect member twitched in front of my face and I shut my mouth to make sure not let out any sound that my throat was itching to produce.

I heard a chair being pushed back and I assumed Henry sat down across from us.

“The deal you are making with the Michelakis Manufacturers, that can’t happen Reid...” Henry said in one breath and sighed deeply.

“I am not changing my decision.” Reid cut him off before he could start speaking again with finality in his tone. “I already have given my word to them and I can’t back off now.”

“No, you don’t understand... We can’t provide our shipment to this family... We don’t have a good history together. My father-”

“I couldn’t give two shits about your fucking past. Just because of a feud that happened centuries ago, I can’t let the future of our company be destroyed.”

“Reid, the only thing my father taught me was to not get into any business with the Michelakis family and that is the only thing I am asking you to do. These men are cruel. They have already tried to sabotage...our company once, I won’t let that happen again, not until I am breathing.” Henry completed his little speech and let out a long drawn breath, hoping Reid would understand.

I tried calming down my rapid breath as I slightly shifted under the desk to sit in a more comfortable position, pressing my head against Reid’s thigh when I realized that my breath was coming out in pants. My breath fanned against his cock that was now leaning next to his thigh and as soon as the air from my mouth hit his sensitive but still partially erect organ, it twitched at the contact.

“No. I am already signing off this deal tomorrow. This is going to be beneficial for our compan-”

“You just don’t get it. However profit you may earn from this, the Michelakis will destroy us... I know this sounds stupid but I have already been over this a hundred times with you, but you never listen. Along with being rich, they are powerful and... dangerous. Years ago, they got your grandfather killed... This hatred, it is embedded within the roots of both our families.”

“I cannot ruin the future of this company because of some unsolved murder case that happened more than half a century ago and-” Feeling agitated by the conversation going on in front of me, my hand slowly grabbed onto his cock lazily, my mouth wrapping around

his tip, my tongue lightly grazing the skin to hopefully shut him up.

“-uh...” He cleared his throat. “Father, uh...I’ll...think about it.”

Satisfied with his answer, I slowly released him from the wetness of my mouth but his hand tightly bunched up my hair and guided me back to his throbbing member, silently demanding me to finish what I started.

Henry sighed, “Alright... Also, I had to ask you if you have seen Elizabeth around?”

As soon as I heard my name, I stopped my slow assault of licking up and down his cock and stiffened. I felt Reid slightly tense too but his face no sign of any emotion.

“No, I haven’t. Why, what happened?”

“Ah, nothing really. It’s late...around 9 already and she hasn’t come home yet. Usually she’s back by around seven-ish and Hazel was wondering where she was.”

I let out the breath I was holding when I heard what he said and calmed down when I realized that my phone was thankfully on silent. I could already picture the endless number of missed phone calls my mother must have filled my phone with.

As soon as Henry had muttered out those words and Reid had relaxed, he again nudged me with his foot, asking me to again have him in my mouth and for some reason I immediately responded to his wild command. That’s all I seem to be doing for the past few days, following each and every thing he asks me to do.

But I had absolutely no idea how he could maintain a straight face all the while I shamelessly teased the tip of his cock, suddenly turned on by the thrill of the situation.

“Okay, I hope you consider what I said earlier, I don’t want you to be making any mistake... At the cost of your life... Or any member of the Parker family’s life.”

Reid nodded his head at him, “Like I said earlier, I will think about it.”

“Come to the mansion tonight.”

“I am going to come...” Reid’s warning tone caused me to slow down my slow graze of teeth against his sensitive skin,“...uh-I mean I’ll pay you a visit for sure.” He cleared his throat once again.

“Oh, yes... Definitely son. Another think I have been meaning to ask and it’s completely out of the blue but... Who’s purse is that?”

My eyes widened when I realized that my purse was still sitting one of the chairs adjacent to the desk I was currently hidden under.

“Uh... Ah, that’s Sophie’s...She must have forgotten it.”

“Sophie, your secretary, of course.” Henry laughed and I heard the chair he was sitting on screech back so I assumed he stood up.

“I have sat enough on the very chair that you are sitting in right now to know what’s going on under that desk...” Henry laughed again before turning around and leaving us both alone and completely embarrassed.

I kept looking at Reid and for once, saw his face turn completely red. Knowing details about Henry’s past sexual life was definitely not on top of my to-do list and that’s when I again choked on his cock, second time this evening.

My life was turning into a really cheap 80′s porno.

"I fucked Nathan." I choked on my vanilla bean frappuccino and rested a hand against my chest to allow the drink to slide down my throat comfortably when Becca started talking about her recent sexual venture.

Her hand came back behind my back for probably what I was assuming, lightly slapping it but her hand whipped against my back a little too harshly and I flinched away from her.

"Doo tard." I sputtered the words out of my mouth with difficulty as I tried breathing in deeply.


“Too hard.” I said more clearly this time and leaned against the railing of the shopping complex.

“Oh, sorry.” Becca sighed cheekily and winked at me. “Like I was saying, I fucked Nathan, you know your hot bodyguard slash dri-”

“Yeah, I got that.” I mumbled and cleared my throat as she started walking and I followed her. “When?”

“Last night in his car.” She grinned at me as she snatched my drink and took a sip, “His dick is so fucking hu-”

“Becca!” I stopped her from speaking further when I realized that a family of four was walking towards our direction and Becca’s volume was a little too loud for two pairs of innocent ears when the mother glared at us and rolled her eyes, muttering something about ‘our spoilt generation’ when I could clearly tell that she was hardly a few years older than us.

“So... Like I was saying- mind blowing sex. He is such a daddy in bed, well in a car at least.” I awkwardly laughed at what she said. I had never been good at discussing about sex with a friend, probably because before Reid, I hadn’t actually truly discovered it.

She handed me back my now empty drink that I disposed and grabbed my hand, dragging me over to Victoria’s Secret.

“Becca, no! I don’t want anything from here-” I started, already sensing what she was about to do next.

“Oh, shut up Liz!” She tugged me forward with some superhuman strength that I never knew she possessed and before I could argue, we were both already inside.

She continued dragging me before I realized how weird it must look for a feisty woman to be dragging around another grown woman around the store like this and I straightened up, tugging my hand out of her iron like grip.

I silently followed her inside, my eyes scanning the displayed items. I kept quite when she stopped in front of one particular item in black in front of us.

“You need lingerie.”

Oh God. This is going to be tiring.

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