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Chapter 27


I felt eyes digging into my back, making me squirm as I silently moved in the kitchen for preparing coffee.

I didn’t dare to turn around, knowing it was my mother.

“Is it true then?”

“What is?” I questioned, tilting my head towards her, pretending that I had absolutely no idea what she was going on about.

“You and Reid?” I heard venom in her voice as she spat out the three words.

Swallowing my saliva, I let out a dry laugh, “What is that supposed to mean mom?”

“Just...a friend of mine forwarded me a link claiming that you both...that you guys” I knew she was going to question me. The news was all over the city’s media, stirring questions among people, she was bound to read something about it sooner or later.

“What? Why would anyone think that? That’s disgusting.” I turned around, completely facing her as I frowned at her statement.

“I honestly don’t know and that’s why I am asking you, is there something going on...that you want to share?”

“No mom, nothing at all.” I casually said in a sing song voice while my hands fidgeted on the counter and out of her sight uncontrollably.

I should tell her. Now is the time. My inner voice begged me to spill the beans but I just pursed my lips and spoke no other word.

Letting out a sigh, she put her head in her hands, “Thank God. I was so worried that you guys...god. I knew you couldn’t have done such a thing Elizabeth, I trust you enough to know that but... I thought asking you straight away would probably be for the best.”

I nodded my head, letting out a small smile at her, silently begging her to leave as I felt my throat close up ever so slightly.

I couldn’t lie anymore.

I stood naked and wet from the quick shower in front of the wide mirror, my hands resting against the sink as my eyes quickly flickered to see my mirror image.

The dark circles under my eyes were now more prominent than in the week before my SATs. My hair, now wet, clung against my neck, cascading down my lower back. I pushed a few strands out of my face and tucked them behind my ears. My eyes continued to lower down my body, tracing all the blemishes till I hesitantly placed a hand against my stomach and gulped audibly.

Could I actually...? I shifted the thought out of my head and shook my head. No, it couldn’t be. I refused to believe it.

But... What if, it was true?

I sighed and quickly turned back around to see the water almost fill the tub half full. Adding a bath salt, bubbles and a couple of other essences I had bought earlier for Reid despite his discomfort, I stepped into the huge circular ceramic bathtub.

Leaning back, I closed eyes, enjoying the feeling of being submerged in the warm water.

Unknowingly, I fell asleep in the arms of scented water which was soon replaced by another set of arms.

Sleepily tilting my head up, I smiled at the sight of Reid kissing the top of my forehead.

“Hey...” I mumbled, my voice barely reaching my own ears. I turned back around, leaning into his chest as I lay on top of him and buried my face in the crook of his neck.

“Sorry for waking you up, gorgeous.” He muttered back in response, his smooth voice tingling my ear in anticipation.

“Mmm.” I moaned back in response as I felt his hands trail up my sides, resting on my lower stomach, dangerously close to my throbbing clit.

His c0ck resting against my lower back twitched as I let out another moan when his hand brushed against my slit, making me hiss before his hands altogether left me to rest on the edge of the tub.

Agitated, I turned around, straddling his lap instead, my hands moving up and down his broad shoulders.

Dark eyes trailed over my upper body, starting at my trimmed pussy that swiftly moved against his abdomen till it rested against his cock. The same pair of eyes slowly shifted upwards, making my stomach flutter. He reached my pebbled nipples still covered in the soapy liquid, my chest moving up and down rapidly.

Without wasting another second, my lips closed against his, moving softly and surely with his. My hips followed the rhythm of our lips, teasing his member. Running my hands through his hair, I pushed my tongue into his mouth, sloppily but hungrily kissing him. His warm tongue matched my invasion, fighting back equally if not more to gain dominance.

He gently tugged on my hair, leaving my lips with a final bite, making them swollen as he immediately attacked my neck, finding my sweet spot as he continued to lick and bite my skin, leaving a few marks here and there, kissing each spot as he moved on to find the next patch of my skin to cover and claim as his as I continued to moan out his name.

“The’s cold. Let’s get out of here.” He muttered against my collarbone. I nodded and moved to get out of the tub, slowly stepping onto the rug lying in front of it. Reid followed me as I stepped into the shower for a quick rinse, to get off the suds of my body. Quickly washing each other off, we stepped out of the glass panel, Reid grabbing a towel to dry me off.

He kneeled down in front of me, slowly rubbing the water droplets of my legs, the sight absolutely beautiful and my lower regions seemed to agree with my eyes as much as I felt a drop of my own release escape my vulva and approach my inner thigh.

“Always so wet for me...” He muttered against my pussy in agreement as he allowed his hand to explore the area between my already slightly spread legs. His tongue slipping out to taste my arousal. My hands instantly wrapped themselves in his luscious hair as his tongue worked wonders, making my knees buckle in pleasure as it pushed in and out of me. Three digits joined his sweet torture, making me push my head back and let out a cry at being invaded so ruthlessly.

“You like it when I’m rough with you.” He finalized and I nodded blindly, my eyes seeing black.

He sucked my clit, his tongue gently teasing the bundle of nerve endings with little nips, making me blind in ecstasy.

“You want my cock buried balls deep inside you, making love to your sweet little pussy as it drills into you all night, fucking you raw and stretching you like never before, don’t you Elizabeth?”

I frantically nodded my head and breathlessly muttered as his fingers curled inside me, finding my g-spot, “I-I do.” I cried out loud when I reached the edge of my orgasm when I suddenly lost all of his touch.

“Touch yourself Elizabeth. Show me how you pleasure yourself when I am not around.” I shook my head no, leaning against the sink but my hand betrayed me as it slowly trailed down my stomach till it reached my pussy lips.

Without wasting any time, I sat on the sink, spreading my legs and pushed two fingers inside me, my other hand furiously moving in circles along my clit.

I felt Reid’s eyes assessing my every movement and I saw him dry himself as he ran the towel through his hair right in front of me, somehow the sight finally making me reach my orgasm, making me curl my toes as I accidentally squirted my release on his chest.

This has never happened before.

“Fuck Elizabeth.” He muttered, pushing my wet fingers into his mouth as my cheeks flamed in embarrassment.

Before I knew it, I felt his cock as my entrance, spreading apart my pussy lips slowly and trailing it up and down my release, lathering it in my arousal before he plunged inside me, filling me up completely, making my eyes widen and a strange noise escaped my chest when he pushed his arms beneath my ass, making me wrap my legs around his hips and latch onto his shoulders as he carried me to the king sized bed.

Slow thrusts of his member into my awaiting pussy, sweet kisses between him leaving painful hickeys all over my body had me curling my toes more than once that night with him whispering dirty things into my ears.

As my orgasm soon over took my body, reaching me in waves of pleasure, I finally felt him release his load inside me before he after a moment again flipped us over.

Beads of sweat littered all over our foreheads as I continued moving on top of his cock in circles, his hands on my waist guiding my movements as I rested mine against his chest to keep me balanced. His hands in between moved against my chest, squeezing my pebbled breasts to help me reach my high.

Exhaustion fighting with ecstasy, love fighting with lust and serendipity fighting with sinful desire was all in all, how I could describe our relationship and right in this moment all the former options seemed to be the one’s we chose as we finally came one last time, both at the same time.

I fell back against his chest, my own chest falling up and down in rapid breaths as he spooned me against him, his cock still buried deep inside me as we tried to control our breaths.

“I love you, Elizabeth.” He muttered against my neck, trailing a few kisses along it until his nose nuzzled in my loose hair.

“I love you, Reid.” were the last words I said before I felt him push the plain white sheets over our naked and still sweaty and heaving bodies.

With a spatula in my hand, I concentrated on the task at hand, which happened to be flipping the damn pancake in front of me.

I smiled happily and did a little hurrah dance when I successfully flipped it over and heard a deep chuckle behind me, making me suddenly jump and let out a scream.

“Good morning, love.” He laughed and kissed my neck, totally enjoying my little dance show and my shocked state while I tried to calm down from my mini heart attack.

“Fuck Reid! You scared the shit out of m-” Before I could finish, I felt a blow come to my behind, making me gasp again as he slapped my ass, his hands clearly enjoying themselves as he trailed them below his own t-shirt that I had pulled over when I couldn’t find any of my own clothes and he again nuzzled his nose in the crook of my neck when he discovered my panties-less state. I pushed him away in annoyance as his fingers went dangerously closer to my core.

“Don’t swear.” He muttered in distaste. I turned around to glare at him and found him looking beyond amused.


“Stop what?”

“Stop being such a jerk. It’s not funny.” I replied, pouring the batter for another pancake.

A distant ring sounded through the house that I recognized as my own cell phone.

“I’ll get it.” He said when I turned around to get it myself. “It’s in my purse,” I added.

He started walking away, as my eyes slowly glided down his smooth toned back, appreciating his form only in boxers. He suddenly turned around, like he knew I had my eyes on him and winked at me,“It kind of is funny.”

I glared at him before a little laugh too escaped my chest. Seeing that I had already made enough for the both of us, I turned off the stove when I heard his approaching footsteps.

“Who was it?” I asked when he returned, turning around to look at him when he didn’t reply.

“What is this?” His voice was unrecognizable and it sent a chill up my spine.

My eyes widened as I saw him hold up a pregnancy test in his hand and I couldn’t help but swallow back my own saliva, hoping for the floor to open up swallow me whole.

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