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Chapter 28


“I-I don’t-” he deserves to know “My mother thinks I am pregnant.” I hesitantly stated, my throat still dry.

“Thinks?” His voice, void of emotion made me avert my eyes from his face as I tried and failed to find a hint a joy in his slightly surprised but still monotonous voice.

I shook my head, “I haven’t taken the test ye-”

“Fuck Elizabeth.” He pushed his free hand through his already tousled hair. My face slightly fell as I judged his reaction. Trying not to make the tinge of sadness I felt obvious, I broke the intense eye contact of his dark eyes holding me captive, my eyes trailing along the what now seemed to be the, really interesting pattern of the floor.

Before I knew it, his hands wrapped around my hips, pulling me close to him as they hurriedly cradled my face, pushing his lips on top of mine, the pregnancy test still in his hand and I felt it against my neck, burning my skin.

Taken aback I gasped at his tight hold on me, his hands digging into my skin and his lips clinging to mine as though his life depended on kissing me in this very moment.

His lips answered the unspoken words, begging me to understand that he wasn’t disgusted at all or ready to leave me and in this moment I couldn’t ask for more and could only hope that this promise wasn’t forced under pressure.

“Take the damn test, love.”

I not so patiently waited, my leg bobbing up and down as I sat on the closed lid of the toilet, my eyes glued the figure of the tall man leaning against the sink in front of me, looking calm and composed, his constant fidgeting giving away his restlessness.

Forcing my eyes away from him, I shut them close, trying to control my racing thoughts, my leg bouncing up and down, the movement stopped when a hand trailed along my naked thigh.

“Hey... Calm down.”


I wanted to ask him how the hell was I supposed to stay composed right now but chose against it as I just wordlessly nodded my head.

“How long-?” I started but was cut off.

“One more minute.”

“Hey,” he muttered, cupping my face in his much larger hands, “Whatever happens, it will be fine. I couldn’t imagine a better life than having a child with you...we will go through this together. I love you Elizabeth and I cannot ever think of any other woman better to be the mother of my children.”

My heart skipped a beat at his words and I unknowingly let out a sigh that I didn’t know I was holding.

“I love you too.” I mumbled back, my lips unknowingly being formed into a smile that didn’t quite reach my eyes.

He sighed, carefully cupping his hands under my knees and behind my back and hoisting me up in his arms. “Hey! What are you-”

“You need to calm down first, then we’ll see what happens next.”

Not having in me the power to argue, I let him carry me to the kitchen and place me on one of the stools. He quickly moved around the kitchen, filling a glass of water and handing it to me, “Drink up.”

I rolled my eyes as I slowly swallowed my water sip by sip when I saw him constantly shift on his feet and run his hand through his hair for the twelfth time in the last five minutes.

"‘You need to calm down first, then we’ll see what happens. Drink up!’" I mocked him, my voice imitating his thick heavy one as I got off the stool, pushing the half empty glass in his chest as I half heartedly tried to lighten up the tense mood.

“First of all, I do not sound like a squirrel on meth and second,” He almost growled at me and looked down at the rolex wrapped around his wrist, “it’s time.”

I let out a huff of breath,“I-I can’t see. Can you-” “Yes.” He muttered as he slightly bent down to lock his lips with mine in a quick but reassuring kiss before turning around to head to the bathroom, my heart tightening as I saw his retreating back.

As I chewed on my nails, I heard soft footsteps approaching me followed by a frowning Reid.

I quickly got off the stool, “What happened?”

“It’s negative.”

Reid held my coat open as I not so smoothly pushed my arms through the long sleeves and groaned, “Ugh...Why do we have to go?”

He let out a chuckle at my childlike antics as I angrily crossed my arms in front of my chest and planted my feet fixed to the ground, resisting his pull on my body to lightly push me out of the door.

“We just need to be completely sure...” His eyes ran over my face in concern, “And find out what’s actually going on with you lately.”

I scoffed, rolling my eyes even though I knew his concern for me wasn’t in anyway not real and I was just probably being a bitch but laziness and fatigue were taking over my body and I didn’t really want to bother with getting out of bed at this moment, “Like I said earlier, I might just have the flu. Instead of dragging me out of bed, you should be a reallyyy good boyfriend and get me some nice chicken noodle soup-”

Before I could finish my sentence, his hands wrapped around my waist, quickly throwing me over his shoulder as I squealed in surprise, latching onto his arms in surprise.

“Once we come back, I’ll make you my grandmother’s secret recipe for some good old canja de galinha for you, all right?” He promised as he entered the lift, pressing the button for the ground floor.

“Your grandma was from Brazil?” I took a wild guess.

“Yes, my maternal grandmother was born and mostly brought up in Minas Gerais till her family moved to the States.”

“Oh.” I said, shamelessly cupping both of his butt cheeks in my hands as he walked past the reception, “Well, that explains that sexy ass you have got here.”

He laughed and if it wasn’t enough for the slightly dazzled receptionist who heard our conversation as her eyes followed us, I raised one of my hands to wave at her from my awkward position before the same hand came down hard, smacking Reid’s ass. The receptionist’s eyes widened in surprise before she quickly averted them and busied herself on her phone.

“I see you are really enjoying the view.” He said before squeezing my thigh slightly and stepping out of the lobby into the cold weather.

“What’s there not to love?” I slyly replied back, still admiring his ass by poking it.

He started moving faster, skipping down the short staircase and I felt myself feel nauseous with just the slight movement.

“You know, this position isn’t really making me feel any better with you jumping around like a little school girl with pigtails.” I groaned out aloud.

“Just a minute, love. You are going to be fine soon enough.” He said, placing me in the back seat of his car as Nathan opened the door for us before pushing himself in with me.

I rested my head in his lap as soon as the car sprang into motion, my eyes seeing his tensed frowning face one last time before I felt them flutter close slowly and then all I could see was darkness.

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