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Chapter 3


“You are back and you did not even tell me you bitch!” I could almost imagine her frown at me and stick out her bottom lip like a kid.

“I am so sorry Becca, I uh-... ” I could’t come up with an excuse. “I was in a hurry after my term ended.”

“It’s okay Lizzie, I am just messing with you.”

I sighed in relief, glad she wasn’t angry at me. The last time that had happened, I had ended up not talking to her for three months before she finally gave in.

“So tell me what’s up? How is everything with you, your mom?”

“Pretty good actually. She is finally happy and is apparently getting married to someone.” Even though I was happy for her, a part of me still hurt when I thought of my dad.

“, good for her! Get it girl. What’s his name?”

“Henry Parker. He is-”

“The father of Reid Parker, the billionaire! Oh my God!” The excitement in her voice was similar to the excitement in a fifteen year old girl’s voice when she talked about Zayn Malik.

“Uh, yeah. He is the one.” I muttered awkwardly, not sure why she reacted this way.

“So what’s he like? Is he hot?”

“Who Henry?” I asked incredulously.

“No stupid! Reid. He is said to be the hottest bachelor in the business world. How hot is he? Does he actually have a-”

“Becca, I don’t know honestly, I just met him yesterday and he is going to be my stepbrother soon.”

“Oh come on, you are such a spoilsport sometimes.”

“Hey, I am not!” I said in my defense, my eyebrows furrowing even though a part of me knew she was right.

“Suuure... Why don’t we both meet tonight? It’s been so long since I last saw you, I think I don’t even remember how you look now, are you like old and all wrinkly now?” She said, making me let out a laugh.

“Why not? But please we are not going to a clu-” She cut me off mid sentence.

“We are going clubbing!”

“No. We are not.” I shivered as I remembered the last time I went to a club with her.

“First you didn’t tell me you are back and now this. This is the least you can do to make it up to me.”

“Okay, fine. We will go to the Verdant.” I gave in to avoid an argument that I was going to lose anyway.

“That club is so old now. Let’s go to this new club that opened a month ago called The Poison. I know someone who could get us in early there.”

I felt a tap on my shoulder, knowing it was Becca since she had just called to tell me she too had arrived, I turned around.

“Lizzie!” Within no time Becca’s arms were around me to give me a tight suffocating hug.

After hugging her back and realizing that she wasn’t planning to let go until I had choked to death, I groaned. “Can’t breathe.”

She let go off me and smiled cheekily.

“I missed you.” I said truthfully as I saw the bundle of joy in front of me, bursting with excitement.

“Me too, blah blah blah. Now let’s go and party!” She grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the crowded entrance of the club.

I almost toppled over my heels as she suddenly stopped in front of the buff bouncer as we went past a long line of waiting people who were cussing at us.

“Bex.” The bouncer acknowledged her with a smile on his rock hard face.

“Let us in, will you Ken?” She playfully winked at him. His name fit him perfectly, blonde hair and extravagant muscles made him look like a part of Barbie’s World. Her hand lightly fell on her black clothing, tracing it’s path all the way from his chest to just above his belt and I decided against asking her where she knew him from anymore.

“Sure, who’s your friend?” He asked, breaking me out of my reverie.

“This is Elizabeth.” She introduced me and I mumbled out a ‘Hi’, pushing my loose hair back behind my ear.

He nodded to let us in but I had already taken out my ID that he quickly scanned.

“Yeah, go ahead.” He removed the rope to let us in, and the complaining from the crowd seemed to get louder.
Becca quickly dragged me inside by my arm which I was sure would rip out of its socket any second as we passed through the crowd.

Heading over to the tightly packed bar, she called out the bartender like they were old buddies, chances were they probably were ex fuck buddies. Becca had no shame in expressing her sexuality and was pretty much an advocate for casual sex.

“Paul.” She addressed him with a smile, leaning forward on the busy conuter to recieve a kiss on the cheek from him,“Can you give us eight shots of tequila?”

He nodded in response as he shuffled with a couple bottles of beer and I gripped her arm.

“What are you doing? I don’t want to get drunk tonight.”

“You are doing what I say tonight. No complaining.” She yelled over the music.

Well, I probably would have ended up doing whatever she wanted me to but she got drunk within minutes and vanished into the crowd to dance with a stranger as I sat still on a stool, drinking water, trying to clear my thoughts.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing all alone sitting here?”

My face slightly scrunched up in disgust as a man’s heated drunken voice whispered closely to my ear.
Turning my head to look at the stranger, I saw a balding man in dark clothing with intimidating sleeve tattoos that glared at me from beneath his cut sleeve leather jacket.

“Waiting for my boyfriend.” Who doesn’t exist, of course. I just didn’t mention the last part.I tried to ignore him but his hand wrapped rested on my waist.

“Let me buy you a drink, sugar.”

“No, I am good. Thanks for the offer anyway.” I moved away from him, indicating my discomfort.

“Oh come on, your boyfriend isn’t coming here anytime soon babygirl.”

“No. I am not interested.”

His hand suddenly came and hit my ass from behind and I jumped up in surprise.

“What the fuck dude? I don’t want a drink. Leave me alone.” I almost screeched, getting on my feet.

“Sugar, your boyfriend isn’t coming. We could instead go to my place and have a fun time.”

“She said no. Leave her alone.” A familiar authoritative voice suddenly came from behind me. I turned around to see Reid and my eyes widened to the size of saucers in surprise.

“Who the fuck are you? Leave. I am talking to her.” The man said persistently, glaring in Reid’s face as he scanned his crisp suit.

“I am her fucking boyfriend.” Reid said in a low tone but his words were clear enough as his fisted hand collided with the man’s nose and before I could register what was happening, he was on top of the man hitting him furiously. The big man fought back, rolling Reid onto his back and somehow managing to land a punch or two on his before Reid had him pinned down. A crowd gathered together and two bouncers came through but did not make a move to stop Reid.

“Reid, stop. Please stop.” My hand wrapped around his elbow as he was aiming for the man’s jaw once again.

The man was cussing loudly, his nose bloody and broken. He listened after a minute and stood up, nodding towards Ken, who hoisted up the man’s body oh his shoulder, while the other bouncer dismissed the crowd.

Reid suddenly grabbed my forearm and started dragging me towards the what I guessed was the VIP area since it was secluded.

“What are you doing? Let go.” I struggled in his hold but he didn’t stop.

“I want to talk to you.”

He soon opened the door to an office that had his name written on it. Huh.

“Uh-What is this? Why do you have a room here?” I asked as he closed the door behind us.

“I own this club.” My eyes widened but soon it made sense why the bouncer did not stop him.

“Oh, okay.” I said awkwardly as I analyzed his office, refusing to look at him.My eyes fell on the flat screens in front of us that showed surveillance of the various areas of the club. Finally, I met my eyes with his and instantly felt bad when I saw that he had a bruise forming on his jaw and a drop of blood oozed out of the corner of his lip.

“Your face...I’m so sorr-” I started, moving a step closer to him to wipe away the drop of blood.

“Why are you here?” He asked skeptically, pushing my hand away before it could touch his skin.

“I came here with my friend Becca. She was-” He nodded with his jaw tightening.

“Why are you wearing that?” His eyes scanned my bare legs in my slightly above the knee black dress and rested on my cleavage.

I self consciously folded my arms across my chest.

What the hell is his problem? I can wear what I want.

“Because I wanted to.” I replied with slight sharpness in my tone. It was the only dress I had that Becca gifted me on my nineteenth birthday that was appropriate for partying. The rest of the things I owned consisted of jeans and plain sweaters. The dress was a bit trashy but it was still stunning.

He groaned in annoyance and moved his eyes away from my breasts.

“Don’t come here again.” His voice was forced and dismissive as he turned his back to me and pulling out his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe off the blood.

“Okay.” I agreed as I was annoyed and I would do anything to avoid him my whole life, whatever I might have to do.

“Don’t go to any club wearing that too. You are lucky I was here or else-”

“I can protect myself.”

“The least you can do was thank me for helping you.” His face seemed to darken with every word that he spoke.

“Thank you.” My voice was sarcastic and it seemed to agitate him even more.

“Get the fuck out of my office, stepsister.” His voice was full of hostility and I turned around without thinking twice and left him alone.

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