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Chapter 32


“What?” A whisper made its way to my ears.

I was too afraid to look at her face and see her reaction, so I kept my eyes on my lap.

My hands that were tightly enclosed in hers suddenly were released and fell onto the bed with a light thud, making me aware of the deadly silence.

I swallowed my fear and almost timidly raised my eyes to her face which was set in disbelief.

“” She failed to form a sentence and cleared her throat, shifting her eyes away from mine as her nose flared in anger and she moved a few more inches away, straightening her back.

“How long...has this been going on?” She asked, her voice quivering in anger.

I hesitated, slightly afraid to answer.

“How long, Elizabeth? Answer me.”

“Mom...I shouldn’t hav-”

“Tell me Elizabeth!” She all but yelled at me, her eyes boring into my soul and forcing me to give her all the answers that she wanted.

“S-Since the cruise mom...”

“Oh my God.” She stood up, her hands on her hips, “I can’t believe you would ever-“, she stopped mid-sentence. Shaking her head, she pushed her hair back with her hands, “I’m sorry, I-I can’t do this right now.”

I couldn’t expect anything else from her. What I did was wrong, so very wrong and I only expected her to be mad at me and her reaction so far was better that I had thought it would be.

My lips formed into a thin line and I nodded in understanding at her.

“I’m sorry, mom...” I hung my head in shame, hating myself for doing this and blaming myself for loosing all my mother’s faith in me.

She quickly picked up her handbag from the nightstand, rushing outside with fast footsteps.

I turned to my side, a tear escaping my eye and falling onto my cheek and before I knew it, I had cried myself to sleep.

“Are you trying to kill me Becca Miller?!” I screamed, grabbing onto the handles of the wheel chair that she had insisted on me getting for some reason two hours ago when I was getting discharged and now, I knew why.

“What no? This is fun Liz! Woo!” She exclaimed pushing my chair at an alarmingly high speed on the footpath as I tried to not get a heart attack when me came in front of a slope.

“I already have one broken ankle, are you now trying to break the other as well?!” I exclaimed as she pushed me hard and ran with the chair.

“I’m just trying to make the best out of every moment but you have to be an old grumpy woman and complain about everything.”

I rolled my eyes at her as she pouted and fluttered her eyelashes at me as she sat down on the bench next to my chair.

“I cannot enjoy myself right now Becca, my mother is angry with me and is nowhere to be seen, the man I love apparently has a death wish and has been missing over the last two days. I have no idea what and where-”

“I know where Reid is. I...talked to Nathan.”

“...And?” I questioned when she didn’t elaborate.

“He’s safe but well...let’s just say Dominic Michealakis is not really in a condition to enjoy the waves in the Bahamas anymore...or even walk”, She quickly finished.

“What did he do?” I gasped.

“Nathan didn’t tell me...but he did tell me that they will be returning today.”

I sighed in relief, “Thank God.”

I reached into my pocket and found my phone, hesitantly dialing my mother’s number for the sixty-seventh time that day, not expecting her to pick it up and was completely surprised when she did.

“Mom! Where are you? Are you oka-?”

“No, I’m not.” She hurriedly gasped, seeming out of breath.

“What happened?” Hearing the alarm in my voice, Becca grabbed onto my shoulder.

"He happened.” She hurriedly spoke.

“Where are yo-”

“Listen to me very carefully, you need to find a place to stay, just don’t come home, I love yo-”

“Mom!” I screamed, not knowing what else to do.

“You stupid bitch, what do you think-” I heard a man’s voice on the other end and then all I heard was my mother’s scream, loud and clear.

“Miss. Baker, we have to hurry, I have strict orders from Mr.Parker, we need to take you.”

“I’m not going anywhere till I find my mother.” I stubbornly replied, tears running down my face as I looked around the mansion for any trace of her but only found myself looking at a bloodbath.

A cry escaped my lips as I saw Linda on the floor in a pool of blood and I stumbled over to her, thinking she was dead but sighed in relief when I felt a pulse.

“Call an ambulance, Max!”

“They are on their way here. Miss, you don’t have to worry about the staff. Let’s leave.”

“How many...died?” I pursed my lips, wiping my tears away as I tried to wake Linda up.

“Five”, He muttered before rushing over to my side, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder,“We have to leave unless you only want to increase the number.”

I struggled and screamed, hitting him over and over as he ran outside but gave up once they had me in the car and started driving away.

Before I knew it, they had me in front of the Parker Industries and were leading me into the lift. Everything happened in such a rush that before I knew it, I was on the terrace of the building, leaning against the wall for support where in distance I saw a helicopter flying towards us.

It soon landed and Max rushed to open the door as quickly as possible.

Reid stepped out of the copter and ran towards me, his lips falling on mine for a light peck, “I’m sorry.”

“Just promise me you’ll get my mom back safe.” I whispered, tears still uncontrollably trailing down my cheeks.

“I promise.” He nodded, his forehead coming to rest against mine, “Go somewhere, I have a place in Chicago that no one knows about, stay safe with my-”

“No, I’m coming with you. That’s the least you can do for me after going after him like that.”

“I-...fine, that sounds only fair after that terrible mistake I made.” He nodded hesitantly, grabbing my hand in his to reassure me.

His huge hand engulfing mine was cold for once, proving to me he was as nervous as I was. Only then did I notice the dark circles under his eyes the messed up hair that made him look like he hadn’t slept in days and the very obvious deep cut running along his left cheek.

The index finger of my free hand automatically itched towards it and started tracing it before he quickly grabbed my hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed my knuckles before lowering it down.

“I think I might have an idea about where she is.”

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