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Chapter 34


Things were moving too fast and somehow too slow at the same time.

The screeching sound of the bullet echoed through the air and it was followed by a thump of a body falling onto the floor.

My mother screamed and fell on her knees next to the body, afraid to do anything. Two men who I assumed had held her captive suddenly seemed to realise they were outnumbered and started backing away.

Nathan moved to her side and placed his hands on her shoulders, asking her to get up and helping her walk out safely.

My attention was fixed on the man with the gun whose face that was void of any emotion but the broken look in his eyes as they met mine said more that what words could even express.

He shot his own father. His own blood.

“Reid?” Henry managed to get out with a drawl as he desperately covered his bloody wound on his abdomen with his hands.

“Yes.” He hesitantly replied, not knowing what to do with the gun in his hands as he let it fall to the ground.

“You are going to regret this son.”

“No, I’m not. You deserved this. You are no saint and you are very well aware of that. First mom, then Gina and Lyla. You really fucked up this time-”

Henry interrupted by laughing coldly, making me automatically move to Reid’s side, clutching his arm. The cruelty in his laugh sent a shiver through my body. How did I always miss the crazy glint in his eyes that now just seemed way too apparent to be missed.

“-You are going back to the institute. We thought you had recovered but I guess not-” Institute?

Why had Reid never told me this? My grip on his arm loosened. This was an important detail that shouldn’t ever be missed before a fucking marriage whether or not the marriage was rushed or not.

“Fuck no! I am not going back to that shithole.”

“Take him.” And that’s when I looked up to see a couple of his bodyguards had appeared out of thin air and heaved Henry’s body off the ground who cussed at them consistently.

After they were out of sight, I turned to face him tightly.

“Institute? Why didn’t you tell me before?” I glared at him.

“I did try to break off the marriage.”

“By offering me money? You could have discussed this with me before and I would have talked to my mom...maybe, I could have convinced her otherwise.”

“I...We thought he was back. He had been acting normal for the past three years.”


“His therapist and I... He was in a dark place after my mother...”

“After she what?” I swallowed, urging him to go on.

“She passed away. He had been on a downward spiral and I had to take over the company. He got into drugs, gambling, started drinking way too much and what not and ended up in a hospital more than a couple of times so we sent him into rehab but that did not last long. We sent him to an institution that helped him reconnect with his faith and he came back just fine and blended in just like a chameleon.”

“And I’m guessing he never really recovered.”

“How could I have been so blind? No one can just miraculously be perfect again without any glitches. I’m sorry Elizabeth for not telling you. I was just...pretending he was back.”

“One can always hope. It’s not your fault.” I concluded, wrapping my arms around him as I nuzzled my head in his chest, finding no reason to start a quarrel over something in the past now that couldn’t be changed.

“Are we going to be fine?” He asked, his voice muffled in my hair.

“We will always be fine.”

“Mom, are you sure?” I confirmed again as we made our way back home.

“Yes, honey. A couple of bruises can’t kill me. You have nothing to worry about.” She gave me a tight smile, tightening her hold on my hand in reassurance.

I smiled back at her, laying my head on her shoulder.

“I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t. Especially not now, with the baby coming.” She replied, gently patting my cheek.

I shifted awkwardly, realising that my mother, Reid and I were all at once in the same room, well technically car for the first time after I had broken the news to her.

“Mom, I’m sorry for...We shouldn’t have-” I started at the same time, Reid also started speaking after a rather long silence on his part,“Hazel, we need to talk and I’m sorry-”

My mother interrupted us both, “You know what, it all turned out for the best. I can’t wait to have a grandchild and it doesn’t matter. My marriage is obviously over now. For good...” She heaved out a breath and grinned at us, slowly making us smile.

“Oh thank god, I swear I could cut the tension in here with a knife.” Ryan sighed from the passenger seat, running his hand through his hair,“You know, this much stress is just not good for my face.” He groaned, making us laugh.

“It’s not funny. This baby right here is the real money maker.”

“Mmm...That’s good.” I moaned while chewing as my taste buds got overwhelmed with the taste of pancakes drowsed in maple syrup.

“Yeah?” Reid hummed under his breath as he took the fork away from my face and licked off all the remaining syrup from it.

“You know what would be better?...” I muttered as I watched him glide smoothly through the kitchen.

“Tell me.” He smirked unknowingly, knowing exactly I was getting at as he faced me and wrapped my hands in his against his chest.

“How about we take this to the bedroom?” I whispered shyly, slightly embarrassed by my suddenly increased libido after the past several months after the incident as I wrapped my hands over his head and his moved down to my hips.

“That doesn’t sound too bad...” He hummed in response, his finger started playing with my bra strap, tingling the skin underneath and igniting a fire in my stomach.

“What are you waiting for then?” I muttered against his lips, taking his lower lip between my teeth and painfully biting it before realising it.

“Nothing at all.” He hoisted me up his hands underneath my butt as I wrapped my legs around his torso and clung onto his shoulders, peppering kisses all over his forehead as he carried me to our bedroom that only stopped once my back landed gently onto the bed.

“Are you sure you want to...?” He asked again hesitantly, taken aback by my sudden aroused state after a rather dry spell of four months. I hurriedly took off my pants, using my feet to push his down as well.

“Yes! I really need you right now...Hurry.” I muttered between kisses.

Before I could register, my shirt came flying off and his pants hit the floor and soon I was naked and utterly vulnerable under his heated gaze.

He groaned as he saw my now bigger than ever pillowy tits and his hand made its way to massage it gently as his face found its way into the crook of my neck, gently nibbling on the skin there as he slowly made his way down, taking his time.

“Hurry...” I pleaded, my arousal ever-growing as I clenched my thighs tightly around him.

“How can someone be so beautiful, it’s not fair to the rest of the world...” He muttered, taking off his boxers and trailing his fingers slowly down from my prominent baby bump to my pelvis, running through the little trail of hair down there that I hadn’t cared to notice recently and finally found my little bud and his fingers gently spread apart my folds as his tongue found my tiny hole.

He flicked his tongue, sucked on my arousal like a mad man finally coming across an oasis in the desert after days of searching. His finger pumped in and out of me gently as his tongue flicking across my bundle of nerves had me rolling my eyes into the back of my head as I consistently moaned out his name along with a bunch of other incomprehensible sentences.

“Just...come inside me has been too long since I had you inside me.” I requested, catching my breath after reaching an orgasm, grabbing his erect shaft in my hand and pumping him as I got onto an elbow,“I forgot how big you were...”

“If you keep saying things like that, I wouldn’t even get to be inside you and I would already be coming.” He grunted out, taking my hand away from his cock and intertwining it in his as he quickly placed himself at my entrance and gently looked at my face to get my approval before entering me.

I let out a loud groan at the sensation, slowly becoming accustomed to it as he started pumping inside me, grabbing onto my right breast and pushing me towards the edge of the bed, placing my left leg onto his shoulder.

“Oh my god...Deeper!” I moaned, grabbing onto the arm that was busy pinching my nipple, noticing that he was only going halfway inside me.

“No, I can’t...” He muttered, his eyes closed,“I don’t want to hurt the babies...”

“You won’t...this is completely safe to do.” The greedy and sex hungry monster inside was the one talking as the words left my mouth in a gasp, “I checked with the doctor...we are good.” I managed to get out between breaths.


“Yes, Reid. I promise, just trust me.”

“I just don’t want my dick to be poking their skulls, you know.” He apologized.

“I understand, it’s okay...just never mind I asked. It’s alright if you don’t want to-”

He answered by pushing himself completely inside me,“No, I want to. I have so badly wanted to for the past few weeks...” He let out in a strained voice. “ feel so good, Elizabeth.”

I moaned out his name as he started rubbing my clitoris as he moved his hips with mine.

My hand trailed along his beautiful six pack that I still had no idea how he managed to maintain and I occasionally scratched his skin when he entered me from a different angle, changed our position or left a hickey on my skin.

His thrusts were slow and calm while I pushed my hips rather feverishly against his (well, at least tried to). His hands gently moved along my curves, embracing all of my blemishes with a soft brush over every inch of my skin, making me feel less like a cow and more like a sexy and an attractive woman.

My back was now against his chest as he gently thrust into me, whispering sweet words into my ear, making me curl my toes.

I turned around to look at his face and smiled at the look of pure content, lust and love on his face as he kissed me passionately, his tongue dancing with mine in a fierce dance battle.

“I love you, Reid Parker.” I whispered breathlessly against his lips, my eyes rolling back as I felt my release close.

“I love you, Elizabeth Baker... You are and will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He replied, matching the smile and the look of pure ecstasy on my face as he pecked my lips.

He continued thrusting his hips against mine and judging by the way my walls clenched around him and his hand tightened against my sweaty skin, I could tell were both close and before we both could comprehend, he came inside me, making me feel the sweet slight sensation of his warmness shooting inside me and triggering my own orgasm that caused me to start shaking against him while he kissed my forehead, gently pulling out of me when I had finally calmed down and came down back to Earth after having the loveliest visit to my blissful paradise but what he said next had my heart racing again at a rate that I was pretty sure even an ECG machine could not account for and had skyrocketed through the roof.

"Marry me.”

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