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Chapter 35


“I look like a red velvet muffin for crying out loud!”

“No, you don’t Elizabeth. Now, get your ass out of here before I have to drag you out myself.” Elijah scolded, making me meet his frown with my own.

At about only five months, I looked like I was just about to give birth. My feet were sore, my back was just about to snap any second and my belly was well... extremely huge.

“I am sorry! You look fantastic Lizzie. Take all the time you need. No need to rush or anything...” He quickly apologized wisely, may I add, after sneaking a peak at the death stare I was giving him.

“Why do I even have to go? Can’t we just like...not tell anyone about us?” I all but groaned, leaning back onto the loveseat in the room.

“Just get it over with now. You don’t want the paps to get a heart attack when you pop out your ex-stepbrother’s kids out of you.” He muttered, walking over to me with a lipstick in his hand.

“Can you refrain from framing it like that. It sounds worse than it already is...” I cringed at his statement, turning to make my face more accessible to him.

Our relationship wasn’t public yet, not that it seemed like that much of a big deal to me now anyway. For the past few months, I had been living like I was on house arrest, staying hidden in the penthouse and doing nothing but watching ‘The Office’ for the 20th time and pretty much every Steve Carrell movie I could find while Reid and my mother consistently tried to convince me to step out of the house.

He shrugged his shoulders, “It’s up to you-” He started but got interrupted by Reid barging into the room and stopping in his tracks as soon as he saw Elijah bent over my face. I smiled at him from the corner of my eye.

“Elijah.” Reid simply greeted him as Elijah straightened up and faced him.

“Nice to see you too Mr.Parker.” He replied in response, making me snicker at Reid’s inability to greet people properly.

“And you are done...” He turned to me, smiling and kissing my forehead,“I’ll see you soon Liz.”

“Adios, my fairy godmother.” I replied, getting up and watching him leave with his makeup kit and let out a little laugh when he blew a kiss my way on his way out.

“I’m starting to feel a little envious over here.” Reid muttered as he made his way to me, gently placing his hands on my waist, rubbing them up and down.

“You have nothing to worry about. That man is gayer than Perez Hilton.”

“It will be over before you know it.” He promised, stepping out of the limousine and making his way over to my side, offering me his hand as he helped me step outside.

As soon as I stabilized on my feet, I got blinded by the the cameras that suddenly seemed to surround us. All I could hear were photographers asking for photos of Reid and questioning me about the father of my child and asking me about when I was due and what not.

Reid’s arm wrapped around my waist, guiding me through the crowd as Nathan walked in front of us, acting as a sturdy shield when all of a sudden, Reid stopped moving and turned to face me, his hands cradling my face.

"Just follow my lead”. He had muttered to me right before we stepped out of the car. His eyes searched for my any sign of doubt in mine and I nodded in reassurance and just like that he had captured my lips with his and as soon as they touched, the uproar around us only seemed to get louder but I chose to blur it out and rather let myself sink into the kiss but as soon as it got over, all I could hear were the loud voices so this time, I was the one who latched onto his hand instead and lead our way up the stairs to the lobby of the Hotel Dynasty of the Parker empire where Reid’s uncle, Damien Parker who I had never heard of, was celebrating his 25th anniversary with his wife Julianne.

As soon as we stepped in the line of vision of the various different businessmen, businesswomen and the countless number of elite socialites, I felt more nervous than ever. The judgement being passed on us made me feel extremely sweaty and dizzy and I suddenly had an urge to pour out my contents of the afternoon onto the marbled floor.

“Are you alright my love?” Reid looked at me in concern, seeing right through me.

“Yeah, of course-sure. Why wouldn’t I be fine? I have probably never been bett-” I stopped mid-sentence as I saw him raise his eyebrows.

“You sure about that?”

“Not at all. I am so nervous, I feel like I am about to pass out.” I confessed, licking my lips.

“Relax a little, you are doing well...I am going to get you a glass of water perhaps.” I nodded, watching him go as he got approached by one businessman after the other while he politely tried to excuse himself and I awkwardly stood in a corner.

“You must be Elizabeth.” A woman said, drawing my attention away from the floor. I recognised her as Julianne Parker from the pictures I found online after a little bit of stalking in preparation of tonight so that I don’t mess up and make a fool out of myself.

“Julianne. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” I smiled at her. The woman had beautiful auburn locks that reached her waist paired with emerald green eyes. Her skin did not do her age justice, she looked a lot younger than she actually was. “Happy anniversary.”

“Thank you so much. I had been dying to meet you for some time now but since Damien and I were in Melbourne for the last couple of years, we only thought this would be the right time to come back.” She smiled at me, giving me an explanation for her absence. “Why don’t we sit down somewhere?”

I agreed with her, following her as she led me through the crowd, thanking everyone as she went. Finally, we sat on one of the numerous seats at the edge of the room.

“ many months are you in?” She asked, smiling at my bump.

“Actually five, we are having twins.”

“Oh! That’s wonderful.” She exclaimed in joy, giving me an awkward sideways hug. “I’ll see you soon.” She replied, when she saw Reid coming our way, with a glass of water for me and a glass of what looked like whiskey for himself.

“Reid! Lovely to see you.” She got up and gave his cheek a little slap since she was petite sized and even in her heels, she could only reach his shoulder. Reid bent down to kiss her cheek. “Happy anniversary Anne. Where is your husband? I need to talk to him about some business.”

“I actually don’t know where he is... Once I find him, I’ll let you know.” She shook her head and smiled and excused herself when she saw more guests coming her way.

“How are you?” Reid started off, his hand trailing along my exposed leg through the slit of my dress.

“Good so far.” I nodded at him, taking a few sips from the glass and gulping the cold water down my throat, relieved at the cool sensation it left behind.

“Oh great, fuck.” He mumbled all of a sudden.

“Language Mr.Parker!” I scolded him but as he stared blankly behind me, his body stiffening and a scowl forming on his handsome face, I knew something was wrong. “What is-”

“Oh hey Dom look, it’s the Prince and the whore. They should make a movie on the two of you where Elizabeth plays her own self and Reid loses all of his wealth his classless slu-”

Reid furiously stood up, ready to strangle her but my hand latched onto his arm, stopping him as I used him as support to get up and turned to face her. There was no need for him to step in, this should be a conversation woman-to-woman.

“Enough Bea. There is no need for these childish remarks.” I smirked mentally as I analysed her expression as she assessed my pregnant belly, knowing that she would be green with envy. My eyes shifted over to the man standing calmly next to her, the man who tried to get me killed and was having a stare-off with a furious Reid.

“...And you got knocked up. Wow, this continues to get better and better. You probably got here just to get more attention didn’t yo-”

“Shut the fuck up before I punch the absolute botox out of you Bea. I mean it. Enough is enough.”

“No wonder you quit your job now so that you can live off your baby daddy’s money.” I had left ever since I found out who the secret client who had been eager to work with me and had gotten me a promotion was and it was none other than Bea.

She took a step closer to me, invading my personal space. “You kid is going to be just like her mother. A sl-”

And before I could even process anything, my fist collided with her face, forgetting that we were in the middle of a fancy party and I was very very pregnant as I tackled her down like a wild animal (so much for being mature) and the rest is just a summarised headline for just about a few hundred cheesy tabloids.

Crazy’ Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe The Parker's

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