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“What did she say?”

“Um...Miss Elizabeth she asks you whether you have been following all her tips-”

“Yes Linda! God yes! I have been doing everything and I swear if I have to eat another piece of pineapple I’ll have to kill-”

“Calm down miss! We’ll find another way... Doctor isn’t there any thing else she can do?” Linda asked on the phone while I wiped the sweat off my forehead. “Hmm...Okay, thank you doctor I’ll let her know.” She ended the call and turned to face me with an eyebrow raised.

“Sex. She wants you to bang Mr. Parker.” She frowned at her statement and then she crossed herself. “Or you could have some spicy curry I myself got my labor like that-”

“No curry.” I muttered under my breath, trying not to puke just by thinking of the god awful scent. “Wait, where the mother trucking hell is he?”

“What are you doing?” Reid exclaimed in shock when I got on my knees and started unbuckling his belt as soon as he walked in through the door with the carton of ice cream that I had desperately asked for earlier and forgotten about in a frenzy.

“Trying to get these babies out of me. Hurry!” I screamed at him while he let out a chuckle that made me smack his leg.

“Get up. At least let’s take this to our room before Linda gets a heart attack.”

I grudgingly nodded and agreed and used him as support to get back on my legs.

The rest everything went in a chaos as we entered the room, his lips on mine and a few articles of our clothing came flying off.

He kissed my neck and trailed his lips along my collarbone while I tried to push him back on the bed to hover over him in all my pregnant glory.

“No time to waste.” I whispered, kissing down his abdomen and licking up his rock hard shaft.

“Hmm... I love you, Elizabeth.” He muttered with a smile, his hand coming up to cup a tender breast and his lips wrapping around a rock hard nipple as he gently nipped on it while his other hand massaged my other breast and just like that I came undone as I felt a weird popping sensation.


“Hmm?” He hummed under his breath as he continued to work his magic.

“I think I just broke my water.”

“Well...that was fast.”

Reid’s POV

I couldn’t even fathom how I managed to land up with someone as beautiful as her. Sweat trailed down my back and a chill passed through my body as I recalled her in pain, her hand clutching mine as if her life depended on it as she gave birth to our babies, the ones we made and it was at that crazy moment that I had realised that I was a father, a father to two gorgeous baby girls who had stared up at me in wonder with their chocolate brown eyes, their little mouths open, their little tongues curiously moving, and as they now walked throwing flowers in a rather aggressive manner despite the multiple rehearsals that they had received on their way down the aisle and I let out a chuckle under my breath as Vanessa halfway through completely ran off track and onto Ryan’s lap as soon as she saw him, making the crowd laugh.

Victoria on the other hand came running towards me when she saw her sister leave and clung onto my leg. Laughing, I picked up the adorable three year old who smiled at me cheekily, giving way to a full dimpled grin.

And before I could even muster what was going on around me as I held my bundle of joy, the crowd went completely silent and everyone stood up as the most beautiful bride I have seen in my life, the love of my life walked alongside her mom, her lips the perfect colour of red, her body delicately wrapped in wonderful white. I couldn’t blink since I was scared I would lose the flawless sight of an angel walking towards me, with a smile matching mine plastered on her face, making me feel like the luckiest man alive.

Oh, fuck me.

Elizabeth’s POV:

“You aren’t drinking?” Reid asked me once we were finally alone in a corner as he offered me a glass of champagne that I declined.

“I’d rather not drink on my own wedding. I don’t think that would end well.” I smiled, shocking him slightly since he knew I could never refuse an excellent glass of sparkling wine.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?” He asked, now worried as his eyes searched for an answer on my face as he took a sip, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, making my throat dry as I thought about what else he could do with that mouth of his that could quench his thirst. Bringing my head out of the gutter, I shook my head, still obviously not used to controlling my thoughts from running south even though I had been with this man for exactly 4 years now.

“I’m pregnant.” I gushed out, not being able to keep the secret bottled up inside me since I last found out yesterday.

The champagne in his mouth sputtered out and thankfully he turned away from me when that happened and his eyes widened slightly, showing his surprise. His hands quickly moved to keep the glass back in its place on the tray.

His lips fell on mine within no time to leave a small chaste kiss only to move to give me a small kiss on my nose followed by one on my forehead.

“That’s amazing, my love. Wow... I am out of words. I couldn’t be happier. You are happy too, right?” He asked, biting his lip.

“Yeah, I am. Very very much.” A tear unknowing slipped down my cheek, a grin making its way to my lips.

He smiled cheek to cheek, chuckling, his forehead resting against mine, making me giggle alongside him. He wiped away my tears with his thumbs, softly kissing my lips again, his minty breath leaving me greedy for more.

“Ready to be a dad again?”

“As ready as eve-” He completed his sentence with a grunt as Vanessa came running into his right leg while Victoria attacked his left.

“Dadda!” “Daddy, she ate my cake!” “No, she got moreee! It’s not fair.” “No daddy, she god more. Mommy!” The squabble continued on and on, making Reid pick them both and sloppily kiss them both on their cheeks, starting another argument of why Victoria was kissed first.

Reid huffed out a breath, raising both his eyebrows at me, “Maybe I spoke too soon.”

Oh honey, yes you did.

I nodded my head at him, letting out a laugh as I took Vanessa in my arms and we both walked together to make way to join the rest of the world, finally breaking out of our bubble and the rest of the evening passed in a blur as Julie came to steal our daughters, followed by her father Ryan who only seemed to be hitting on me to make Reid envious but most importantly, the highlight of the day was when Becca came rushing to me, clad in a beautiful mauve coloured dress that I helped pick out for her while Reid excused himself to go dance with my extremely happy mother.

“So Nathan and I were just fucking in your limo and guess what that cunt ass bitch asked me. Oh yeah, he asked me to fucking marry him! What the fucking motherfucking shit did he think he was thinking? Was he even thinking at all?!” She rambled loudly, gaining the attention of some old relatives of Reid’s who frowned at her in distaste and I thanked the heavens that all the kids around were not in hearing distance.

“Oh my god, what did you say?”

“Nothing, I just finished sucking him off since I thought he was kidding and ran out before he could catch up wit-” She couldn’t finish Nathan came fumbling with his zipper, a sight rather strange to the eyes since he always stayed composed and disciplined.

“I’m serious, I love you Bex. Marry me.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Becca muttered, falling back slightly on me.

“That won’t be a problem, but only after we get married.” Nathan winked at her.

“I didn’t even say yes and no, I don’t need you to fuck me, I can always find someone el-” Before she could finish, Nathan had her in his arms, his lips roughly falling on hers and his hand resting on her ass, her leg snaking its way around his hip.

I cleared my throat to remind them that they were indeed being witnessed by a crowd and their actions were getting a little too inappropriate for some innocent eyes when they practically started humping each other.

“Okay, yes I will marry you since no one else can fuck me better but as soon as those balls gets saggy and old, I’m leaving.” Becca muttered, out of breath, a smirk evident on her lips.

“Who’s gonna deal with that dry, old pussy of yours then... You know it’s won’t be as wet as it is now in a few years-” He whispered and I shut my eyes, trying to forget it all and block out their nasty conversation and jumped when a rather large hand rested on my lower back.

“Wanna get out of this lame ass party?” Reid asked, taking me back to the first of the hundreds party I had attended with him, as his stepsister to the world, dressed in a seductive red and nervous under the scrutiny of businessmen and news reporters.

“Gladly.” I smiled, wrapping my arm in his extended one while I looked across the reception hall at my mother who played with both of her loving granddaughters, keeping her promise to give us both a night alone and for tonight, nothing else mattered except for him & I.


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