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Bonus Chapter #1

"Hold on to me tight," A raspy voice whispered in my ear and my heart beat fast, my head spinning and some ten thousand butterflies creating a havoc in my belly as I wrapped my arms around him tighter, my skin tingling with anticipation.

"Fuck, Reid!", I shouted out as he jumped into the clear blue water, with me latched onto his back for dear life. We both were engulfed by the water, separating as soon as we hit the surface, going under the clear blue ocean.

I swam back up, moving my hands to push myself up and towards him. One of the perks of being rich and a billionaire with loads of money was that you could find yourself an isolated island somewhere in Greece just so you could take your wife on your honeymoon.

I finally reached him, my mouth agape as I stood dazzled by the man smiling widely at me, my hands grabbing onto his shoulders as we both floated lightly, his hands on my waist pulling me close.

"Still mad at me?" I wordlessly nodded at him, capturing his lips slowly, closing my eyes as I retained the beautiful image of his ocean blue eyes matching the colour of the water surrounding us, the same colour as that of the blue sky while the sun grinned down upon us, casting a soft glow on the water that reflected it back, making the tiny waves seem like they were dancing along with us.

"Always, you infuriate me..." I whispered out as we both let go, out of breath only for a second until his hand moved into my wet hair, pushing my head close to his, his teeth capturing my lower lip, tugging on it as I saw the fire in his eyes.

"You are no better, love..." He muttered and I had to agree with him but that was something he didn't need to know. I had unnecessarily thrown a tantrum, refusing to come with him for our surprise honeymoon as I couldn't imagine leaving our two angels alone. He obviously wanted some time alone with me and not surprisingly enough I had woken up to find myself in his private plane, half-way on the way to Greece the next morning. I was tired after our wedding but how I had stayed passed out through the entire ride was beyond me...

"You kidnapped me..." I muttered out, getting away from his hold as I swam towards the sand, knowing that he was following me.

"Kidnap probably is not the right word..." He hummed out behind me, as he suddenly lightly grabbed onto my hair, pulling me to a stop on the soft sand beneath our feet,"I didn't have an option, I couldn't let my plan fail...besides you would never listen."

"So you sedated me?" I rolled my eyes as I heard him chuckle under his breath, his lips trailing along my shoulder, his teeth nipping the skin where my neck met my shoulder, making me crane my neck for him.

I again started walking away but before I could, he turned me in his hold, picking me up as my legs automatically found their way snaking around his hips, "Just shut up, Elizabeth."

He muttered against my lips, shutting me up as soon as I had opened my lips to scold him, like he already knew what was coming. My back met the wet sand as he suddenly laid me down on the wet sand, getting on his knees as he spread my legs.

Much to his pleasure, I was still in my meticulous and beautiful bridal lingerie that I remembered coming off last night but somehow, conveniently, it had made its way back onto my body. I didn't mind it, considering how excited Reid always seemed to get when I had some lace on my body. He toyed and pulled with the straps of the garter belt that were now just hanging loose without the stockings and I let out a little laugh as my mind went back to our reception.

"Did you see Ryan's face when he caught the garter?" I muttered as I recalled the stupid tradition we had debated on keeping, finally deciding to do it only with the condition that Reid won't push it down with his teeth as we both thought it would be a little too weird of an act to do infront of our daughters. I couldn't imagine having his head under my dress as they curiously questioned what their father was doing. "I have never seen him look so scared and then he had to put it on my mother...God, Ryan is hilarious," I finished with a chuckle that made me clutch onto my stomach.

"Are you seriously thinking about Ryan right now?" He growled between my legs, spitting out his name like venom, making me roll my eyes at his jealousy but my rolling suddenly got interrupted as I looked down to see his teeth latching onto the top of my white lace panties, slowly and steadily peeling them off as I helped by rising my hips for him, feeling them glide down my legs and totally away from my body.

"Who else do you want me to think about?" I tauntingly asked him, hissing under my breath as I felt his breath against my cunt.

"Maybe your husband..." He suggested in a thick voice, making my teasing come to an end when he started trailing kisses along my inner thigh, making a delicious shiver run down my spine. I let out a loud moan as I felt his tongue tease my folds lightly.

A gasp escaped my lips when he suddenly bit my sensitive skin, my hand in his hair clutching it tightly as I looked down at him, my eyes meeting his clouded ones, "That's for thinking about another man when your husband pleasures you... Do you want to be punished more?"

I mischievously bit my lip as he again found the treasure between my legs, his tongue teasing my opening and his lips falling on my clit, sucking on it, making me arch my back for him as he held me close to his mouth in a tight grasp, my hips hanging mid-air.

We hadn't had sex in a long time, the last time we did so was three months ago and just recently I had find out I was pregnant from that night. Before that, I had forced the both of us to spend eight months without sex, realizing that our relationship was built off it. I needed to prove to myself and to him that we were actually in love. Reid had maintained his promise, making sure to keep his hands to himself for those long eight months but he had made me almost give up when he had called me every-day, talking dirty to me when I was at work or with the curious girls, trying to maintain my composure.

Love and Lust are both two four lettered words, both with one syllable and only ever so similar but so very different.

It had occured to me that things had moved too quickly for us, our I-love-you's had been rushed and so was our relationship ever since I found out I was first pregnant. Over the years, I had learnt a lot about him, things that I should have known since the beginning, things like what happened to his mother, how was his childhood and also unusual things like how he had an irrational fear of bread crumbs and simple things like how he hated sugar in his coffee.

I let out a moan as he continued sucking on my bundle of nerves, making me squirm as his tongue darted out to lick clean my arousal every now and then. Over the past months, I had grown very sensitive to his touch and as he continued feasting upon me, I soon quickly found myself reach an mind-blowing orgasm as I shook in his hold, my body that he held up shaking and finding its release.

"Reid!," I moaned out his name as I came, my hips resting against the sand as he licked away all the trace of my arousal, his lips gleaming with my release.

Pulling me close, he met his lips with mine once again, giving me a taste of myself,"Thanks for that lovely breakfast, Mrs. Parker, can I have you again for dinner tonight?"

I blushed, slowly nodding my head,"Whenever you like, Mr. Parker, I am all yours..."

"Good girl," He hummed in my ear with satisfaction, guiding my hand lying on his chest to the erection in his boxers. I slowly, teasingly cupped his package, making him hiss as I reached into them, to take him out and grip him tightly.

My hand pumped his member as I moved in the wet sand to lean down to capture him in my mouth, making him clutch onto my hair tightly.

"God damn it, Elizabeth..." I moaned with my mouth around him, sucking him like he was my own very special Reid flavoured lollipop. He pushed my head forward, his hips thrusting to move himself in and out of me. His member hit the back of my throat and I tried my best to resist the urge to gag as I continued devouring him.

One of my spare hands reached forward to reach for his heavy balls, massaging them as I heard him let out a groan. I continued my sweet torture as I let him go, his now wet and erect member glared at me as I teased his tip with my tongue.

He stopped me by pushing me back onto my back, quickly spreading open my legs wide, his frustration obvious. He quickly guided himself to my folds and I let out a sigh when he slipped inside me. I wrapped my legs around him tightly as he started thrusting his hips gently.

"It's been too fucking long..." He muttered out his body flush against mine and his lips finding mine once again. I smiled against him, my tongue slipping into his mouth as I kissed him roughly, a moan slipping out of me at the sweet sensation of being so full, full of him.

"What did you tell Nessa and Tori?" I started as my mind again went back home, thinking about the girls being all alone, with their grandmother perhaps but still alone.

"Stop talking..." He mumbled out, his lips against falling on mine to shut me up, his member throbbing inside me. My short nails dig into his back as he filled himself to the hilt inside me, making me gasp.

"Fuck...yes Reid..." I moaned out his name as I felt my walls tighten around him, my hips meeting his. His hand slipped between the two of us, his fingers rubbing my bundle of nerves, taking me even closer to my high. Guiding my lips along his skin, I found the space just above his collarbone, leaving a mark behind. Mine.

He looked down at me, his eyes burning in an intense hunger as he devoured me with just his gaze, both of us breathing heavily as our bodies slowly danced in rhythm with each other as we made love.

"I love you..." He muttered against my neck, his teeth grazing the soft skin there, his hands grabbing both of my own as he pushed them on my sides, into the sand that was imprinted with our bodies on it. A small wave crashes against his feet and I felt it due to the small water droplets that splayed on me.

Skin to skin, lips on lips, body on body, I felt my walls tighten around him once again, my toes curling as I moaned out his name, "I am going to come..."

His slow pace increased at my words, his hips smoothly moving against me, his cock leaving my body half-way again and again to enter me. He grunted above me and I felt him hold back as he waited for me. I slowly let the overwhelming sensation of my orgasm hit me as my mouth formed into the familiar O-shape that Reid had first introduced me to as his release hit my inner walls, coating me with his essence. I shook under his body, my high so sweet that I wished it could last forever.

I heaved out a breath as he pushed himself out of me, the both of us calming ourselves down after a few seconds. He suddenly got up, pushing his wet black boxers back on as he bent next to me to swoop up my discarded white lace panties in his once hand. He held his other one out for me and I got up, slipping my hand into his. He brought my hand up to his lips, kissing the simple wedding band with the beautiful diamond shining on it that often glared at me dauntingly.

"Can we go back to that guest house now? I really want to sleep...," I muttered out with a tired yawn. His fingers traced the resultant of the emergency c-section that had left a scar on my body, something I was sometimes insecure about. Reid had seen me through my worst after the birth, the pain, the depression that soon followed, the days following the birth when I could do nothing, not even move. He had helped me through everything, being my better half as he had showered me, fed me, fed our babies and he claimed that the scar was only a part of me, a sign of my love for our daughters, a sign of a strong woman, a mother.

Reid's eyes glinted with mischief and I looked at him in shock as his spare hand lowered down my bra straps, his mouth suddenly latching onto one of my erect nipples, rolling the bud between his teeth, making me hiss.

He looked up at me through his thick lashes, his stubble rough against my soft skin only increasing my arousal as he sucked hard, "You think I'm done with you so soon, Elizabeth? I am going to make love to you until you can't walk anymore, sweetheart."

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