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Bonus Chapter #2: Christmas Special

“Ho Ho Ho!” Reid laughed out loud as soon as I opened the door, dressed in his Santa Costume with a white fluffy beard covering most of his face.

I rolled my eyes at him, done with the whole charade that had been going on for years as I let him in,“Kids! Santa is here...” I shouted, rolling my eyes at Reid who still insisted on doing this every Christmas. Reid rubbed his huge belly, waggling his eyebrows at me suggestively.

Nikolas was the first one to run out of his room, the brown haired boy eagerly coming up to us. Reid stepped in, yelling, “Merry Christmas!”

Nikolas ran into his leg, hugging him close, “Santa! You are finally here!”

At almost eight years old, he was still living in a blissfully ignorant world where Santa was real. Both of his sisters came out of their room at once, Vanessa also running out to greet her father, who she knew was Santa but Victoria, the twelve year old stood in the corner, rolling her eyes.

“Dad, we know it’s you,” She mumbled and I shrugged at her when Reid ignored her, heading onto the sofa to sit down.

“Who wants to sit on Santa’s lap? Mommy?” He asked, patting his leg as he winked, looking at me while I heard both the girls groan.

“Ew!“,”Ugh! Gross,” Both the girls muttered at the same time and Nikolas came running to him and Reid picked him up, sitting him on one leg.

“Nikolas, have you been a naughty boy this year?”

“No, Santa. I have been really good,” He innocently muttered, his baby blue eyes shining up at his father’s identical ones. I sat down next to the duo on the couch.

“Good boy...Vanessa and Victoria, have you been good?”

“Dad...” Victoria started and drawed out a long breath while Vanessa nodded her head with a smile, making the other girl frown at her as she pushed her glasses up, looking at her sister.

“Yeah right, Nessa! Mom and Dad, Vanessa has a boyfriend!” She declared and my mouth dropped open at her words as I felt the tension thicken in the room. I looked at Reid to see him do the same, the anger radiating off him very evident.

“Tori! How dare you-”

“You called me a nerd who doesn’t have a li-”

“What!” Came in Reid’s voice, unheard by the squabbling duo.

“That’s because you don’t! You are such a loser, Victoria!”

“Vanessa, don’t talk to your sister like that!” I sternly told her and she rolled her eyes at me. “Young lady, we are going to have a conversation about this!” Reid shouted behind Vanessa as she turned around to walk back into her room, shutting the door loudly after her.

“Victoria, come here, sweetie,” I felt myself move closer to her as I realized she looked like she was just about to cry her eyes out. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling the little girl still a head shorter than me, close to my chest.

“It’s okay, baby, she didn’t mean that, you are not a loser-”

“She is right, Ma. I am one, I don’t have any friends...”

“You do. You have your best friend Vivian, you have Julie, me, your father, your brother and even your sister, sweetie.”

“Yes, Victoria darling, you have all of us. You are anything but a loser, come here...” Reid addressed her over and she hugged him close and I quickly moved to follow Vanessa into her room.

Turning the knob open, I entered to see her lying on her front, her face in her pillow. I sat down besides her, my hand moving in her hair to push it away from her face, turning her head to see the tears running down her face.

“Don’t cry, baby...” I felt myself say as I wiped her face clean with my palm, my lips falling on her cheek to kiss her.

“Leave me alone, mom...” I responded to her by reaching for her sides, tickling her slightly.

“Why are you crying then?” I continued tickling her and she laughed through her tears, “I just-Tori!”

“What about your sister?” I whispered out, continuing my sweet torture. “I didn’t mean any of that-” She said between laughing and gasping for air, “She’s perfect! I wish I was as smart as her-Haha!”

“You are smart too, Vanessa, both of you are perfect... Now get up and tell that to your sister.”

She wiped away her tears, following me back to our living room. Nessa ran to hug Victoria close, sitting by her side as she whispered something in her ear. My eyes shifted over to Reid’s to see that he was already looking at me, a warm look on his face.

He again patted the free leg without Nik sitting on in it, “Come here, Mrs. Parker.”

I finally made my way over to him as I decided to sit on his leg, caressing Nikolas’ cheek as I did so. Reid hummed in satisfaction when I finally sat down.

“Since you were a good boy this year, Santa got you your presents, Nik...” Reid muttered as he reached over his shoulder to produce a gift out of the red bag, handing it out to the little happy boy who jumped with joy.

He hugged his father close once again, jumping out of his lap to open his gift on the soft floor, tearing the wrapping paper off in a hurry.

Reid suddenly grabbed my leg and pulled me up, pulling me completely in his lap and I pushed both of my legs on the sofa in front of me.

“You have been a naughty girl this year, Elizabeth...” He softly whispered in my ear, capturing my ear lobe in between his teeth as he did so. I felt myself flush as I realized that our kids were getting older and obviously catching on, especially the girls who got up from their seats, distracted as they talked about something and went to their room.

“Always number one on Santa’s naughty list, ready for your sweet punishment...” I hummed under my breath, “Maybe this year Santa could give you a very special candy cane to suck on, would you like that Mrs. Parker-”

I shut up his dirty mouth with my lips, sealing him shut as I stroked the fake beard much to his satisfaction, grinding my hips into his lap as I felt his member poke against me. A little voice interrupted the two of us, making us separate and laugh under our breaths.

“Why is Santa kissing mommy?”

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