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Chapter 4


I threw my bag onto the unnecessarily huge bed. I was angry. It was my first day of my internship and I had messed everything up.
Reid’s words kept rotating in my head, making me infuriated.

Annoyed with the fact that I was still living in his house and would probably have to see him again, I decided to talk to my mother. I came across her and Henry’s room and knocked.

“Come in.” Her voice reached me, granting me access.I opened the door to face her.

“Mom, I have to talk to you about something.” I quickly let out, moving towards her.

She looked up from folding a shirt on the bed, “Sure honey, what is it?”

“When are we going back to our house? It’s been two days since I have been here already. I miss home.”

Her mouth opened in surprise and her eyes left mine. “Um... About that, I had to tell you that... I sold that house.”

“You what?!” I exclaimed, not believing a word she just said.

“I sold it a few months ago...” She said slowly.

My heart suddenly wrenched. “But mom, it was the house I grew up in. It was the only place that reminded me of my father.... You should have atleast told me before you sold it.”

“I am so sorry sweetie. I was living all alone and then Henry asked me to move in... Being in that house haunted me with old memories.”

I nodded my head in understanding and hugged her, knowing that she had been through alot after my father passed away from cancer.I then turned around to leave once the moment was over but she stopped me.

“Elizabeth, I want to talk to you about something else too.”

I nodded my head to indicate to her to go ahead.She stood up and held out a white envelope for me.I opened it and found myself looking at a simple wedding invitation.

“We are getting married this weekend.”

I stood stunned. “I am happy for you mom, but what’s the rush?”

She smiled at me. “I am already in my forties and right now, waiting for the perfect moment seems pointless. I don’t want to waste my life waiting for anything now. I love Henry and I want to get married to him as soon as possible so that I can spend more days with him, happily.”

“I am glad you are content, Mom. That’s all I want for you.”

She gave me the same lovely smile that I absolutely loved.

“Lizzie, also I wanted to tell you that today, all four of us, you, Henry, Reid and I will have a family dinner. Please be on time. You saw how Reid is... and today, we are going to break the news to him as well. He agreed to come after a lot of convincing.”

A knot formed in my stomach and kept on tightening with every word she spoke but my face failed to show my discomfort.

“Of course mom.”

“I’ll be there.” Reid stood up as soon as Henry had finished speaking about their marriage over the weekend.

“Thank you son, but can you please spend some time with us right now?”

“No.” His response was cold and tense and I would have laughed at how petty he was acting but the rage radiating from him made me purse my lips shut.

“Son!” Henry got up to go after him as he headed towards the door. Something came over me and I stood up as well.

“Henry!” My hand came to rest over his shoulder. “I’ll go after him instead.” I had no idea why I said that but I felt like someone needed to knock some sense into this man and since no one else was doing that job, I took it upon myself to do it. He nodded and I ran to catch up with the handsome brute who just stepped out of the mansion.

“Reid! Wait!” I screamed, hoping that he would atleast turn around to give me a glance and so he did. He turned around slightly to look at me for a second before he went towards his camaro.

In order to catch up with him, I ran faster and within seconds stood next to his car but he was already inside.
I quickly grabbed the handle and pushed the door open.

“Reid, calm down.” I said quickly as I tried to catch my breath.

His jaw clicked and he looked at me with a cold look in his eyes.

“Okay listen, I am not a big fan of your company either and you act like a dick but just come back inside. They both love each other and are happy-”

“Shut the fuck up. You don’t know anything about my father.”

“Yes, I actually do and he is a very nice man-”

“He is no angel and neither am I so close the door and fucking leave.” His tone was dismissing and it seemed like he was a little too used to having people listen to every order of his.

“No.” I stood my ground, not willing to back down so easily.

“Whatever.” He started the engine with the door open, leaned towards me, his musky breath fanning my face. “Get back Elizabeth.” The way my name rolled off his tongue turned all my blood south.

He smirked at me as he saw me move my hair behind my ear and shut the door to my face.He drove away leaving me restless and slightly-only slightly turned on on the dusty gravel.

His hands were in my hair and his relentless lips on mine, making me moan as his tongue slipped into my mouth.

“Reid.” I muttered out his name in desire as his lips moved over to my neck, trailing soft kisses along his path.He kissed, licked and nipped at my sensitive skin, probably leaving behind a mark of his mouth’s presence on me.

My eyes rolled back in pleasure as he found my sensitive spot and before I knew it, he had hoisted me up against the wall.

He looked into my eyes through his electric blue orbs. “Stop me if you want to now before I fùck you hard.”

A strange sensation passed through my whole body as soon as I heard his words. There was no stopping. I wanted him more than anything.

“Fùck me, Reid.” The words left my mouth without any hesitation and in seconds, my dress lay torn on the ground.

My eyes flew wide open and I woke up to find myself sweating, my body heaving under the heavy blanket that I kicked off my body.Groaning after realizing what I had dreamt about, I sat up straight on the bed in the dark room and switched on the bedside lamp.

The light filled the room and I squinted to find myself looking at a man in a crisp suit sitting across from my bed on a chair.

I was too shocked to even scream and looked at Reid with my mouth wide open.

“Reid... What- What are you doing here? What the fuck!” I hissed as soon as I had recovered.

He stood up tall in front of me, towering over everything in the room.
“I wanted to talk to you.” His eyes fell on my chest. “Nice top by the way.

I looked down to see my nipples hard and pebbled through my white tank top. A blush appeared on my cheeks, spreading to my neck and I coughed in surprise.

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