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Chapter 6


Have you ever walked in on someone having sex?

In your room?

Having a threesome?

And that too your stepbrother?

Well, I just did and saying it was awkward would be an understatement.

Reid was lying on my freaking bed with a girl bouncing on his...oh sweet jesus, that’s looks so huge...uh... thingy, and another girl with perky breasts making out with him.

My eyes popped out of their sockets and a scream escaped my lips as I registered the horrendous scene in front of me.

I covered my eyes by my palms hoping for the horrendous mental image to go away but it didn’t.

They didn’t even seem fazed by my scream as they were too engrossed in their... intercourse while I stood mortified.

Reid looked up to see me after the girl on top of him moved away and smirked at me.

Turning around I quickly escaped the room and rushed to the room across from mine.

It seemed empty and I let out a sigh of relief. I was tired after piling up five hundred files today and needed sleep but seeing what was going on in my room, I don’t think I could ever sleep there again.

After spending an hour in the shower, hoping to wash away the pure scene of disgust from my memory, I decided to go to the kitchen.

“You need something Miss.Baker?” Linda asked me with a smile as she saw me enter the kitchen.

“Do you mind if I cook something for myself today? It’s been ages since I made myself a meal.”

“Sure ma’am, just call out if you need something.”

“Just call me Elizabeth, okay?” I said with a smile.

“Yes, Miss. Elizabeth.”

“Do you know where Henry and my mom are?”

“Yes, they have gone to prepare for all the arrangements for the wedding tomorrow. They said they will be back by dinner.”

“Okay, thanks Linda.“She smiled and left me alone.

Finding myself all the ingredients required to make pasta, I got myself to cooking.

I was almost finished tossing the pasta, when a body suddenly brushed up against mine from behind.

The heat radiating of the body made me fidget and Reid’s breath fanned against my neck. He was not touching me but I still felt beyond comfortable.

“What are you making, doll face?”

“None of your business.”

“Actually it is because this is my house and the food that you are making was purchased from my money.”

I rolled my eyes at his statement.

“Like ten dollars would matter to you.”

Ignoring my statement, he kissed my neck and I seemed to have come out of the daze I was in.

“Get your filthy self off me Reid!” I said, pushing him back with my hand on his chest and the spatula in my other hand pointing towards his face.

He raised his hands up defensively, “Okay, Okay.”

I didn’t lower my spatula, using it as my own weapon in case he got any closer. He stood tall only in his jeans. I saw him in casual clothing for the first time and was slightly taken aback.

“Why did you do it in my room?”

“Do what?” He asked playfully, making my blood boil.

“You know what I am talking about.” I said in frustration.

" Had Sex?”

“Um... Yes.”

“I don’t fuck girls in my room.”

“There are many rooms in this house, you could have used any other guest room.”

“I can fuck a girl wherever I want in my house.”

I sucked in a breath and he grabbed the spatula from my hand, licking the creamy sauce off it.

“Hm... Tastes good.”

Deciding to ignore him, I turned around to serve myself some pasta.

Taking a fork, I sat on the kitchen island and dug into the creamy goodness.

“So, when do I have to come tomorrow?” Reid asked me as he sipped on the glass of milk in his hand.

“Didn’t you read the card?”

“No.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Ten in the morning.”

He nodded his head, “Adequate.”

“You could say ‘thank you’ instead, you know?”

“I know.” His authoritative tone annoyed every living cell of my body. One second he was all playful and the next second, he started using terms like ‘Adequate’ around me.

He left the kitchen and I decided to wash my plate.

As soon as I was finished, he came back into the kitchen with a black suit on.

“Doll face, do me a favour.”

“No. Stop calling me that and you cannot just say it, you have to ask-”

“The girls are showering. Feed them something when they come out.”

“What, no! I am not doing that. What will I say if they ask where you went?”

“You look like a smart girl, I am sure you could make something up and as my future step-sister, you should know how to deal with all this from now on.” He walked swiftly out of the kitchen with huge foot steps. I tried to catch up with him but it was of no use. He was moving too fast.

Fuck you Reid Parker.

“I know I am attractive and all that shit but I don’t think fucking your step brother is the best idea you can come up with. Maybe you are not so smart after all.” Saying this he shut the door, making me aware of the fact that I had voiced my thoughts out loud.

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