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Chapter 8


“Are you all set Elizabeth?” Henry asked me as he analyzed my packed suitcase.

I nodded my head at him. “So what’s the plan?”

“All four of us will set off from San Francisco for the cruise of 15 days and then Reid and you are free to go, your mother and I will be going to Paris.”

I was not looking forward to these fifteen days in hell at all.

“So when will be leaving?” I complained as I sat waiting.

“Let’s leave now. I am ready.” My mother’s voice came from behind me.

“Where is Reid?” I asked with curiosity as I saw Henry take out only three plane tickets from his coat pocket.

“He is already in San Fransisco for a meeting. He’ll be meeting us on the cruise straightaway.”

After a five hour flight, I was feeling a little lightheaded and wanted to just go back to bed and curl myself to sleep.

Grabbing our luggage from the belt, we headed outside the airport. Henry looked around searching for someone.

I tightened my arms around myself as a cold gust of wind hit us. I was wearing a sundress and the air was chilly with no sign of the sun. The chill spread from my bare legs into my spine, making me regret my poor choice of clothing.

Two men in black suits stepped forward, approaching us.

“Mr. Parker.” One of them said and nodded his head at Henry.

“Let’s move.” Henry replied and all of us went to the limousine standing across from us.

I gulped back my own saliva.

A fucking limousine?

After politely thanking a bodyguard for opening the door for me, I sat in the luxurious car with extreme boredom and started tapping away on my phone to pass away the time.

After a long time of keeping myself isolated from my friends, I finally decided to inform Becca that I was on my way to the ship.

She almost immediately responded with a ‘bon voyage’ and a winky face, making me roll my eyes.

After seeing what my university friends were doing now on Facebook, I found myself in deep sleep until I was woken up.

“We have reached Lizzie, wake up honey.” My mother’s voice tried to shake me out of it and after mumbling a few incoherent curses, I got out of the car into the cold.

Within no time we were in front of the enormous and beautiful ship and I found my mouth to be wide open as I admired every single detail of it.

As I remained awestruck, I didn’t even realize when we had boarded the ship.

I stood on the side of the railing as Henry and mom stood hand in hand next to me.

I suddenly felt an urge to use the washroom as I gazed at the vast ocean around us.

“Mom, can I go to my room for a minute?”

She nodded and handed me over a key. I scanned the number written on it. “This is the key to your room. We both are three rooms away from yours, okay?”

“Yeah, are you guys going to your room as well right now?” I asked curiously as the ship hadn’t started moving yet.

“Yes we are. It’s been over ten hours since we have freshened up properly.”

I nodded my head in agreement

“Reid is just coming in a few minutes.” Henry announced as he checked his phone and I bid both of them farewell as I rushed to the room.

Well, not exactly a room, it was an exclusive suite.

It had everything I could possibly dream of but I didn’t have time to see much as I almost ran to the washroom.

After relieving myself, I finally noticed the huge bathtub. It was tempting and without a second thought, I had the warm scented bubble water ready.

I stripped naked and stepped into the warm water, sighing in relief as it helped my tired muscles relax.

I leaned back with comfort and a smile on my face.

A long time passed as I lay in silence, day dreaming about something or the other when suddenly the door to the washroom was pushed open.

With his coat jacket lost, his sleeves folded up to his elbows and a hand tugging at the knot of his black tie around his neck, Reid entered with a grave look on his face.

He stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell upon me.

I sat upright in shock and looked down to see the water clear with all the bubbles disappeared, making my naked body visible to him.

Instinctively, I covered my breasts with a hand, and another hand came over my pùssy.

My cheeks reddened in embarrassment and after catching myself after a minute or two, I decided to speak.

“Reid!...what- are you doing... Never mind, can you leave me alone for a minute?” I finally asked.

He nodded without saying a word and with a stone hard look plastered on his face making way to a frown. He left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I quickly decided to get out of the tub.
I stood up and my foot slipped by the end of the tub, making me fall back into the water and splashing it everywhere.

Thankfully, my head didn’t hit the stone tub but my back hit the ceramic but a scream escaped my lips. Instant pain shot up my back as I tried to get back up, failing to do so.

“Uh, Reid?...” I shouted after a minute.


“Can you please come in?” I asked with my hands covering my two prime areas again.

He stepped inside making me fluster.

“I- uh...slipped.” I said from in the tub as he gazed down at me, His eyes fixed on my face.

“I heard.” Bastard, he could have help me.

“Okay, um... I can’t get up. Can you help me?” I looked like a damsel in distress and I didn’t like the situation at all but I had no other option than to ask for his help.

He nodded, “Sure, step-sister.” His statement was innocent but it made me shiver for some strange reason.

As he lowered down, I felt my nipples harden and I tried to convince myself that the only reason that happened was due to the cold water.

His hands wrapped around my arms, pulling me up and then his hands slid down to my waist and he hoisted me up and then sat me down on the sill of the tub.

My cheeks flamed again as I saw his eyes rake over my hard nipples once, noticing I was cold and he quickly grabbed a towel and passed it over to me.

I wrapped it around as soon as I could and as I tried to stand on my feet, I again found myself falling but two pairs of hands caught me.

As Reid tried to balance me, my body automatically leaned on to him, his body heat slightly drawing me in as shivered.

I tried to move away from him but his arms were tightly wrapped around me.

“Reid, leave me.” I said trying to get away from him even though I couldn’t maintain my balance.

I stumbled in his hold slightly and this in turn made him hold on to me tighter than before.

“Reid, I said leave me!” He proceeded to grab on to me tightly as I struggled to keep hold on my towel.

“This is abuse! Leave me! You are harras-”

His eyes seemed to cloud with anger.

“This is not fucking harassment. Think before you speak.” His hand connected on the top of my towel that I held tightly to my chest and he pulled it away. “This fucking is.”

I gasped as the cold air hit my body and his mouth came crashing down against mine.

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