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Chapter 9


His mouth was hard against mine and I made no move to stop him as his hand tightly gripped my hair.

I was beyond stunned as I was suddenly released from his hard grasp and he moved away from me like I burned him. I stood naked in front of his overly analytical gaze as I wished that my body was slightly slimmer and the stretch marks on my thighs went unnoticed by him.He looked away and sucked in a breath. I bent down to pick up my towel, quickly covering myself.

“Why are you in my room?” He asked, his voice stone cold.

“I-uh-I...This is my room. Uh-my mother gave me keys to this room.”

He frowned at me for a second. “Fucking idiot.”


“I asked my assistant to book rooms for us and he might have only booked two. He forgot about you maybe.”

Or maybe you forgot to tell him that I existed.

I nodded and looked away from his face.

He left the bathroom without another word being said and I rushed to dry myself and put on some clothes. The room was empty. As soon as I was done, I lay back down on my bed, heaving out a sigh. I turned around to bury my face into the pillow and without realizing I was in deep sleep soon enough.

I woke up feeling distraught and tired and rolled over the huge king sized bed, my eyes falling on a scene I thought I would never witness.

Reid lay slightly curled up on the couch in the corner of the huge room still in his suit pants and sleeves folded to his elbows and his mouth slightly open, little snores escaping now and then.

It was a beautiful sight and exposed a more vulnerable side to him than the usual glare on his stone face.

I got up and stood in front of him, feeling slightly guilty to have taken the entire bed after seeing his shoes were still on.

I bent down to gently take off his shoes. As I was taking off his second shoe, he slightly shifted in his sleep, making me instantly stop but as another soft snore was let out I was sure that he was still sleeping.

My eyes fell on his peaceful face, his skin now showing a few lines and his tiredness. His snores came in a rhythmic pattern as his pink lips slightly parted.

My thoughts went back to the feeling of his soft lips hard on mine and I slightly touched my lips.

I felt conflicted and did not know what to think of his action.

Why did he kiss me?

Why didn’t I stop him?

I licked my lips as the waiter placed a plate of pancakes in front of me.

Within no time, I glazed them with maple syrup and dug in, not caring about eating at a slow pace. I had missed last night’s dinner and it was enough for me to not give a damn about etiquettes and manners.

I felt eyes on me as I neared the last bite and looked up to see a young man in an crisp suit, sitting on the table in front of me with a woman’s back facing me. He smiled a charming dashing smile as I caught him staring and then he averted his eyes.

I awkwardly smiled back and finished my meal to join my mother who sat outside watching the vast ocean.


“Oh Lizzie! How was your sleep last night?”

“Uh...fine. Mom, do they have any more rooms left?”

“Why? What happened?” She asked curiously.

“Well, uh... Reid’s assistant only booked two rooms and we both had to share one so I thought...”

“Oh, but what’s the problem? The rooms are big enough but if you really not feeling comfortable then I guess, you should talk to the manager at the reception.”

And that’s what I did and turns out even on this huge ship, there are no vacant suites available till the next stop which will be reached in within two day’s time.

Opening my copy of ‘The Princess Bride’, I lay comfortably on a chair.I was done reading with ten pages when I felt a presence next to me.I looked to my right to see the same man who smiled at me earlier sit on the chair next to mine.

“May I just say how beautiful you are?” He asked with a cheeky smile, a dimple on one cheek appearing.

I was a little shocked and take aback and no words escaped my mouth as I looked wide eyed at him.

His handsome face looked for an answer on mine and without thinking, I smiled at him.

He smiled, his eyes almost shimmering and causing me to be suddenly totally aware of his formal attire and his good looks.

Nothing compared to Reid.

I pushed that thought away and met his waiting hand with mine, shaking it.

“Ethan Harper.”

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth Baker.”

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