Impossible to Love (The Starlite Heart Book 1)

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A fantasy land, three species to rule three territories-land, water & air. What happens when the earthen prince falls in love with the aerial soldier? Three different species who look alike, co-exist in a fantasy land. First are the underwater dwellers - the nymphs. The myth says that they are cursed to never find love. They are all females and mate with humans, killing them after the act. Second are the starlites. They can fly, and their hearts are cold as the snow-covered peaks they live in. They are cursed to neither feel love nor get loved by anyone. The third is the human race. Humans can feel love, get love, cherish it and hence are considered superior and worthy to rule everyone. When Sophia Antofurota joins the guardians, (a group of starlites whose job is to protect the humans from the nymphs) she has no idea that Prince Neal, a human, is in love with her, nor does she foresee her entanglement in the many secrets that royalties of both territories hold in their souls. Will she find out that the crown-prince is in love with her or will the world keep believing that Starlites are impossible to love?

Romance / Fantasy
Heena Patwa
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There once lived a magnificent ruler

With the whole world as her empire.

The empress on envisaging her final hour,

Called her three children to her.

“My time has come, and I must leave,” said she.

“When I’m gone, this world will be your responsibility.”

The three heirs looked at her holding their breath,

Waiting in anticipation, the final decision before her death.

She continued, “Since I won’t favour one of you above the others,

I have decided to divide my realm into three independent spheres.

Tell me my children, what is the greatest power of all?”

“Love,” all three of them replied without a moment’s stall.

The queen was much pleased with the reply

And said that one wish to each of them she would supply.

The eldest of them was a girl; Nymphadora was her name.

She wished for the power to seduce each and every man.

“Very well,” said the mother.

“Like a man falls in the water

Every man will fall in love with you

And after he makes love to you,

He will draw his last breath

Like he drowned in the ocean’s depth.

The siblings were in shock.

The mother spoke,

“Go into the ocean, you won’t drown.

I give you the water crown.”

The queen gave her the sphere of water,

And nymph was the name given to her daughter.

The middle child was a boy named Star.

He got so terrified by his sister’s power

That he asked to be very very far.

He said, “I don’t want to fall in love, ever.”

“Very well,” the queen said as she had before.

“You will not feel love, neither the pang nor the pleasure.

You will be free as the wind,” said the empress.

Before he could smile she gave the curse.

“The wind will blow away

Any love that comes your way.

As you are not willing to give love

You shall not receive love

From nymph or human. This is only fair.”

The queen gave him reins of the air

And the ability to fly as high as he might.

His descendants are called the starlites.

Now the queen turned towards her youngest,

Who was by far the most…..

Prince Neal shut down the book with a heavy hand. He extinguished the flame at his table and the room became as dark as the night outside. Also synchronising it with the the tone of his hair, his eyes and his mood. He had just finished writing a letter to a queen. It’s subject matter would be giving as much displeasure to the reader as it had given to the writer, but the Neal deemed it necessary.

The past few months in the secluded forest had given him a lot of time to think. He had thought about his life; the lies it contained and the future it held. But most of all, he had thought of Sophie.

In contrast to before, the thought could make him smile now. He tried to hide it from himself, unconsciously drumming his fingers on the back of his hand.

Neal glanced out of the window where a building caught his eyes. It was home to the royal ministers and officers of high rank of the court. The moonlight, accompanied by the light of a few torches, enabled him to see the traces fire had left on the stone. “So much has happened in my absence,” he sighed.

The noise of the guards changing places claimed his attention. It was midnight. The prince looked at them with displeasure. When death came knocking none of them could help.

His thoughts wandered back to her.

“I wish I were a starlite. Then maybe I could fly over to her window, claiming my love.”

Neal’s subconscious laughed at the irony of the situation. If he were a starlite, he would not feel such a need. “I don’t love her,” he reminded himself. “I can’t.”

He walked away from the window and into his inner room. The little room contained only a cupboard, a chair and a table. On the table lay a map of his empire. It showed a peninsula surrounded by snowy mountains on the north and ocean on the remaining three sides. A huge wall ran along the entire coastline. It was built centuries ago, to keep the nymphs out. The ocean contained the words ‘Nymph Territory’ just as the hilly terrain had ‘Starlite Territory’ inscribed on it.

Not bestowing a single glance on the map, Neal took out a set of keys from the table’s drawer. The keys opened a cupboard. It was filled with documents, seals and other such decoys; its main purpose being the concealment of the passage to another room.

This secret room contained only one piece of furniture, a cupboard. Paintings covered almost every part of the four walls, most of them featuring the same female. The centre of the room contained a blank canvas, ready to capture the artist’s imagination.

Neal opened the cupboard. It was divided into two parts. The left part contained colours, brushes, plates and similar things that assisted in the prince’s hobby.

For a clueless spectator, the things in the right part would not make any sense. It was a curious set of things for any man to have in his cupboard, especially so if he happens to be a crown prince. But that’s what secret cupboards are made for- to hide what society thinks to be abnormal. This curious set was made of seven things- a bowl, a teacup, a game piece, a silver ring, an ice blue ball gown, a small knife with blood clotted on it’s blade and a feet long braid of platinum blonde hair.

The prince gave all of it a fleeting glance and smiled. He took out his tools. Painting always calmed him. He knew what he was going to paint- a girl with fish like pout and chocolate brown doe eyes, dressed head to toe in white fur. Her square face- a little flushed by travel and adorned by a few stubborn strands of hair falling out of her helmet. He remembered her to be splattered with water, dirt and a little blood.

The memory was about a year old but it was as fresh in his mind as if it had happened a moment ago.

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