Billionaire love

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Chapter=01 "Donna De Costa"

"get out." a voice shouted with womenly aura. A timid employ left that place.

He knew he couldn't face his boss wrath. That women was infuriated on him.

That day her mood was off. Even it didn't matter, because she was all time like. Her mood was unpredictable.she was rude to the most people she interacted.

After that ex-employe left. She twisted her chair in backside. She was rolling a paper holder by her prepossessing finger. Something might be running in her mind.she was in her formal office attire. Her eyes were green. She had fair color. Her face didn't had any spot. Her height was 5'5. She was a perfect, beautiful and intelligent girl.

She turnt and Tring the bell to call her secretary.

"do tell me schedule." she said authoritatively. She always behaved like professional. She didn't mix any emotion with her work. She was an ideal businesswomen.

She told her whole schedule.

"ma'am last thing at 8:00 p.m,you have dinner with your textile clients for discussing some formalities."

"OK, now go back to your work." she replied listening her.

When she was lost in her thoughts. A phone bell ring. She picked up the call.It was her father.

"hello dad, how are you?" she said. A smile crept on her face. It was her personal life.

"I am good my dear little daughter." he said lovingly.

"dad what are you upto just tell me. Don't butter me like this. " Something was fishy, so she said. She understood every situation in the way it was.

"listen, child I don't want anything. Do just come here." he said. He wanted to meet his daughter. It had been 2 years since he met her. Also, she was busy in expanding his father's business in Rome, so they didn't get time to meet.

"dad please understand I don't want to come there. I am good here. I have lots of deal to finalise. I can't." she tried to excuse herself.

"child, deals will finalise later. Your mother wants you here." he said.

She got irritated after listening her mother's name.

"dad, if that lady wants me there, then I will never come ." she said with abbhorence towards her mother. Well, abbhorence was not correct word. She was disappointed with her.

"child, she is your mother. How can you say like that? " he said.

"dad just shake it off. I don't want an arguement between us over that lady." she said. He was well awared by the stubborn nature of his daughter. She didn't listen him. So he let the matter off.

"dad by the way why do you want me there? " she said.

"my little flower, your sister is arranged to marriage, and we want you here that time. Can't you come here for me." he said emotionally blackmailing her. But she didn't care for her sister or mother.

"OK dad. I am coming here after I will complete all pending work. By the way when you want me there." she asked. She knew her dad, that he would felt dejected because of her denial. She didn't want him to be disappointed.

"after 4 days." he said.

"fine." she said.

" bye." he said.

"bye" she said.

A smile crept on her face.

She was coming for dinner in five star hotel with her textile clients.

Now, the last paper was yet to be signed. She was carefully reading the deal. She didn't trust anyone in her life except her lovely father.

All papers were signed. She got up to leave.

"it's really nice to meet you miss De Costa." the man who represented her client said and just showed her hand to shake. But she didn't wait to listen him and leave that place.

"what a strange lady she is!" he murmured.

She was going back to her suit. But suddenly someone came in front of her running car. The driver stopped the car before hitting her.

The person who got bumped in front of her car was a girl of 17, 18 years by look.

That girl came on her side and Donna slided down the window, looking her pale face.

"hey girl don't you get any other car to bump." she said rudely.

That girl face was showing the feature of horror. "ma'am plz save me, they will destroy me." she said.

"who?" she asked sternly.

"ma'am, the man who are chasing me. Ma'am you know I do biggest mistake to come out from my house at this clock. Plz save me." that girl said. She was crying. She was in danger. She wanted someone to protect her.

"yes you do mistake."she said."since every mistake should be paid. So face." And closed the window.

"ma'am plz help me." she said and knocked her window again. She was turned to tears.

Donna opened the window again.

"ma'am plz help me from those beast." she pleaded.

"you know the girls of your type is really stupid. You just beg from others to help you. But can't help your ownself. Those people who are behind you is because you let them that dare. You know what you should face this world. Despite facing, you girls run from the situation. You didn't have fault, still you were blaming yourself to leave your house at this place.then what you expect from me. I will help you. "

When she completed herself a hand knocked that girl.

" ma'am I think she is cooking some stories. You know what this girl is mad. "that man said and hold her by her waist like she was his. Girl was feeling tainted by his one touch. She jerked his hand from her waist. Donna looked at this.

Something was fishy.

" ma'am may I take her?"he said.

That man was really dirty. How could he represent that situation like this. How could he? She was fully messed in such a situation. There was no ray of hope.

Her last ray of hope was also shedding.

" wait. "she said coming out of her car.



And her leg swung in air hitting that man on her neck.

That man fell on the floor. Actually, Donna was well skilled in martial arts. She knew every move of defence. She was also hinting the same thing to the girl before, that girl should be self dependent. They all time can't beg from others to save them. God have gave women everything. So, they should use their wits, resistance and strength. Women should be strong so that no one can lay their eyes on them.

" you, man don't try to take advantage of that girl. "she said and then made that man and his partners to arrest by police.

" just come in. "she said calling her while sitting on her seat. She was silent in whole ride.

She dropped her to her home.

While going back she returned to the window where Donna was sitting on her seat.

" thank you ma'am, you are wonderful. I have now become your fan. You inspired me lot. I will try to become strong like you. If you don't mind, Can you tell me your name. "she said. She was smiling.

" name doesn't matter. "she said and closed her window.

But when she was departing. She again opened her window and said,


" Donna de Costa. "

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