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The Tale of Pride (Deadly Sins book 2)

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Chapter 1

Three hundred years ago


Sol turned to face the owner of the cry. Fabian, one of his pack members, was barreling over to him with alarm printed on his face.

“Beta Andrea... She’s dead. They got her too.”

Sol’s fist found its way through a desk, sending its contents scattering.

“No!” his roar joined the chaos.

He took deep breaths in a futile attempt to calm himself, but the waves of rage refused to settle. They rose mightily high, devouring him.

“You incompetent wastes of space are making a fool out of me!”

With those words, Fabian was shoved into his own waves. The only difference was that his were of stunning, cold, grim disbelief.

Perhaps the alpha didn’t hear him. Maybe he just didn’t process the news properly. Fabian tried to open his mouth to reiterate the announcement, but his lips remained pursed. As sweet as wishful thinking was... the bigger part of him knew that Alpha Sol wouldn’t shed a tear for anything other than his ego.

Sol lividly paced back and forth. His body was in his office, but his mind was tuned into the memories of when this nightmare started.

A mere week ago, one of his pack members was killed for trespassing. Sol was quick to turn the incident into a business opportunity and demanded land as reparation for the inconvenience.

What happened next planted an ancient cancer that spread through his body and conquered all sense of control and reasoning. For his spineless demand, his name was dragged through the dirt. He, the great Alpha Sol, a prodigy in youth and forecasted legacy... was reduced to a laughing stock.

It didn't take long for those that laughed at him came to realize that a young alpha with a bruised ego made up a delicious recipe for disaster.

Blinded by rage and haunted by humiliation, Sol declared a war.

He was given opportunities to back down by his enemy who had no interest in toying with innocent lives but he ignored them all and forced his pack to march on. Surrender was not a choice. The only option was to decapitate his enemy.

“Alpha?” Fabian’s call pulled him back to the present. “What should we do?” he whimpered, unable to resist caving into fear.

Weak. They’re all weak, Sol thought with contempt.

“What else?” he growled, irritated by the idiocy of the question. “Keep going. Don’t stop!” he exerted with finalization before diverting his attention back to the military strategy he was planning.

“But the beta... Alpha, we can’t keep going. We’ve lost hundreds—”

Speech became impossible when Sol latched onto his throat. Fabian gripped onto his forearm with raw fear cooking in his gut.

“If you don’t want to join the list of casualties... I suggest that you get back out there."

Mortified by the glint of madness in Sol’s eyes, Fabian couldn’t offer anything other than a nod.

The sound of a door slamming aside had Sol dropping Fabian and looking for whoever dared to enter his office so disrespectfully. Blinding light greeted him, but he didn’t need his sight to put a name to the visitor. Every cell in his body recognized its maker’s presence.

The Moon Goddess stood tall and strong like the moon did in the sky. Her figure was covered by a silky white dress that matched the radiant rays that surrounded her. Her hair was long and emboldened with the same darkness that cloaked the night sky.


The deity’s voice sent him to his knees.

“Do not bow for me!” she spat with scorn. “You insult me by recognizing me as your Goddess. I want nothing to do with your wretched soul.”

The light around her pulsed in sync with the flaring of her temper. The belittling dominance in the room was so overwhelming that Sol was rendered speechless.

“You have been given so many chances to end this bloodbath and yet continued to treat the precious souls I’ve crafted like disposable pawns. You are not a god, you arrogant, self-absorbed, selfish mortal!”

Sol became infected by the same fear that plagued Fabian. The confidence that he usually carried with him had dissipated into nothingness. He wanted to speak, but his voice had abandoned him just like his maker did. He could only manage to shake his head defensively and reach out for her.

A cry of agony came to life when the darkness inside of him got rejected by her pure light and his hand burned.

Luna found it impossible to not look at the pathetic being distastefully. Today, he will learn that she could be as vengeful as she could be compassionate.

“For abusing your power, I hereby strip you of your title and gift. You are no longer an Alpha or werewolf. All that remains of you is pride.”

As soon as she made her verdict, all of the pains of the world— physical and emotional, took their toll on his body. He cried out when his title, his birth gift, was ripped from him.

“I’m sorry!” he yelled out the words that didn’t have much experience coming out of him. “I get it now!” he assured.

Tangible terror claimed him when the floor gave out. He was now freefalling likely into the fiery pits of hell.

Instead of landing on lava, he bounced off the cool soil of an unknown forest. He scrambled to his feet like a rabid animal and resumed his begging. “Please!”

But his audience consisted of trees and dirt. The Goddess was gone.

The former alpha was now dethroned, forsaken, and cursed.

This is how Sol’s reign of terror ended.

This is how Pride’s tale started.

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