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IF YOU HAVE AN ABUSIVE SPOUSE WHO ELSE CAN HELP EXCEPT ONE WHO THINKS AND KNOWS HOW TO CATCH THEM IN A TRAP? Edna wants to give all women the freedom and voice she has.No matter how many stings she has to pull to to free as she is.But in such a society where getting caught is easy will she survive when she has a flaw in her plan?What if a little slave girl she rescued out of Pity strays and may drive yo the gallows? BUT WHY WOULD SHE THIS IF ITS NOT OUT OF LOVE?IN THIS DOMINATED SOCIETY WHERE A WOMAN IS INSIGNIFICANT AND MAN DOMINATED SOCIETY.HOW CAN HER LIFE BE SPARED .AND NOT ONLY IS HER LIFE IS AT STAKE SEPARATION FROM HER SON IS INEVITABLE.HOW CAN SHE BE SAVED! AND WHO WILL SAVE HER FROM THIS GRUESOME FATE WHEN HER HELPING YOU BECOMES DANGEROUS

Romance / Drama
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The black, sleek casket was at the front.The priest droned on at the pulpit as the congregation listened looking sorrowful.The bereaved family sat at the front and the widow to the dead woman moaned.Though only she knew that her cries were fake.She had no remorse.After all who ever feels remorse if they plotted the murder?

Later that day the casket was lowered in the ground in the cemetery for the Lords.A tall,pale skinned,red haired woman dressed in a black gown which made her look more curvaceous due to her silhouettes made of fine linen,with a covering half of her face,black laced shoes and a fur coat.She was Mrs Edna Redron the late wife of an old baron who had mysteriously passed on in his sleep.''I'm very sorry for your loss he was a good man.''She said to the widow who handed her a purse.''Its all there plus more than than the agreed price''she said with a sigh.She had wrinkles on her face though she was only twenty five.

''Trust me Angelina the smiles you will have after this are more than any money you could ever give me''Edna said putting her hand on her shoulder.''a small price is paid to keep the innocent free.''They then turned back to the grave and recited with the priest''let perpetual shine upon him Oh Lord.''Finally everyone departed to their homes.Edna went back to her manor.After her husband's death the family left her with his house and his estates because of her son William the heir of the estates though he was only four years old and she adored him as he did her.

''Mother!''William shouted as he ran to his mother.She lifted him off the floor.He was a fine boy with his mother's green eyes,blonde hair like his late father.Everyone always commended him for his intelligence.''Where is your nurse then darling?''Edna asked as she put him down.''Here ma'm''a beautiful black girl said coming down the stairs.She took Edna's coat and they to the fire place.''Sarah did the gardener take care of the fence like i asked?''Edna asked and the girl answered''Yes ma'm'' ''Mother i want to play in the garden''William whined.They normally played in the evening together.''In a moment darling why don't you go play with your toys?''she suggested ruffling his hair.Once he had left Sarah asked''How was the funeral?''Edna smiled.That was enough for Sarah.She was the only one who knew about Edna's secret.Would you want to know what it is?
Edna would be the only hope for women who were oppressed by their husbands as had happened to her with her husband.So they would hire her to 'take care' of them and she had only three steps.Seduce,entice and do away with them.Of course some of the women would still get married and caught in the same trap.She had made this her lifeline and this made her the savior of the women.''Make sure you keep this money and let me go play with my son''She said giving her the envelope as she walked out of the room and up the flight of stairs.
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