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I get out of my car, grabbing the lasagna that I made for me and Luke and head to his apartment. I knock on the door and he opens it smiling.

"You're early." He states.

"Sue me."

He laughs and lets me in. I set the food down on the kitchen counter and look around. The kitchen is small but nice, with light brown cupboards and dark brown countertops. The kitchen opens up to the living room. Which is furnished with a gray couch and a gray chair. There's a small coffee table that's black. The room breaks off into two hallways on either side.

"My room and bathroom is down that hallway." He says pointing to the left.

"What's down this hallway?" I ask, walking towards it. Luke grabs my wrist and pulls me back into the living room.

"That's my roommate's room and bathroom. He's kind of weird so I just keep to myself."

"How's he weird?"

"I don't know." He shrugs. "He just is."

I huff. "You need to give people chances, get to know them before you go judging them."

"Okay wiseass." He grunts. "I have some things I still need to unpack."

"Okay, go do that and I'll warm up the food."

He smiles at me and struts of to his room. I laugh and shake my head. He's going to drive the women here crazy, I think to myself. He's funny, charming, and handsome. He's 5'9 with a muscular build. He has light blue eyes like our mom and short black hair. He's the best big brother I could ask for. Mom and dad have never been the best parents. So Luke has always been there to take care of me. I put the lasagna in the oven and turn it on, thinking of Luke and how different life is going to be at home without him. Dad never wanted kids, but he managed to knock mom up twice. Mom has always loved Luke more than me. Luke is always telling me that isn't true but I know it is. I think that's why he babies me so much. He forced mom and dad to put me in an all girls school, for my protection he said. I know he just doesn't want me around boys. The oven beeps bringing me out of my thoughts and I bend over to take the food out, planning on setting everything up then calling Luke to come eat.

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