Dream Walker

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Fighting on the field has always been easy for Tara, but when it comes to her heart, it truly is a battlefield she might not walk away from unharmed. Tara Adams is a halfling, half werewolf and half human. But unlike her brothers she has no wolf. But that doesn't stop her from proving she isn't weak to her pack. All seems normal until the day of her first vision. Why does her mom look sad when I tell her what happened? Wolves don't get visions of things before they happen. So why me? "All will be revealed in time little one" she says. Little did I know that that vision was the first of events to lead up to me moving in with my mother's family I didn't even know existed. But I need to understand what is happening to me. And more importantly who was that stranger in my vision?

Romance / Fantasy
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Catch the Rabbit

Running. Moving as fast and as silent as my legs can take me I run away from the sound of paws digging into the earth. Jumping over the fallen tree infront of me, I can hear one of them getting closer, it’s too soon for the game to be over.
Time to step it up a notch, I look for the place I know I should be seeing soon. Pumping my legs faster, I turn direction just in time to feel the hot breath on my neck of one of my attackers barley miss me as he had tried to tackle me.
“Nice try!”
I breath out a airy laugh as I keep going, almost to my destination. I hear a few barks of laughter at his failed attempt, most likely Ethan, he always was one to jump the gun.
I see the slanted fallen tree I’ve been looking for, along with the rope.
I push myself to a lightning sprint and start running up the slanted bark, a perfect natural walking board to help me get to that rope I had planted a few days ago in anticipation of using at times like this.
I feel the tree crack at the added weight behind me. Even though the tree is big and sturdy, taking the weight of not one but multiple heavy wolves can make the old weathered tree start to break.
Almost to the end, when I can hear the panting breath of one of them too close to me. Luckily for me they don’t see my plans, once I get to the top edge of the log I launch myself as high as a can. Reaching for the rope I grab onto it, letting myself swing with the momentum of the jump while I get a better grip and hoist myself higher.
I can hear them growling and the whimper of the idiot who tried to leap after me hit the tree they probably didn’t see right infront of them before falling to the Forrest floor.
I start laughing as I look down at them, the four of them circle below now off of the tree, probably afraid it will break on them.

" And the rabbit gets away!” I laugh breathless, I try to control my breathing from the marathon of running I’ve just done. I love it though, even if it’s on two legs I still have the strength and endurance of a wolf. Just minus the sense of smell, mind link, oh and a wolf to turn into.

It doesn’t bother me that much anymore, it used to when my brothers first shifted and went off to train, leaving me alone with my parents. I still get sad looks from my dad sometimes when he thinks I’m not looking. But I guess that’s to be expected when your little pup can’t be apart of your world completely. It’s not his fault, well not completely, he did marry and have children with a human after all.
The growls and snapping jaws below snap me out of daydreaming.
“Sheesh guys, if you can’t catch me, how are you supposed to defend the pack from outsiders?” Taunting them probably isn’t the best thing to do to them but a little victory lap never hurt right? Not if it’s wolfs and their egos are bigger than their heads.
The shimmer of someone shifting below has me shielding my eyes from the glow. After a few seconds I hear his voice, his way of telling me it’s clear to unshield my eyes.

“We’ll call it a drawl, it’s time to come down sis, dad is calling us back for a meeting” I roll my eyes and start lowering myself down the rope.
“Drawl my ass I won” I mutter as I dangle as close as I can to the tree. James walks up the tree and reaches his long arms to grab the end of the rope to lead it over so I can land.
He smiles and shakes his head knowing he heard my comment. He helps me down before walking to the others who are still in wolf form.
Once I get to the ground Ethan comes up and nips at my hand, probably still angry that I him the slip earlier.
“Hey! It’s not my fault you still haven’t learned? But who knows, maybe one of these days you’ll get me” I tease my brother.
He shakes his brown furry head and bumps it into my shoulder growling, knocking me straight into James.
“Oh don’t cheap shot E, lose like a man” James tells his twin as he drapes his arm around my shoulder and we start our walking back to the community.

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