A Dance With Death

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A girl with an abusive father. A bored and mischievous Death. She reminded him of someone he once knew. What happens when their fates intertwine? "Marilyn Bower..." I trailed off, continuing to read the papers in my hands. I was incredibly bored and desperately wanted entertainment, but I still had a job to do. If I was to leave, even for a short while without getting anything done, my pesky siblings could easily get into some serious mischief. (It would most likely be my demise.) Glancing up at the orb I had in front of me, I saw a young human girl, maybe sixteen, possibly seventeen, walking down the sidewalk with a bag slung over her shoulder and books in her hands. She was of average height with black hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion. The only reason I caught interest in her was because she reminded me of someone I once knew, although I couldn't put my finger on it. I sighed and put the papers down, rubbing my temples. Today was going to be a looonng day. As I sat there and thought, an idea came into my head. I felt a smile settle on my face. I had just come up with possibly the most idiotic plan that might actually work. "Very well, Marilyn Bower." I said, watching her enter her home and lock the door. "Entertain me."

Romance / Humor
~Death, By Music~
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As I sat on my throne, I held an orb of pure energy that allowed me to view what was going on in the human realm. My current soon-to-be-victim was an older woman- Mrs. Nero. She'd been torturing anyone she could get her hands on for years. The old hag quickly lost her mind soon after her husband died. Far as I know, he was the only thing keeping her in check. With Nero being the way she is, it made the neighborhood a difficult one to live in. Anyone who went within a ten-foot radius of her house was dragged inside, knocked unconscious, and became the next victim of unspeakable tortures. Her basement became a dungeon- something everyone feared and tried to stay out of. But not everyone was lucky. As I watched her, she pulled a young boy from off the street and started to drag him to her house. The kid was five, maybe six, and was screaming like a madman; that and he did everything he could to escape. Wasn't like I couldn't blame him of course- anyone who went into her house never came out. After a moment of observing, I'd seen enough. Releasing the orb to float midair, I reached over my throne and grabbed a pair of long silver-bladed scissors from a tray I always kept there. Straightening once more, I snapped my fingers and a gold thread materialized in front of me- Nero's lifeline. It was at this point the woman reached her front door and threw the child inside, grinning wickedly. The orb zoomed in and I saw the child lying on the musty carpet with a glass vase in pieces around him. When he cried out, from both broken glass cuts and fear, I drew my attention to the thread and cut it. Glancing back at Nero, she stood on her doorstep in shock, clutching her chest as she fell over, dead. I grinned in satisfaction and made a mental note to make sure she suffered for a long time... A few millennia perhaps? Yes... that sounded good. She was lucky the boy was there- otherwise she would've had a much more... agonizing death. Yes... let's put it that way. The boy I was "observing" stood up and stared at the woman in shock, not daring to move a muscle with his mouth wide open. I sighed and snapped my fingers. At once the boy's injuries were healed and his eyes clouded over for a moment, causing him to forget all of what happened in the last few minutes. He blinked, then ran out the door and home, leaving the dead woman's screen door to bounce on its hinges. After all, I can't leave any witnesses now can I? It would be very... unprofessional of me. Leaning back and stretching lazily, the orb vanished. Letting out a deep sigh, I wondered if there was any mischief I could get up to in the human realm. As a wicked grin settled onto my face, I dissolved into shadows.

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