A Dance With Death

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A girl with an abusive father. A bored and mischievous Death. She reminded him of someone he once knew. What happens when their fates intertwine? "Marilyn Bower..." I trailed off, continuing to read the papers in my hands. I was incredibly bored and desperately wanted entertainment, but I still had a job to do. If I was to leave, even for a short while without getting anything done, my pesky siblings could easily get into some serious mischief. (It would most likely be my demise.) Glancing up at the orb I had in front of me, I saw a young human girl, maybe sixteen, possibly seventeen, walking down the sidewalk with a bag slung over her shoulder and books in her hands. She was of average height with black hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion. The only reason I caught interest in her was because she reminded me of someone I once knew, although I couldn't put my finger on it. I sighed and put the papers down, rubbing my temples. Today was going to be a looonng day. As I sat there and thought, an idea came into my head. I felt a smile settle on my face. I had just come up with possibly the most incredibly stupid plan that might actually work. "Very well then, Marilyn Bower." I said as I watched her enter her home, locking the door behind her. "Entertain me."

Romance / Humor
~Death, By Music~
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As I sat on my throne, I held an orb of pure energy that allowed me to view what was going on in the human realm. My current soon-to-be-victim was an older woman- Mrs. Nero. She'd been torturing anyone she could get her hands on for years. The old hag quickly lost her mind soon after her husband died. Far as I know, he was the only thing keeping her in check. With Nero being the way she is, it made the neighborhood a difficult one to live in. Anyone who went within a ten-foot radius of her house was dragged inside, knocked unconscious, and became the next victim of unspeakable tortures. Her basement became a dungeon- something everyone feared and tried to stay out of. But not everyone was lucky. As I watched her, I saw her pull a young boy from off the street and started to drag him to her house. The kid was five, maybe six, and was screaming like a madman- doing everything he could to escape. Wasn't like I couldn't blame him- anyone who went into her house never came out. After a moment of observing, I'd seen enough. Releasing the orb to float midair, I reached over my throne and grabbed a pair of long silver bladed scissors from a tray I always kept there. Straightening once more, I snapped my fingers and a gold thread materialized in front of me- Nero's lifeline. It was at this point the woman reached her front door and threw the child inside, grinning wickedly. The orb zoomed in and I saw the child lying on the musty carpet with a glass vase in pieces around him. When he cried out, both from broken glass cuts and from fear, I drew my attention to the thread and cut it. Glancing back at Nero, she stood on her doorstep in shock, clutching her chest and fell over- dead. I grinned in satisfaction and made a mental note to make sure she suffered for a long time... A few centuries perhaps? Yes... that sounded good. She was lucky the boy was there- otherwise she would've had a much more... agonizing death. Yes... let's put it that way. The boy I was "observing" stood up and stared at the woman in shock, not daring to move a muscle with his mouth wide open. I sighed and snapped my fingers. At once the boy's injuries were healed and his eyes clouded over for a moment, causing him to forget all of what happened in the last few minutes. He blinked, then ran out the door and home- leaving the now-dead hag's screen door to bounce on its hinges. After all, I can't leave any witnesses now can I? It would be very... unprofessional of me. Leaning back and stretching lazily, the orb vanished. Letting out a deep sigh, I wondered if there was any mischief I could get up to in the human realm. As a wicked grin settled onto my face, I dissolved into shadows.

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