A Dance With Death

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A girl with an abusive father. A bored and mischievous Death. She reminded him of someone he once knew. What happens when their fates intertwine? "Marilyn Bower..." I trailed off, continuing to read the papers in my hands. I was incredibly bored and desperately wanted entertainment, but I still had a job to do. If I was to leave, even for a short while without getting anything done, my pesky siblings could easily get into some serious mischief. (It would most likely be my demise.) Glancing up at the orb I had in front of me, I saw a young human girl, maybe sixteen, possibly seventeen, walking down the sidewalk with a bag slung over her shoulder and books in her hands. She was of average height with black hair, green eyes, and a pale complexion. The only reason I caught interest in her was because she reminded me of someone I once knew, although I couldn't put my finger on it. I sighed and put the papers down, rubbing my temples. Today was going to be a looonng day. As I sat there and thought, an idea came into my head. I felt a smile settle on my face. I had just come up with possibly the most idiotic plan that might actually work. "Very well, Marilyn Bower." I said, watching her enter her home and lock the door. "Entertain me."

Romance / Humor
~Death, By Music~
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As I lounged on my throne, in the palm of my hand I held an orb of pure energy that allowed me to view the human realm. The human I'd been watching, Mrs. Nero, was eyeing her next victim through a gap in her tattered curtains. It'd been three years since her husband died and as far as I could see, she was no longer sane. The neighborhood itself was quite lovely, but then her house stood at its entrance like the Grim Reaper. Boredom began to tug at the corners of my mind and I nearly drifted off while watching her. I was woken up by the sound of her screen door slamming shut as she crept up on a little boy who looked to be five, maybe six. The kid and his friends were oblivious to the old woman and I noticed the mother of the child in question talking on the phone and looking the other way. Seeing her opportunity, Nero struck. She grabbed the kid from behind and booked it while the others stopped, stared, and started to scream. But it was too late. Her front door shut with a slam as she threw the kid inside her ruined house, turning around quickly. He hit a table holding a vase and it fell on his head, rendering him stupid for a minute. As he lied on the musty and stained carpet, Nero picked up a bat with rusty nails driven through it. With a grin that revealed crooked yellow teeth, she raised her arms to strike. And I had had enough. I froze the moment in time and reached for a pair of long, silver-bladed scissors that sat on a table near me. Releasing the orb to float midair, a gold thread materialized in front of me. Cutting it with the scissors, the frozen scene became reanimated once again. Looking to my orb, I saw Nero freeze, her grin melting off of her face. She dropped the bat, which landed somewhere behind her, and clutched at her chest with filthy hands. She fell forward and hit the floor, still and cold. The child, unable to comprehend what just happened, began to cry from his spot on the floor. And I admit, he pulled at my heartstrings a little. I sighed, setting the scissors down, and disappeared, reappearing a few feet away from the child. I walked over the corpse and picked him up, shushing his cries and letting him sob into my shoulder. 'He can find comfort in other humans, even if they're strangers?' I thought, puzzled. 'Clearly your mother didn't teach you everything. Ah well. You're fortunate that I was watching, little one.' I turned so that he couldn't see the body and asked where his mother was. He said outside and I took that opportunity to finally leave that foul house, taking deep breaths of the fresh air outside. The boy clung to my neck and I began to walk to his mother, who was asking around frantically if anyone had seen her son. When she saw me carrying him, she opened her mouth to say something, but I raised a hand. Immediately her stare went blank, as did those around us. They stood impossibly still, awaiting further commands. I set the boy down on a chair nearby and smiled, kneeling so that I was at his level. I made him promise by a verbal agreement that he would be more careful next time and patted his head, erasing all memory of what happened in the last five minutes. He blinked and looked around as his peers came to their senses, baffled as to what they were doing. The mother noticed her son on a chair behind him and smiled, telling him she finished her work call. The boy immediately brightened and ran to embrace his mother, who hugged him back tightly. The mother and the fellow kids continued their ball game, none the wiser of what just happened. I watched with my hands in my pockets and a small, sad smile on my face. They could no longer see me, but I'd like to think the boy could still find me, if somewhat. After waiting a minute longer to confirm that all would be well, I left, soon returning to work at hand. But I couldn't help but think about the boy as I sifted through some papers nearby. And that reminded me of Nero. I thought for her moment on what her punishment should be, considering she'd be spending the rest of eternity in Hell. Finally settling on one of my favorites, I wrote down in the official log all the details and what I had to do to ensure her soul reached the Underworld. Finished, I closed the book and leaned back, folding my hands together on my lap with a sigh. I knew I had a long day ahead of me, just like every other day, but maybe, just maybe, I could get a break...and soon.

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