Roleplay or Love?

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10 : Love you

Wednesday, December 2010. 11:02

Kar L, you have just joined the roleplay

chat room : “Lover Roleplay”, maximum players : 2/2. Chat room closed to others because maximum player requirement(s) is met.

Tri K : U didn’t log off.

Kar L : Sorry O//v//O

Tri K : Ha. Figured u were lying anyways.

Kar L : It’s just...I really like u. Like REALLY like u Tri. U’ve healed my broken heart...💔 💞 💝

Tri K : O//w//O. Oh. I just thought u didn’t like me.

Kar L : Ha! NO. I love u Tri. More than I ever thought I would love a guy again.

Tri K : So u thought u would love a guy more than u ever thought u would ever like a guy?

Kar L : Oi, hush, you little scoundrel.

Tri K : Oh. I’m a little scoundrel now?

Kar L : Fine. Extremely gigantic scoundrel.

Tri K : date?

Kar L : Doughlicious. 6:00. Tomorrow. B.Y.O.C.

Tri K : ? B.Y.O.C?

Kar L : Bring ur own coffee.

Tri K : Ooooh...B.Y.O.C. Ha. Thought it was Bring ur own cake. T^T Gah I WANT CAAAKE.

Kar L : Hmmmm….after the date, we’re going 2 my house. Baking a cake right now. Byeas. See ya tomorrow.

Tri K : Byeaaaas. (#When Ur Friends W/a Baker And U Get Free Cakes)

Kar L : Scoundrel. Ov< 😉 😉 😉

Tri K : Ha. Ok Byeeeeee.😉

Wednesday, December 2010. 11:36

Kar L is offline

Tri K is offline

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