Roleplay or Love?

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13 : Parents. Am I right?

Friday, December 2010. 9:00

Kar L is online

Tri K is online

Kar L : Parents just left. #Majorly embarrassed

Tri K : Oh god, what happened?

Kar L : They tried 2 hook me up with someone...he insulted me. 😢 😭 😭 😿

Tri K : Jerk.

Kar L : I told him I was a hostess and he called me a...uh, degenerate name.

Tri K : Tell me where he lives, so I can beat the living daylights out of him! 😠 😠 😠

Kar L : Nah. Don’t need 2 deal with taht drama, and u don’t either.

Kar L : *That. Gah typos.

Tri K : On my way 2 ur house 2 comfort u.

Kar L : Aw. Thanks, Tri. Or should I say Triden?

Tri K : Oh, Tri is fine. But can I call u love of my life?! 💗 🎔 🖤 ♥️

Kar L : Hmm...I think I would like that very much.

Tri K : Of course u would! But I would 2! *Winks suggestively”

Kar L : Haha. okay...Love of my life.

Tri K : *Sighs dreamily* How did I ever come across a girl like you? 😍

Kar L : R u almost here yet?! T^T He, like, literally JUST texted me!

Tri K : Almost there. What did he say?

Kar L : jerky stuff.

Tri K : Grr. Tell me where he lives!

Kar L : Ha, Just get over here.

Tri k : Here!

Friday, December 2010. 9:27

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