Roleplay or Love?

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14 : Blushy faces

Saturday, December 2010. 8:57

Kar L is online

Tri K is online

Kar L : Hyas! Binge watching anime and stuffing ice-cream in my mouth!

Tri K : Ha. R u serious?

Kar L : Of course I am!

Tri K : *Facepalms* Well then...I should’ve stayed longer! I want ice-cream! 😭 😭 😭

Kar L : *Laughs loudly* Hah, I’ll save some 4 u.


Kar L : Ice cream = 2nd senpai!

Tri K : 2nd?


Tri K : *Blushes* O//v//O Oh. O.o

Kar L : Haha, did u think I would 4get about u?

Tri K : O//v//O maybe…

Kar L : Don’t!

Tri K : Haha, ok. Have I ever told u, I luv u?

Kar L : Haha, plenty of times. But it never gets old.

Tri K : O//v//O So many blushie faces

Kar L : So many reasons 2 be blushing O//v//O.

Tri K : O//V//O Yep.

Kar L : Gtg

Tri K : What?!!! Already?!!!!

Kar L : Yep.

Tri K : Why?!!

Kar L : Parents are back. With a load of guys…

Tri K : Maybe I can meet your parents adnd they’ll stop?!

Tri K : *and

Kar L : I guess free rn?

Tri K : If you need me, I’ll always be there!

Kar L : Okay so...anything you wanna talk about?

Kar L : Hello? You still there?

Kar L : =_= Oh no. Are you ignoring me now?

Saturday, December 2010. 9:32

Tri K is offline

Kar L : Dude? NUUUUU, I’m lonely now…

Saturday, December 2010. 9:34

Kar L is offline

Sunday, December 2010. 6:45

Tri K is online

Tri K : Rise and shine beautiful!

Kar L is online

Kar L : Dude. It’s 7 in the morning…

Tri K : *Laughs sheepishly* Sorry, I was up thinking about you

Kar L : Oh my gosh, it was so funny that you showed up last night and grabbed my arm, glared at my mother and said, “Get those playboys away from my Karia, I’m her boyfriend.” And my mom, lol, she was just standing there, surprised that you were a real person.

Tri K : Dang. That was long. Haha, why wouldn’t I be?

Kar L : wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve tried to weasel my way out of mom’s incessant line of suitors 😂

Tri K : Haha. I had fun last night though!

Kar L : *Rolls eyes* Yeah. You ate the rest of my ice cream while we binge watched animes in japanese with subtitles.

Tri K : I’ll buy you more!

Kar L : Haha, no need. It’s fine, I’ll just work some overtime to help pay for your bottomless pit of a stomach.

Tri K : NO! I’ll work overtime!

Kar L : Hey. Gtg, workiiiing.

Tri K : Aw, bye beautiful.

Kar L : I’m not ugly, but I’m not beautiful either.

Tri K : You are to me~

Kar L : I’m ugly to you? 😂 JK. Now I REALLY have to go, Tri.

Tri K : Bye then, love of my life. ((And you are NOT ugly

Kar L : NUUUU, You’re actually going to call me that? ((I know. I said I wasn’t. I also said I wasn’t beautiful.

Tri K : You know I will ;p

Kar L : OK, bye

Saturday, December 2010. 7:28

Kar L is offline

Tri K is offline

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