Roleplay or Love?

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2 : Friends

Saturday, December 2010. 8:58

Kar L has left the chat room : “Lover Roleplay”

Maximum Players : ½

Chat Room open

Tri K has left the chat room : “Lover Roleplay”

Maximum Players : 0/2

Chat Room open

Saturday, December 2010. 9:00

Kar L, You have just entered the roleplay chat room : “BFFs 4 life”

Maximum players : 2/3

Chat room open

Ree H has just entered the roleplay chat room : “BFFs 4 life”

Maximum players : 3/3

Chat Room closed

Trix L : Hey Gfs! I luv rping!))

Ree H : Me 2!))

Kar L : XD I c you guys interrupted my chatting 4 dis?))

Trix L : *Gasps* Like, with a guy? Omg, okay we’re done, go back to talking to him!))

Kar L : Whatev. He’s offline, now, anyway))

Trix L : Omg, we just ruined your chances at a new bf!))

Ree H. : Oh, shush Trix, she’s fine. She doesn’t need a new one. Especially after that jerk!))

Trix L : Aww. But I am master matchmaker for a reason!))

Kar L : Are we rping, or just talking about my pathetic love life?))

Trix L : Your love life is not pathetic!))

Ree H : Your love life is not pathetic!))

Kar L : Of course you would both say that))

Trix L : Well, Let’s get to rping. I didn’t create this chat room for no reason.))

Kar L : *Knocks on Trix’s house door* Hellooo, anyone there?

Trix L : *Opens door* Agh! What took you so long, Karia? Reenie is already here!

Kar L : *Smiles apologetically* Sorry, Trixie, I was, uh, busy.

Trix L : Hmm...doing what?

Kar L : *Blushes* Well, uh…

Trix L : *Gasps* Were you on a date?! Without telling me? *Places hand dramatically over heart* And I thought we were friends.

Kar L : *Giggles* Stop being so dramatic.

Trix L : How can I help it? My friend betraying me? What an outrage. *Opens door all the way and welcomes Karia inside*

Trix L : How are you, Kar?

Kar L : Great, I guess. Kinda bummed out because of Troy.

Ree H : *Yells* Troy was a jerk! Don’t be sad because of him!

Kar L : *Smiles thankfully and sighs* What would I do without you guys?

Trix L : You probably would kill yourself.

Kar L : What?! I’m not that bad!

Ree H : Nope, U are.

Kar L : *Turns to Reenie and Gasps* I thought you were supposed to B the supportive, upbeat one of us!

Ree H : Well, I’m supporting Trixie.

Kar L : Well, time to get over that jerk.

Ree H : More like major jerk.

Kar L : *Laughs* Aren’t they all the same.

Ree H : Guys, or jerks? ((XD so true

Trix L : Reenie! Not all guys are jerks! Take Kain for example. *Sighs with pleasure*

Ree H : Pftt. You only say that bc he’s ur bf.

Trix L : Doesn’t mean he’s not nice!

Kar L : Meh. Idk bout dat.

Trix L : ((What, Kar?! Hold on. Changing max playas, inviting Kain.

Kar L : What?!))

Saturday, December 2010. 9:48

Settings has changed. Maximum players : ¾

Chat Room open

Saturday, December 2010. 9:50

Kain R has entered the roleplay chat room : “BFFs 4 Life”

Maximum players : 4/4

Chat Room closed

Kain R : Hey Kar and Ree! Trixie has told me a lot about u 2!

Kar L : Oh she has, has she? *Looks at Trix for an explanation*))

Trix L : All good things! All good things.))

Kain R : What’s with the parenthesis)

Kar L : *Gasps*))

Trix L : It’s used to show OOG chatting. And Kar, don’t gasp))

Kar L : How could he be your bf and NOT know basic rping?!))

Kain R : OOG?))

Kar L : Out of game))

Kain R : Ooooh. Sorry.))

Kar L : Urgh. Why must he be in our rp? The title is BFFs 4 life, not BFs and GFs 4 life!))

Trix L : Y do u hate Kain so much?))

Kar L : I don’t hate him. I just don’t like him.))

Trix L : Ooooh, that makes aaaall the difference.))

Kain R : Uh, I can leave if you want…

Kar L : Yes, leave. You also forgot parentheses!))

Trix L : C’mon, Kar. Don’t be mean))

Kar L : *Huffs*))

Saturday, December 2010. 10:16

Kar L has left the chat room : “BFFs 4 Life”

Maximum Players : 3/4

Chat Room open

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