Roleplay or Love?

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4 : Mixed Romances

Saturday, December 2010. 10:34

Kar L, You have just entered the roleplay chat room : “Lover Roleplay”

Maximum players : 1/2

Chat room open

Kar L : Talk 2 me when u get on, Tri. T^T))

Kar L is offline.

Sunday, December 2010. 6:45

Kar L is online.

Tri K has entered the chat room : “Lover Roleplay”

Maximum Players : 2/2

Chat Room closed

Tri K : Urgh. So tired *rubs eyes and yawns*))

Kar L : Oops. Did I wake U? T^T Srry.))

Tri K : Nah. I woke myself.))

Kar L : XD. Y would u do that?))

Tri K : I guess it must have been bc I was thinkin’ bout u.))

Kar L : XD, Oh shush.))

Tri K : Wut? You don’t think that people would, uh, dream about u?))

Kar L : lol. If my last relationship was any indication, no guy would probably even want 2 think about me. Besides my BFFs Bf.))

Tri K : Y would he think about u?))

Kar L : Weeell, I hate him.))

Tri K : Y?))

Kar L : Well, um. We kind of had a, uh, moment before…Well technically he was confessing and, uh stuff happened. I haven’t told Trixie yet. And he’s not man enough 2 tell her.))

Tri K : T^T I feel 4 ya, sistah. But I like u.))

Kar L : Yeah, right. We only met yesterday.))

Tri K : Which shows wut a great person u r <3.))

Kar L : We rping now? Or r u going to talk about my pathetic luv life like my Friends?))

Tri K : *Turns to barista* Y ya’ll givin’ me a stink eye, Budday?

Kar L : *Snorts through mouth* Srsly?!)) Um. Okaaaay, byyye *grabs drink* Thank you *nods head to Barista DUDE*.

Tri K : Oi, shush.)) *Grabs Kar’s arm instinctively* Wait, Let him answer.

Kar L : Omg. You say Oi? Me 2! It truly annoys me when people say oof.)) Um, but I should, uh, get going.

Tri K : Barista DUDE : Let the young lady be.

Tri K : First explain that look you gave me.

Kar L : Um, is this really necessary?

Tri K : Barista DUDE : Fine. I’ll tell u this, buddy. I don’t think ur worthy enough 4 her.

Tri K : *Gasp* You think I was hitting on her? *Places hand over heart* I would never!... Okay, maybe a little. Just a little.

Kar L : I’m gonna run out of snorts after this is ova)) Um. Please, I have to get to work. *Tugs on Tri’s arm*

Tri K : *Lets go of Kar’s arm* Erm, sorry. I guess I’m kinda weird.

Kar L : *Rubs spot where Tri grasped* Um, It’s fine. *Dashes off to work*

Tri K : Wait, I didn’t finish apologizing! *Dashes off after Kar* ((What’s ur name? Mines Triden. Triden Katsune.

Kar L : Karia. Karia Levar)) *Is at work at donut bakery* Well, time for rush hour. *Dashes to kitchen and fastens an apron around her waist*

Kar L : Oops Got to go. Work.))

Tri K : *Searches on phone 4 nearest donut bakery* Hmm...Dountlicious...))

Kar L : Well, 1st of all, Donutlicious is bomb. And 2nd of all, I don’t work in a donut shop IRL.))

Tri K : Aww *^*. Well, want to know what I do in real life? I’m a...wait for it… wait for plannah!))

Kar L : XD u r so dramatic. I c it now. A party planner?))

Tri K : Yeah I make sure that all the parties that I plan r supes cool and totally awesome.))

Kar L : Supes?))

Tri K : XD Quoting my last client))

Kar L : Who?))

Tri K : Sum gurl named Layana Coul.))

Kar L :...Did u just say LAYANA. AS IN MAYOR COUL’S LAYANA.))

Tri K : Yeah...Oh, wait. Don’t tell me ur 1 of those Layana Wannabes… And I thought I knew u...))

Kar L : Ugh. She wishes. I HATE Layana. HATE with a capital H-A-T-E.))

Tri K : Y? Oh, wait. Lemme guess. She was such 2 u.))

Kar L : Haha *Mischievous glint appears in eyes* That’s 1 way 2 put it. Hehe))

Kar L : Argh. Stop distracting me! Gtg to work! GAH.))

Tri K : WHERE?!))

Kar L : I work as a hostess! Oky?!))

Tri K : Hostess?))

Kar L : So my company usually throws a bunch of these parties, where guys can relax with beautiful women. AKA HOSTESSES))

Tri K : Sooo...))

Kar L : We just hang. Bring drinks. Laugh at their horrible jokes. Talk. If they get handsy, we throw them out. NOW BYE 4 REAL.))

Tri K : Bye Kar...Wait, wut r u wearing?))


Tri K : K. Won’t bother y’all anymore. Byesa.

Kar L : Will u still be on?

Tri K : Probs 2 rp with friends.

Kar L : K. Might be on in a little bit. Byesa.

Sunday, December 2010. 9:00

Kar L is offline

Tri K is in another chat room.

Tri K is still connected to chat room : “Lover Roleplay”

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