Roleplay or Love?

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5 : Let's meet!

Sunday, December 2010. 10:47

Kar L is online

Tri K is in chat room : “Lover Roleplay”

Tri K : Hey, welcome back!))

Kar L : Still working. Short replies. Hi.))

Tri K : Haha, I see. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.))

Kar L : Already 2 long.))

Tri K : Oi, Shush.))

Kar L : Brb, guy getting touchy here.))

Tri K : Oky. You done now?))

Kar L : Yep, all done. Got him thrown out.))

Tri K : Argh. You’re not the only one being bugged by work. Seems like someone wants me to plan… would u look at that! A HOSTESS party! Maybe I’ll see you there? Wut’s ur company name?))

Kar L : Donovan Luv company. Ugh, cringy right?))

Tri K : And just my clientele! Yas! We could see each other!))

Kar L : Urgh. I guess. Just look for some girl with blonde hair. It’s probably not me. There are lots of blondes in our company. Just not all of them r natural.))

Tri K : I’ll just wait for a blonde girl who comes up to the only guy in the room with blue and white hair.))

Kar L : Urgh, I wish I had hair like u.))

Tri K : Haha, of course u do.))

Kar L : Oi, gotta go. Boss needs me to entertain sum drunk dude.))

Tri K : So, if I get drunk, you’ll entertain me?))

Kar L : Oi, Shush, you weirdo.))

Tri K : Byesa.))

Kar L : Byesa.))

Sunday, December 2010. 11:16

Kar L is offline

Tri K : Kya...When will I tell her?...

Tri k : When will I tell her...that I’ve fallen 4 her…?

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