Roleplay or Love?

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6 : Hyas!

Sunday, December 2010. 4:38

Kar L is online

Kar L : Yo, Tri. Busy day at work 2day))

Tri K : Ha you have no idea. Y r ur guys’ parties so EXTRAVAGANT?))

Kar L : Wow that is an extremely large word 4 u. Anyways, they’re usually 4 richer pepes. But 4 dat partay we r allowing everyone (even women) to come. Of course, they have to be 21 or olda.))

Tri K : So povertized pepes like me r allowed?))

Kar L : Oi, shush. Anyways yes. But I.D. required. And housing. And ride. If ur drinking.))

Tri K : Wow. So many requirements.))

Kar L : Ugh. Not my idea...I just want to say sumthin...))

Tri K : Spill.))

Kar L : I’m glad we met.))

Tri K : Uh…*Blushes* Yeah, me too.))

Kar L : *Gasps* U. Blushing! Kya! *Fangirls over this beautiful moment*

Tri K : Haha, very funny, Kar. Wait a minute. Kar Kar Kar very funny… Mwahaha me and my puns))

Kar L : U suck. U just suck.))


Kar L : Haha. See y’all at Le partay. Byesa.))

Tri K : Byesa!))

Sunday, December 2010. 4:50

Kar L is offline

Tri K is offline

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