Roleplay or Love?

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7 : Don't call me baby

Wednesday, December 2010. 8:26

Kar L is online

Tri K is online

Tri K : Hey babaaay!

Kar L : Don’t call me baby. So, no more parenthesis?

Tri K : No need 4 it

Kar L : So wut ya wearin 2 da partay?

Tri K : A crisp white V NECK. Navy Skinnay jeans. Black Leathah belt. Black and white high tops. Oooh yeah. I’m doin it baby.

Kar L : Ew. STILL, don’t call me baby. Anyways, I’m wearing a SHORT dark blue neck strap dress. I have a red rose pinned on my right side, waist line. I’m wearing black combat boots(My love) and my blonde hair is down, one braid on the left side.

Tri K : *Gasps* I can’t wait 2 see you!

Kar L : I can’t wait 2 see you in y’all Leathah belt.

Tri K : *ROLF* I’ve never laughed this much in ages!

Kar L : Oh.

Tri K : Wut?!

Kar L : *Laughs* I thought u were 24!


Kar L : I am!

Tri K : *Punches Kar lightly on the shoulder*

Kar L : *Rubs shoulder and gasps* WOW. You’ve gone so low as to harass me!

Tri K : Haha. Have I ever told u I love u?

Kar L : No. Probably bc it isn’t true!

Tri K : *Blushes and rubs back of head*

Kar L : Haha. You’ve got 2 be joking.

Tri K : *Shrugs sheepishly*

Kar L : *Face falls* Oh, Tri. Don’t love me. You don’t even know me.

Tri K : Well, I am about to meet u.

Kar L : Tri. U could do so much better than me.

Tri K : I’ve tried. And I can’t. I love you. Karia, plz accept me.

Kar L : *Leaves house to party*

Tri K : Oh yeah. See ya there…

Kar L : Unless you don’t want to go! Byeas!

Tri K : No! I didn’t mean it that way! Um...See ya there!

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