Roleplay or Love?

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8 : Partay time!

Wednesday, December 2010. 10:00

Kar L : Ha! That was so much fun, Tri!

Tri K : Definitely. I...You were so beautiful. O//v//O

Kar L : O//v//O Ha. You were so handsome...And I absolutely LOVED ur blue hair!

Tri K : Of course u did!

Kar L : Haha. Narcissist.

Tri K : Haha, just a little joke. So…

Kar L : So…..?

Tri K : Um...about what we were talking about earlier...about me. How I feel. About you.

Kar L : Oh. Um, well...Tri. Ugh, I’m not good at this… O//v//O

Tri K : O//v//O Um...well, I’m not either.

Kar L : Ack. Work calling! Byeas 4 now!

Tri K : Oh...oky

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