Roleplay or Love?

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9 : Love

Wednesday, December 2010. 10:18

Kar L, you have just joined the roleplay

chat room : “BFFs 4 Life”, maximum players : 3/3. Chat room closed to others because maximum player requirement(s) is met.

Trix L : Oh...Kar.

Kar L : T^T Magic.

Ree H : GASP. U feel the need 2 use our emergency word? Even after the Kaine mishap?! What’s wrong.

Kar L : Rping w/a guy. He loves me. HECK, I love him!

Trix L : What?! Then go to him! What r u waiting for?!

Ree H : What about how mad u were about the Kaine thing?

Trix L : Talk about dat l8r. Right now Kar needs us!

Ree H : Ha. why don’t u just date him?

Kar L : Argh...I don’t know if I can deal with another heartbreak. 💔.

Ree H : Aww. T^T Poor Kar. Don’t worry. The first heartbreak is always bad. But u’ll get over it. But u won’t if u deny urself a chance at new love. Real love!

Kar L : ...Is it ever real?

Trix L : Of course! Have u seen KAINE AND MEEEEE?! It’s like a match made in heaven!

Kar L : Um...actually. No. It’s not.

Trix L : What?! What, u think I’m not good enough 4 him?! 😠💢

Kar L : No…*Sighs* I guess it’s time 2 tell u…

Trix L : Tell me what?!

Kar L : Just wait and I will!

Kar L : Anyways...Kaine liked me. He confessed. While u guys were dating. He forced a kiss on me. He isn’t man enough 2 tell ya.

Trix L : O.M.G. OMGOMGOMG Oh my flippin GOSH. WTH. IS.WRONG.WITH.KAINE?! What a jerk!

Ree H : Well put. He is a jerk.

Kar L : I’m sorry. I say he isn’t man enough 2 tell u...but I wasn’t woman enough 2 tell u.

Trix L : Oh, Kar.I’m glad it came frm u instead of him. I thought u’ve always hated him bc u were...selfish...

Kar L : What?! I...I thought we knew each other better than that…

Trix L : Sorrys bae. I know. I know. Friends should stick with each other.

Kar L : Ah. It’s fine. I’ve never really given u a reason 2 think any different. Although it still kinda stings 2 hear that u thought of me that way.

Trix L : Ack. Sorrys Sistah! I mean it! I LUV u.

Ree L : I hate 2 interrupt this beautiful moment with my selfishness...but what about me?

Kar L : Ah! Sorry Reene! *Pulls both Sistahs into gigantic super terrific bear hug* LUV U GUYS!

Trix L : GO TALK 2 HIM!

Kar L : Kaine?

Tric L : Nah. I’ll deal with that jerk. I meant that guy u rp with!

Kar L : Oh...yeah. Byeas Sistahs.

Trix L : Byeas!

Ree H : See yas at work!

Wednesday, December 2010. 11:00

Kar L has left the roleplay chat room, “BFFs 4 Life

Maximum players : 2/3

Chat room open

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