The Days Will Come Back Together

By shwesha All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


This is a story of a girl named Alexa Su, who lost her parents in childhood and was take care by her grandparents. After having a troublesome childhood and broken marriage, tries to continue her passion in Singing. She starts working in one of the famous music academy in Japan "Xia Music Academy" and meets her first friend Yie Xu who is also her band mate. Yie is in secret love with her and we need to see if he will be one to take away Alexa. Her destiny changes after entering in Music career as she was asked to travel all alone to New York before the first international concert. She meets two main characters during her visit in NY and both falls for her. She has lost all her courage to fall in love and don't have any belief in good luck, Stay tuned to check who will be the prince charming for Alexa. :)

All About Me

Have you ever got lost in your thoughts without realizing that you have been starting at someone or something for a longer time, and when you come back to your senses realize what kiddish thing you were doing? (**Let me know in the comments...:))

Alexa was so lost in her thoughts that she forgot about the people around her. She kept staring at the bird on the nearby tree from the window. It was almost half an hour without any movement from her as if she was in a deep dream, and don’t want to wake from that dream.

“Miss Dreamer, come back to the reality”, Alexa was shocked with the sudden whisper on her right ear and got distracted from her thought. To no surprise it was Alexa’s band mate and the best friend Yie Xu who dared to distract her. When she turned her head to check on Yie, could still find his lips pretty near to her ears giving her a ticklish feel due to the hot air coming from his mouth.

Let me tell you something about our girl.

Our dreamer name is Alexa Su, who lost her parents in an early age. She is very jovial in nature with a pretty face. Any one will fall for her eyes and lips. One could say that these two are the features which one will easily recognize in her when met for the first time and fall for her. She had a lot of trust issues and thus avoided making new friends. Alexa was bullied by her classmates in both school and college level for various reason. She wanted to pursue her career in music as that was the only way she use to feel outside of this world. It was her grandparents who bought her up after her parents death and have been supporting her with all the needs till she graduated. This was the reason she never took the courage to go along with her dreams of becoming a Singer, as had to support them with her job to take care of them now. She was married and divorced in six months as couldn’t get along with her husband and In-laws. She was constantly abused by him and his parents for sending out all her money to her grandparents. After coming out of the abusive married life, she finally took the decision to start with her music career. After couple of auditions and struggle, she was finally hired by best music company “Xia Music Academy” and met Yie Xu.

Its been two years from the time they have been in the band. Alexa and Yie are the main vocalist of the band. Yie knows everything about Alexa’s past life and supports her in all her decisions.

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