Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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10. Favour


I was gonna tell her but Knox called.

I would’ve let it go to voicemail but I’d been trying to get in touch with him for the past few days. The fucker did it on purpose, I knew it and so did everybody else in the club. If I missed this opportunity, I didn’t know when, or if, he’d try to get in touch again.

It was 2 am. Everybody was asleep, including the fool Vanessa kept preaching about being her ‘friend’. I’d been to college. I had friends that were girls. Well, that was the lie I told everybody when we were fucking like the world was about to end. In college, no girl or boy was ever friends. But for her amusement, and mine, I pretended to believe her.

I left her house without a sound. I scanned the streets, seeing nothing unusual. There was nothing lurking within the shadows of the night, nothing hiding to jump me. It wouldn’t be the first time and something told me it wouldn’t be the last. Slowly, I walked toward my bike and my phone rang with a text. I glanced at the screen. Recognising the address, I started my bike and drove into the night, away from Vanessa.

I didn’t know how long it took me to get there but I recognised Knox’s car, surprisingly not the police cruiser. Maybe he was off the clock. Either way, this was going to be interesting. He was out of his car, leaning against the closed driver’s door with his hands shoved into his front pockets. Parking my bike opposite from his, and a good distance away, I jumped off the bike and flashed a mock grin. Knox didn’t seem too pleased to see me.

“It’s about time,” I said, stretching out my arms as if I was welcoming a friend. “But of all times, you gotta call me at this hour?”

“I was busy,” he said and shrugged. “Tried to find an appropriate time but this is all I’ve got.”

“Yet somehow, you’ve managed to drop a stray at my front door,” I said, shaking my head while tutting like a disapproving mother. “That ain’t how it goes, Knox. I scratch your back now you scratch mine.”

He didn’t say anything because he knew I was right. He grew up in the club with his father being a patched member. He knew what we lived by and we didn’t help without a price. No matter how much he tried to pretend he’d never been associated with the club, he was. The original members made him the man he was today.

He hated it.

“How is McKenna?” he asked. “I half expected you’d try to fuck her but…”

I smirked wryly. “She’s good. She’s got magic fingers when it comes to those cars. What’s her story?”

“She got caught up in bad shit with her boyfriend back in Louisiana. A cop friend of mine needed help and so that’s what I’m doing.”

“Where is he?”


I didn’t need to know anymore. It explained why her doe eyes always looked so sad.

“What do you want, Don?” Knox asked with a sigh, acting as if I was a fly he couldn’t bat away.

“I need you to do me a favour,”

When I said us, his back straightened and uncertainty he carried festered into anger. “No.”

“No?” I repeated with a chuckle. “You don’t have a choice, brother.”

Knox wasn’t a brother. He could have but decided to join the police force. Back then, went things were bad with the club—bad meaning our illegal business—it took all the convincing not to get a hit on him. He knew our business, probably seen things that were hard to hide from innocent eyes. Hells, when we found out he was joining, at first we thought he’d gone undercover or some shit to get into the police force in the first place.

“What do you want?”

“We need your resources. We plan to put Crey undercover and infiltrate the Serpents since, you know, you ain’t doing shit about it,”

“We’re doing what we can,” Knox countered, his anger flaring. “We’ve got some of their boys but they aren’t talking. Even offered them lesser sentences but they won’t budge.”

I kept quiet for a second, thinking, and planning before asking. “How close are you to finding their safe house?”

It took a while for him to respond. “We’re getting close.”

“What about their initiation process? Do you know?”


“Figure that out and then get back to me,” I said, spinning on my heels and headed for my bike.

It wasn’t until I reached it that he called out. “Is that it?”

Pausing, I glanced over his shoulder and saw confusion on his face. Pretending to think about it, I shrugged. “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

“You called me all the way out here for nothing?”

“I didn’t call you here. You did that to yourself. Now, if you’d agree to see me when I came to your territory you wouldn’t be this grumpy with lack of sleep.”

“Bastard,” Knox spat, shaking his head with a smile that was out of place with his anger. He turned to his car. “I’ll get in touch.”

Mounting my bike, I grabbed my helmet before responding. “You better.”

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