Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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13. Confessions


Alex left for California a couple of days ago. He had family there and apparently, he had an emergency he needed to attend to. He didn’t specify and I didn’t ask. I didn’t want him to go—as he’d planned to stay for a little longer—but I understood.

Tired of staying at my place all day, I wanted to go somewhere but everyone I knew was busy. And if you were wondering, Elliot had moved out of state for college; he wasn’t at the diner anymore. Nazanin was away, again, and Melanie was called in for an emergency shift at the salon. As I went through my list of people, it left only one person I knew well in the great city of Miami—Don.

When he rode to my place early in the afternoon, I dashed out of my house like it was on fire. Don hadn’t even stopped when I demanded for him to take me somewhere, anywhere that was different than the four walls of my living room.

“It’s not safe to be out,” he said countered, his shaded eyes scanning the area before returning to me.

“What’s different from the other days I’ve been out?” I asked, perplexed.

“Things have changed,” was his cryptic response and instantly, my mind went to Tennessee’s words back at the beach. I couldn’t help the slight fear trickling into my system. I wasn’t afraid of Don. More so, I was afraid for him. It was laughable really because apparently, I was the one in danger. Although, I how I feel safe when my protector wasn’t?

“Get behind me,” he said, starting the engine of his bike. I followed his command, not before he offered me his helmet, and held on tightly when he rode down the streets like a bullet.

I welcomed the speed. I leaned back slightly, not letting go of my hold on Don, while facing the oncoming wind. Releasing my fists, my fingers skated across Don’s cloth-covered abs and they flexed in response. Over his shoulder, I saw his hands tighten on the handle of his bike.

I couldn’t help the smile spreading across my face and it stayed there until we reached his apartment. Once he stopped, I climbed off his bike, took off his helmet and redid my low bun. Watching him watching me, I handed over his helmet and he took it without a word.

Together, we entered the apartment complex and it didn’t take long to reach his door. Once we entered his space, I took a quick scan of my surroundings. It was fairly clean, almost vacant if it wasn’t for the toys lying at one corner of the room. Other than that, it you’d think his place was on display for potential renters.

My eyes glued to the toys, I said. “Your daughter is here?”

Turning to face him, I found him watching me with a thoughtful look. He nodded before removing his cut. “She’s with ma now. I thought I would be spending the day at your place but…”

“But now were here,” I said and smiled. “So… will I ever meet her?”

“Of course,” he said with conviction. “She’s here for the weekend. You can meet her tomorrow?”

My smile widened. “Okay sure.”

I tried to act cool about it but his offer was meaningful to me. His smile glowed like the sun itself. He walked towards me, slowly, and I took my time to take in his appearance. His jeans hung low on his hips, his black t-shirt reveal the toned arms and… goddamn it. He was giving me those bedroom eyes I couldn’t resist. As if there was some invisible force gluing me to the spot, I couldn’t look away.

The second his lips were inches from mine, I spun around. “I’m hungry, what do you want to eat?”

His sigh reached my ears and I smirked. “Pizza?”

“Don’t you cook?”

“Don’t got time and don’t know how,”

“So what does your daughter eat?”

Don had to think about his answer.

“Please, don’t tell me you’re the type that burns toast,” I said dryly and he gave me a mocking glare.

“I’m not useless, Vanessa,”

“Whatever you say,” I said with a sugary smile and he lunged for me.

Shrieking, I tried to run away but only managed a couple of steps before he caught me. Don tossed me over his shoulder with ease and started walking somewhere. I couldn’t really tell where since my vision was upside down. Plus, the only thing obscuring my view was his ass. Suddenly, Don stopped and tossed me forward. When I hit the mattress I realised I was in his bedroom.

Waiting until I settled on the mattress, he hovered over my body, only leaving an inch of space between us. Our breathing was the only thing I could hear, like as if our breaths were aligning us to each other’s presence. Any closer and my lips would graze his. I waited for him to do something, willing him to do something. Like a python, he struck. I turned my head to the side and he kissed my cheek.

Don growled in frustration. “Kiss me.”

Laughing, I shook my head.

“Kiss me!” He demanded. With his right hand, he gripped my jaw, forcing my head still. He swooped down to peck me on the lips. Once he realised I didn’t try to struggle against his hold, he leaned in for a deeper kiss.

Not only did I surrender my lips to his but my body followed. Sighing, as the taste of his tongue hit my senses, I leaned in for more only to have him bite my bottom lip. He wasn’t gentle either. It was hard and the combination of pain and pleasure left me in a state of limbo. A part of me wanted to rub the pain away. I didn’t listen to that side. Curling my bottom lip, I sucked the pain and welcomed it as my own.

“You like to play with my head, don’t you?” Don asked, brushing his nose against mine. I gasped when he ground his hips against mine, feeling his length harden with each second that passed by.

“Well, I was trying to make you work for it. Obviously, patience isn’t your virtue,”

I didn’t mean for my answer to come out so breathless. I tried to sound as normal as possible but if pleasure had a voice, it sure as hell was mine at that moment. It drove Don insane because his thrusts increased, and his centre aligned with mine to hit the perfect spot.

I clawed at his clothes, desperate for them to come off so I could feel his skin. I wanted to lick, bite and suck the ridges of his abs while sinking down his happy trail. When Don’s lips met mine once again, I bit his own but unlike with me, I drew blood.

Hissing in pain, he pulled away, straightened his body at the end of the bed. He watched me and he touched the open wound on his bottom lip. He stared at the blood on his fingertips before returning his gaze to me. Nostrils flaring, he leaned down and grabbed my ankles, determination set in his god-like features.

“You’re going to pay for that,” he said, wrapping my legs around his waist before standing. I held on and gasped when cool water trickled down my back.

“Don!” I screamed, shivering to the bone and heard laughter over the rushing water. “Fuck it’s so cold!”

Through my blurry vision, I saw Don enter the shower, fully clothed except for his shoes. Tilting my chin up, he took hold of my lips with his, flicking his tongue against mine. Other than is touch, every other sensation faded away. The cold in my skin was replaced with the warmth of his. His hard body moulded with mine as we clawed at each other’s clothes.

Thrusting his lips, I felt his hardening dick against my thigh. I shamelessly reached down and grabbed him. When I squeezed, he broke the kiss and stared at me with a look of wonder and incredulity. A hint of a smile played along his lips.

“Shit, Bambi,” he said, his voice rough and thick with need. “You ain’t the same are you?”

I didn’t understand and he saw the confusion on my face. Resting both hands on each side of me, he brushed his nose over mine. “Do it again.”

I smiled and squeezed him again, feeling his get harder as each second ticked by. We were soaked to the bone. My floral dress clung to my skin and revealed the shape of my breasts. Don’s eyes were on them and subconsciously, I found myself puffing my chest a little higher.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare or are you going to do something about it?” I whispered against his skin.

He lifted the hem of my skirt and let his fingers glide against my panties. A small gasp escape my lips when he thumbed my clit. I felt his eyes on my face and I closed mine but then he pinched my clit.

“Look at me,” he commanded, forcing me to look at him.

It seemed ridiculous to try and act shy, especially since we’d done every sinful thing imaginable in the past. I didn’t know why I couldn’t just look at him. My eyes shifted again. He stopped and gave him what he wanted – my eyes on him.

“I’m not gonna make you come,” he said while continuing his strokes. “Until you look at me.”

I kept my eyes on him. Not going to lie, it was difficult but I didn’t want him to stop. He pulled away but before my brain could comprehend what was happening, he lowered to his knees, hiking one of my legs over his shoulder. All the while, he didn’t break his stare. His gaze forced me in chains, having to witness every single thing he would do to my body.

Slowly, his tongue skated across my clit. And then, he sucked me. My body convulsed with the zing of electricity taking hold and I wanted to cry out loud to the universe. Don didn’t give me time to catch up. He continued to suck me relentlessly before slipping his thumb inside me. A hum vibrated in my chest and my hips chased his tongue, wanting more. Suddenly, he stood to his feet when I wasn’t ready, sending me in a daze of lust. With hooded eyes, I watched him, waiting for his next move.

Unbuckling his belt, Don pushed his jeans down until they fell to the ground. And lord god, he didn’t wear an underwear. His cock sprung free, saluting me before resting against the ridge of his abs. Don moved a little closer, hooking my leg around his hips with cock resting against my pussy. We watched each other, nose touching as we breathed the same air.

With ease, he entered me and I gasped at the feeling of being stretched to the hilt. Still, I didn’t break my gaze and neither did he. The first few strokes were slow; he was giving me time to adjust to his girth. My breathing grew deeper each time he entered me. It became frantic when he increased his pace.

Finally, he leaned in with a ravenous kiss. I took him eagerly and his skin slapped against mine and his thrust become harder. I was so turned on, it didn’t take long for the pleasure to build deep in my core. The more intense the sensation was, the more my moans turned into screams.

“Don, I—” he cut me off with another kiss, stealing my words and drinking them as his own. As if he understood what I was trying to say, his fingers slid between us and reached my clit. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I reached my climax. My pussy tightened around his cock and he growled in response, driving his thrusts harder to find his own euphoria. After a few more thrusts, I felt him release inside me. I was too caught up in how good things felt to realise something was off with the way it felt inside me. Before I could figure out what it was, Don’s words stopped me in my tracks.

“I love you, Vanessa,”

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