Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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22. Like Father Like Son... Right?


“This feels like a telenovela,” I overheard one nurse say to another.

I couldn’t help but agree. Everything felt so surreal I almost questioned my reality. Suddenly, I remembered Don telling me about Muerte and his mother. More so that Muerte was in love with Crystal.

Never did I expect it’d develop into something much more.

Muerte was silent as if Don’s revelation had stolen his voice. It was getting uncomfortably silent. So much so that the guys tried to intervene whether getting in between Don and Muerte or telling outsiders to get back to their business.

With my gaze zeroed in on the two, the world around me was in a haze as I tried to comprehend the truth.

Muerte was Don’s father.

Don was Muerte’s son.

If I hadn’t heard the words come straight out of Don’s lips, I would’ve never believed it. Other than their looks, they were completely opposite from one another; one man was living in Jupiter while the other was in Mars. I mean, Don went nomad because they couldn’t agree on certain things when it came to the club.

“Let’s take this outside,” Muerte said, taking a step forward. “Let’s talk it out.”

Don seemed like he was going to argue but then realised the amount of eyes that were on her. Everyone watched as both men took quick strides towards the automatic doors. For the first few seconds silence followed their steps. Gradually, whispered chatter grew in volume. The hospital staffs were back to business but the MC members were still in shock.

Goliath turned and watched me with furrowed brows. “Did you know about?”

“No,” I said quickly but then added. “He mentioned that Muerte and his mom has something but never…”

Goliath finished my sentence. “You never expected something like this.”


“What do you think is happening?”

I followed the source of the question to Buddy who stood by the automatic doors.

“Who the fuck knows,” Tennessee added, following Buddy’s line of gaze. I did the same and inched closer to the doors. They didn’t seem to be having a heart to heart conversation. Not that I was expecting any of the sort.

The more Muerte seemed to speak, the darker Don’s face became. He looked anywhere but at Muerte, seemingly not wanting to hear whatever he had to say. It was clear to me that Don already came to a conclusion with the entire situation. No amount of talking would get him to think otherwise.

Especially not from Muerte.

“Fuck, you think this is gonna affect the rest of us?” Buddy asked. Still, his eyes were focused on the men outside.

“What do you think?” Goliath answered. From my corner vision, I saw him move next to me with folded arms. “Imagine if your own brother slept and knocked up your old lady. How would you feel?”

Nobody responded. Without looking at their faces, I could gage their answers, especially with their silence. This entire situation was fucked up. Nervously, I bit my bottom lip, my eyes trained on Don. He was getting agitated and so was Muerte. Without hearing any dialogue, I knew they were butting heads.

Without thinking, I said. “I’m going out there.”

Before they could stop me, I was out the double doors. Despite the night sky shadowing over the parking lot, I could see them clearly. Mostly thanks to the street lights and headlights of most cars. I slowed when they took note of my presence. Don was the first to notice and Muerte followed. From their shifting gazes, I knew everyone was watching.

Muerte turned to Don one last time. “We’ll talk later.”

Don looked like he’d rather do something else. Nodding at me in acknowledgement, Muerte returned to the building. I stayed silent and folded my arms an evening chill kissed the corners of my skin. I watched Don expectantly, waiting for him to explain what was said between him and Muerte. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he spun on his heels and walked away.

“Don,” I called, following behind. I tried to keep pace with him but with every two steps I took, Don’s long strides took four. He so out of his world that I was convinced he didn’t hear my call. The edges of his broad frame shook with anger.

“Don,” I called again but louder. This time he had mercy on me. He stopped in his tracks and turned to me. His face was unreadable; he was masking his emotions. It was so easy for him to know what I was thinking at all times. But whenever I tried to do the same, he’d block me out. I didn’t want him to push me away.

“Don’t block me out,” I voiced aloud, slowing to a stop and not leaving any space between us. Placing my hands on his face, I asked calmly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“And say what?” He responded with a question, shrugging. “Explain to me, Vanessa, what could I have said?”

His fingers curled around wrist but he didn’t pull my hands away. I moved a little closer, pressing my chest to his. If it were possible I’d mould myself into him.

“That you were confused. That you were hurt—” leaning in, I kissed him. Don didn’t pull away but he didn’t give in either. I pulled back and said. “You’re nothing like him.”

“Am I?” he asked doubtfully. “What if—”

“What if nothing,” I snapped in frustration. “I know you, Don. Despite what has happened between us, you’re not a selfish man. You’ve had a reasons but—”

“I was before you,” he interrupted me. My lips parted, words escaping my tongue as I took in his words. An uncanny smile spread across his lips, unmatched to his angry eyes. He let out a sarcastic chuckle before continuing. “You wouldn’t have liked the man I was before you. Hell, you almost didn’t judging by our first meeting.”

I didn’t say anything because… what else could I say? It was partly true. The first time I met Don, I knew he was a player. If we’d spend our first encounter not talking, I would’ve come to the same conclusion. When he asked me to be his old lady, I was hesitant. Initially, I wanted our relationship to be purely sexual. After my disastrous relationship with my ex, Yemi, my outlook on committed relationship soured.

But still. I might have acted cold at first but I never hid my fascination of him.

“Don…” I whispered and he shook his head.

“It’s okay,” he said. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he kissed my forehead before trailing down to my lips. I took him in, completely and unashamedly. Don took my hand and pulled away. “Come on, I’ve gotta take you home.”

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