Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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25. Dandelion


Before my fingers could reach the door handle, Don beat me to it. From behind, he reached around me to open the door. As if hit by a current, the music blasted through me. It was so loud I couldn’t help but wince. Nevertheless, I walked into the main room, taking in everyone, which were mostly men, as they went about their own business.

“That was quick,” one of the guys from the bar said, bringing a bottle of beer to his lips. Frowning, I glanced over my shoulder just in time to catch Don roll his eyes. “Listen, darling, if you really want to have a good time, you should leave this ass and spend some time with me.”

At that comment, my head snapped to the man in disbelief.

“Um…” I said, looking at Don with wide eyes.

“Nice try, Dandelion, but she’s mine,” he said, grabbing my waist.

The second Don sounded his name, his face changed. For a moment, Dandelion was playful, the next he was downright murderous. “You always get the pretty ones.”

“Wait, you’re Dandelion?” I exclaimed, watching the man with new eyes. Dandelion had a long thick beard, one that matched his dark eyes. He was a white man and I could tell he was tall, even if he was sitting on a stool. “You’re the guy who’s been watching me in Austin?”

He gave me a once over. “Yeah, Vanessa?”

I nodded, still in shock.

“Okay, stop checking out my girl,” Don said, slightly irritated, and stood in front of me, blocking my view of Dandelion. Rising to my tip toes, I peered over his shoulder. Dandelion grinned, a view lines forming around the corner of his eyes, a small tell that he was a little older than I expected. My guess, he was probably in his late thirties.

He let out a deep, rumbly laugh while grabbing the neck of his beer bottle. Tilting it in a salute, he muttered. “Possessive bastard.”

Don took my hand and led me toward the opposite end of the bar, glaring at Dandelion while doing so. I watched Dandelion grin throughout our small journey until a sudden halt diverted my attention. Don pulled out an empty stool, sat me down before getting me a drink. A beer to be exact. I smiled before taking a small sip. Don’s brows lowered in curiosity.

“What’s that smile for?”

“The first time I had a beer with you, we were at Marcus’ party,” I said with a sad smile. Then I glared at him. “But then you stole my drink.”

He shrugged. I was the chaperone. Had to make sure no drunk minor trashed the place. The last thing we needed were the cops on our back.”

I tilted my head to the side and said. “Technically, I wasn’t a minor.”

Watching me from the corner of his eyes, their colour heated with fire as he downed his beer. “That was something I was very aware of.”

Shaking my head, I smiled while taking another sip of my beer. Don’s eyes strayed from mine to sweep the room. I followed his gaze, seeing eyes I wasn’t familiar with watching us with intrigue. I returned my eyes to Don, only catching his profile and watched, mesmerised by the muscle ticking in his jaw. I wanted to lick it, to suck his jaw. I didn’t realise I was about to do just that until I caught myself. Sensing my closeness, Don shifted his gaze to me before dropping to my lips. Not wasting another second, he kissed me, hard, uncaring of those around.

Maybe he was making his public claim.

I couldn’t be mad at that.

“I should really get you a cut,” he whispered against my lips.

Confused, I pulled away and frowned. “I thought women couldn’t be a part of the club?”

“They can’t. Well, not directly,” Don said, his glued to my neck. The pad of his thumb brushed my collarbone and a ticklish sensation seared through my skin. “You’d have my name written on your back to let all these bastards know you’re taken.”

Surprised, I pulled away and got a better look of him. He was completely serious. I glanced around the bar, checking if anyone noticed. Nobody bothered to glance our way. Did they know? Was this a thing in the club or was it just Don. Dandelion—correction Lion—said he was a possessive. Who knew it’d extend this far.

“They’re not looking at you because they know not to,” Don said. “They know you’re mine and if they cross that boundary, they’re dead.”

“Are you for real?” I asked and snorted. “What else? You gonna pee on my leg or should I have your name tatted on my ass too?”

Slowly, a mischievous smile stretched across his lips and it took me a second to realise what he was thinking. My eyes widening to the shapes of the sons, I shook my head and shot back. “No, Don, that was a joke.”

A deep laugh erupted from him. I took a deep breath.

“Bambi, you’re not the only one. Honey and Patricia have a cut like that. Even ma had one with Mateo. You can’t just show up unannounced without giving me a call first. Any woman that walk through those doors without the cut is free meat to other chapters. Trust me when I say you’d want it.”

“Okay,” I said. Even though I didn’t completely understand, I agreed because I trusted Don.


Don lifted a brow. “What does that mean?”

I shrugged. “I don’t really have an opinion. They’re men. As long as you’re not involved in it all.”

“I’m not,” he said with a quick peck to my lips.

“Okay,” I murmured and took a step back, glancing at the front door. “I should leave you guys alone.”

“No stay,”

“Are you sure?” I asked, taking a quick scan of the place.“I feel like I’m interrupting a boys’ night out.”

“At least let me introduce you to the rest of the crew,”

I had plans to be somewhere else after dropping by to see Don. I hesitated, unable to decide whether to stay or to continue with the other thing I had to do. Although, seeing the way he looked at me… I couldn’t say no.

How could I say no.

After all, what I had wasn’t too urgent. It could wait until tomorrow.

“I’ll stay but not for too long. It’s weird being the only girl here,”

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