Dirty Weekends (The Weekends Duet, #2 - MC Romance)

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27. Whoever It Was, I Need To Thank Him


Crey’s been doing well since his surgery. Honey seemed to be more at ease knowing that Crey was awake and back to his usual goofy self. Everything seemed to be going back to normal. Almost.

I walked passed the front desk, knowing where Crey’s room is based on my last visit. I stopped by the threshold, waited a second and watched them just be together. Honey whispered something to Crey and he laughed, a little restrained judging by the pain passing his face. She rubbed the back of his hand. Crey took note of my appearance and lifted his chin in acknowledgement.

“Hey man,”

Nodding in greeting, I asked. “You good?”

“I ain’t dead so…” he croaked with a chuckle. “I’ve been bored outta my ass in this hospital. The programmes are shit and so are the food.”

“Everybody already knows the food is shit brother,” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah, well I’m here giving you first-hand experience,”

Smiling, I shook my head before turning my eyes to Honey and her boys. Crey was a loud motherfucker. Loud enough that you wouldn’t need an alarm to wake you up. Just have him right next to your room and you’d be up in seconds. The boys must be tired; this entire situation was stressful as fuck.

“You here to talk to Crey only?”

My smile turned sheepish. “Yeah, just passing on some club info. I won’t be long. Promise.”

“It’s a good time for me and the boys to go for a walk anyways,” she said with a sigh.

Honey stood from her seat. She faced the boys at the moment they started to wake from their sleep. Together, all three walked out of the hospital room and it wasn’t until their footsteps faded into silence that I walked further into the room. Following their departure,

“What else needs to be said? I thought we were in agreement on one thing: kill the bastard that tried to kill me,” Crey said. Observing me with raised brows, he asked “By the way, shouldn’t the club be making plans to catch the Serpents?”

“Yeah, we are, but I came to ask you something,” I said, taking Honey’s empty seat and pulling it closer to Crey’s bed. Sitting down, I rest my elbows on my knees and watched one of my best friends with curiosity. “What do you remember from that night?”

Crey paused and frowned, his eyes shifting to the ceiling. He blew out a long breath. “A lot of things don’t make sense to be honest. Was pretty sure I was dead man when they found out who I was. Still don’t understand how they figured that out, though.”

“We’ve got a mole in the club,” I said as if just pointing out the weather. A shitty one though. I leaned into my chair comfortably, legs splayed wide with my arms cross.

His eyes widened. “Do the rest of them know?”

I snorted humourlessly. “Yeah, but they thought it was me which is why I hadn’t heard shit about it until Vanessa told me.”

“Vanessa? How the hell does she know?”

“She overheard Tennessee talking about it,”

And to be honest, I don’t think I would’ve ever found out if she didn’t drop that little bomb. Nah, it wasn’t a bomb. More like a nuclear explosion with the rest of the things she knew about her father and mine. Mateo

I asked ma about a cabin Mateo would have inherited. She knew nothing. Never heard of a second property so much to where I didn’t even think it was passed on to her.

So, who the hell has the cabin?

“Well, are you the mole?” Crey asked, taking me out of my thoughts. I glared at him.

“Fool, why would ask such a dumb question? And to think I’d actually answer,”

“Well, are you?”

“No,” I responded harshly, pushing away from my comfort in the chair. Hurts that he’d ask at all. I repeated. “So, what do you remember from that night?”

“I was in and out, you know? Didn’t really know how long I was out when I woke. The only thing I remember was a voice?”

“Who’s voice is it?”

“It was whispering, I don’t know man but it was so damn familiar,” Crey said, his frown deepening. “It must be someone I know. No, I know it’s someone I know but I can’t place who.”

I tilted my head thoughtfully. Someone he knew. Who could it be? “Did the voice help you?”

Crey shrugged. “I think so. Probably recognised me and realised I was in a mess. Maybe it was an old friend or something. Whoever it was, I need to thank him.”


“Yeah,” he said slowly, turning his eyes to me and his frown still in place. “Him.”

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